Volume 1, Chapter 47: Yu Jian is Poisoned


Feng Ran narrows his eyes as he looks at the noble-looking Gong Sang Mo.  Hmph, wearing pale blue robe that makes him looks like a celestial… What a lie!  His heart is darker than coal.  Don’t think he doesn’t know the intention he harbors towards the owner of Yun Valley.


His mood is now spoilt, what to do?  The corner of his lips curls diabolically.  He turns around to look for San Qiu to foster friendly relationship.


Upon reaching the third floor, Yun Qian Yu opens a container and takes out a Ye Ming pearl before holding it while searching for the book that she needs.


When Gong Sang Mo enters the study, the watery blue silhouette bathed by the faint glow of the Ye Ming pearl has already found the book that she was looking for.  She heads towards the soft couch in familiarity, like she has done for the past couple of days.  She puts the pearl on a small table next to her before she leans onto the couch while reading.  The faint luster of the pearl is reflected on her face, giving it a soft glow.


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Gong Sang Mo is already in front of her yet she does not acknowledge him at all.  He knows, he is bound to be completely ignored this time.  But seeing the woman on the couch, his heart turns into a soft mess.


He shakes his head, turning around to head to the lower floor.  When he returns to the study, his hand is carrying a tray of grapes.


He sits next to the couch and glance at the book in her hand.  His phoenix eyes flashes a little, she catches on so quick.  He thought it will take her at least a few days more.  She is a really smart yatou.


He puts the tray on the table before cleaning a piece of grape using a wet handkerchief.  After that, he peels off the skin of the grape.  The peeled off grape resembles a shiny pearl.  The smell of grape reaches Yun Qian Yu’s nose.  She outstretches her hand to pick one up, out of habit.


Gong Sang Mo quickly seizes her hand.  She finally tears her attention away from the book and look at the hand that is grasped by Gong Sang Mo.  Her eyes are starting to make small ripples.


This time, not only does her heart race, her face also starts to get warm.


Gong Sang Mo picks up the wet handkerchief and casually uses it to wipe her hand, “Clean your hand first before eating.”


Yun Qian Yu finally remembers that Chen Xiang doesn’t come with her.  All the grapes have been peeled by Gong Sang Mo!  She lets him clean her hand in silence.


Gong Sang Mo pushes the tray in front of her, “Eat.  There are more.”


She cannot resist the temptation of the grapes and picks one to eat.  How sweet!  They don’t have this kind of grapes in Yun Valley.


Very quickly, her eyes fall on the book again.


Gong Sang Mo looks down at his long, slender fingers.  He touches his heart, getting more and more restless as he remembers the gentle contact they had just now.


In the end, he too picks a book before proceeding to read it.


After a while, Yun Qian Yu puts down the book with a frown on her face.  The environment Murong Yu Jian is at is truly worrisome.  It is not easy to protect him and the land of Nan Lou Kingdom.  It will be hard to be at peace unless they root out the ghost behind everything.


Yun Qian Yu’s brain is turning fast.  A lot of her initial plans will have to undergo changes now.  She does not even notice Gong Sang Mo wiping the juices of the grapes from her hand.


Gong Sang Mo has been silent from the beginning till the end, silently watching the frown on her face smoothening out before she frowns again.  It goes on that way for a while.


In the blink of an eye, midnight comes.  Yun Qian Yu finally smooth out the mess in her mind.


“I will go now!”  After she said that, her eyes falls on the grape’s skins on top of the tray.  She is somehow embarrassed to ask.


Gong Sang Mo laughs, “I will ask San Qiu to send you some, tomorrow.”


“Alright.” Yun Qian Yu readily answers.


Seeing Yun Qian Yu about to leave, Gong Sang Mo quickly speaks up, “Wait!”


She turns around to look at him.  Gong Sang Mo gets up and picks up a scroll from a painting jar in front of the table.  “This will come to use for you, very soon.”


Upon opening the scroll, Yun Qian Yu can smell the scent of ink.  This tells her that this isn’t something that has been around for years.  From the color of the paper and the scent of the ink, she knows that scroll is not even one year old.


This scroll reminds her of the painting that Princess Ming Zhu talked about.  Something tells her than the painting those nobles are looking for is this scroll that Gong Sang Mo has just given her.


She raises her head to look at him, completely drawn in by his deep, star-like eyes.  There is a touch of smile in his eyes as his lips are curled lightly.  Yun Qian Yu feels like she has been blown by spring wind.  In the blink of an eye, everything feels warm.


Her pupils shrink and she looks away.  Since when has she been unable to look at him in the eyes calmly?


“I will go first.”  Yun Qian Yu does not plan on being courteous towards Gong Sang Mo.  She accepts the scroll and place it inside her sleeves before turning around and walking away.


Watching her back profile, Gong Sang Mo’s smile deepens.  She finally cannot look at him without getting flustered.  Is he getting closer to her heart?


As Yun Qian Yu walks out of the building, a tattered Feng Ran appears before her.  Behind him is an equally tattered San Qiu.  San Qiu looks angry and curious at the same time.  He has no idea what possessed Feng Ran to challenge him into a duel tonight.  Dueling is fine, but he acted like he was facing a life-long enemy.  He fought like he didn’t want his life anymore.  In the end, the two people who are equals to each other ends up like that.


Yun Qian Yu glances at Feng Ran before saying, “Let’s go.”


Feng Ran lowers his head and purses his lips.  He glares at San Qiu as he follows Yun Qian Yu to leave.


San Qiu innocently looks up at the pale blue silhouette watching them from the terrace.  Upon remembering how he couldn’t beat Feng Ran, he lowers his head in shame.


“Being able to be the equal of the Head of Yun Valley’s guards is not something shameful.”  Gong Sang Mo glance at San Qiu.


San Qiu’s head perks back up before he murmurs, “I wonder what I did to offend Feng Ran.”


Gong Sang Mo’s face froze a little before he unnaturally clears his throat, “What are you waiting for?  Go and tidy up.”


He cannot really tell San Qiu, your Master is coveting the other party’s Mistress and since he cannot do anything to your Master, he can only throw his tantrum at you.


Upon inspecting his dirty and tattered clothes, San Qiu quickly darts away.


On the way back, Yun Qian Yu and Feng Ran bump into Yun guards who are searching for them.  They said, something has happened in the palace.  The two people use their fastest speed to return to the palace.

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Ying Yu and Man Er anxiously keep guard outside.  Seeing Yun Qian Yu, they quickly step up to receive her.  “Mistress, something has happened to the imperial grandson.”


Yun Qian Yu’s face is icy, “What happened?”


Ying Yu replies her, “The imperial grandson is poisoned.  He is in coma at the moment.”


“Who discovers him?”


“The imperial grandson’s personal eunuch, Jing De.  He said he will check on the imperial grandson every night.  But when he came to fix his quilts tonight, he noticed how unnaturally flushed the imperial grandson seemed.  His entire body was soaked with sweat.  He would not wake up no matter how many times he called for him.  The emperor is already over there.”  Ying Yu explains.


“Who else knows?”


“This matter has not been spread out yet.  Chen Xiang and Yu Nuo are over there at the moment.  Out of four of us, their medicinal skills are the best.”


Yun Qian Yu turns to Feng Ran, “Go and investigate this.  Find out if anyone suspicious came into contact with Yu Jian today.  And investigate the people closest to him, do not miss a single thing.”


Feng Ran immediately goes and do the bidding.


Yun Qian Yu then turns around and head towards Yu Jian’s palace.


Man Er runs into her chamber and takes out her needles set before running after her.


Upon entering Yu Jian’s chamber, Yun Qian Yu can smell a familiar scent.  Her heart turns cold as she quickly enters the room.


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