Chapter 26 – The Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond

However, it was apparent that Huan Bei Ming was not bothered by her worries and stopped her from continuing, “It’s fine, I have faith in Little Yan. Let us go to the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond now!”

The water within the Star Attraction Pond was not ordinary pond water, it possesses properties that were highly beneficial to the newly awakened.

The reincarnated girl’s voice surfaced within Huan Qing Yan’s mind, “No need to worry. My Pig Spirit Treasure was Walnut Star Grade, and anything above Almond Star Grade would have passed the minimum benchmark of the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond.”

The Spirit Treasure Continent is indeed a paradise for gluttons, what Walnut Star or Almond Star? Can they be eaten? My drool is…

Fine, I will just go. Who is afraid?!

Huan Qing Yan was not afraid of losing face. Even if she gets a Sesame Star, she would still charge ahead!

However, she felt that Huan Bei Ming’s confidence in her had reached the level of blind faith?

But after thinking about it, she also felt that it might be the norm. Any parent in the world would be biased and feel that their child is the best, right?


The Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond.

This was the largest Star Attraction Pond within the Hanging Cloud Empire. During times when it was not used by people, the scene of an underground spring had become a decorative accessory against the surroundings.

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Every Spirit Master that had awoken and successfully guided the energy into the body, would have to visit a Star Attraction Pond and attract a Flying Star from the Sacred Star Stone from the Sacred Courtyard. The larger the Flying Star, also meant that the larger a person’s talent, signifying their future cultivation would develop faster and reach higher heights.

A Star Attraction Pond could not be approached casually as isolation spell formations were placed seven to eight meters away from the pond, preventing any common person from entering it.

Once the formation was in place, only one type of person could enter a Star Attraction Pond: Individuals who had just awakened their Spirit Treasures.

“Papa, why are there so many people outside the royal palace square today?” Huan Qing Yan asked upon seeing the large group of people crowding outside the palace gate.

Huan Bei Ming glanced at them and said, “It is the welfare of the Royal Family.  They are releasing a new batch of food for high rank Spirit Masters within the empire to exchange their merit points for food that possesses large amount of Spirit Energy Values. We just need to focus on our destination.”

More than half of those food in question were actually made by him two days ago, one of which was the Green Jade Tofu.

Huan Qing Yan focused on the people in the group and discovered that they were indeed Spirit Masters; on their wrist were the imprint of the Spirit Treasure that each individual possessed. She listened to her father and retracted her gaze.

The Hanging Cloud Empire mainly use this method to attract and manage the Spirit Masters under them.

The square was large; Huan Qing Yan estimated that it was at least several thousand square feet, giving a person a majestic feeling. Despite the large amount of people within the exchange area, the square was not even half filled.

The Star Attraction Pond was at the South-Eastern corner of the square and not near the main gate of the royal palace.

Their presence would not affect their journey to the pond.

Therefore, the father and daughter duo, as well as their trusted servants, headed straight towards the Star Attraction Pond.

As the entourage was about eight meters from the pond, Huan Bei Ming and the rest felt a barrier that was preventing them from approaching any closer.

It was like an invisible wall of air was blocking them from taking another step.

Only Huan Qing Yan managed to move onward without facing any resistance…

As she was half a step into the five-meter wide pond, small ripples began to be form at the center which slowly turned into small waves and eventually formed into a fountain.

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“Halt! Unknown personnel are not allowed to approach the Star Attraction Pond. I am talking to you! Quickly step out of the pond!” These two guards were previously meditating nearby. Usually, the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond have very few visitors, therefore, they would normally use the time to meditate and cultivate instead.

In the end, they failed to notice Huan Qing Yan until she stepped in the pond and created the phenomena and was startled into attention.

Huan Bei Ming’s charming voice resounded at that moment, “Ehem. Dear soldiers, that girl was this Earl’s daughter. She had just awakened her Spirit Treasure today, I hope you can allow her to proceed.”

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