Chapter 27 – Wait!

The two guards, one was called Zhang San while the other was called Lin Lu, were both Two-Star Spirit Masters.

Upon seeing Huan Bei Ming, they immediately wore smiles, “Oh. It is Imperial Chef Huan and Lady Huan! Congratulations Imperial Chef Huan, congratulations Lady Huan…”

Huan Bei Ming was the emperor’s most valued imperial chef, it was said that he had already reached the level of Imperial Chef Master. Virtually every Spirit Master within the Handing Cloud Empire has heard of the name Huan Bei Ming, he was someone that no one dared to offend.

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“Lady Huan, please go ahead…” Just as they were about to let her enter, a sharp gaze suddenly shot at the two guards from above the city walls.

The faces of the two guards distorted strangely in an instant and immediately changed their words.

“Wait! There are rules regarding the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond, ordinary people cannot enter…”

Huan Qing Yan was stunned, these two men were obviously bootlicking her father just a second ago, why did they suddenly change?

She followed their gazes and looked above the city walls.

She saw a group of people, they were members of the royal family as well as their accompanying servants, they were likely there to observe the situation within the exchange area. Within the group, there were many princes, amongst them, the one who stood out the most was outstanding Ninth Prince!

The exact one whose marriage proposal she bluntly rejected during the banquet this afternoon. It seems that he was not affected much by the incident and has the mood to observe the exchange event.

It was precisely because of his gaze falling on the two guards that created their current reaction, this was surely his doing.

Huan Qing Yan lightly sighed, he was indeed a petty trash of a man!

Huan Bei Ming apparently had also discern and understood the situation, his face turned dark.

“What rules?”

The guard, Lin Lu, adopted an official stance and replied formally, “I believe Imperial Chef Huan had also heard of the rules regarding the usage of the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond. To ensure the purity of the spring water within the pond, the empire only allows individuals that have reached a certain level of aptitude to use the pond…”

Base on the rating system, the smallest star was the size of a sesame, thus it was called Sesame Star.

Above it, was the size of a yellow bean, called Yellow Bean Star.

Above that, would be the size of an almond, called Almond Star or Medium Grade Star.

A Walnut Star was as its namesake, the size of a walnut, it was also called High Grade Star.

The largest star was called Egg Star which ranges from the size of a chicken egg to a duck egg, it was possible to even reach the size of a goose egg. They were also categorized as Top Grade Star.

Huan Qing Yan paused her steps and squinted her eyes.

Without the permission of the guards, it would be useless even if she enters the pond.

To begin attracting a star, she must drink a cup of Spring Essence Water. However, the location of the Spring Essence Water should have a large spell formation that requires the guards to activate.

She decisively walked out of the pond and stood beside her father, Huan Bei Ming.

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Huan Bei Ming was currently in a bad mood, “How would you know if my daughter lacks the aptitude to use the Star Attraction Pond?”

The guard, Zhang San, replied, “Imperial Chef Huan is only an Almond Star and based on current trends, the aptitudes and talents obtained hereditary were getting weaker and weaker. It is likely that Lady Huan was not even an Almond Star while the minimum requirement to use the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond is Almond Star level…” He was the one that received direct instructions from the Ninth Prince to make things difficult for Huan Qing Yan and prevent her from entering easily.

He did not know why Lord Ninth Prince gave such instructions but when comparing a powerful Imperial Chef and a prince with a superb future potential, he would surely choose to follow the orders of Lord Ninth Prince.

To allow Lord Ninth Prince to hear him speak, he had also deliberately raised his voice by a few decibels. Within a short moment, the Spirit Masters who were initially crowding around the palace main gate to exchange food began to come over to check what was the commotion about.

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