Chapter 28 – I Am Not Having It!

A luxurious yet subdued horse carriage slowly headed towards the palace, however, it was blocked by the growing crowd and had to stop.

The window curtain of the carriage parted as the face of Ji Mo Ya was revealed as he looking at the situation outside the carriage.

There were too many people gathered, so all he could see were the heads of individuals spreading out.

With no other choice, he sends out a thread of his spirit consciousness to scout and investigate…

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It’s her?

The fat chick that took liberties of him and stole his shoe! He reckoned that not many individuals in this continent would dare to do such acts on him.

Ji Mo Ya’s expression relaxed as his gaze flowed like water.

Mo Si, of the Ink Guards, was currently driving the carriage. Upon seeing such a big commotion, he immediately reported to his master, “Young Master, there’s too many people. Do you want me to circle around them?”

“No need. Let’s enjoy the show.”



Huan Qing Yan was surrounded by the observers, and they have all learnt about what was currently happening.

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Some began to assist her and said, “Eh. Isn’t this the recently crowned Glutton Star of the year, Lady Huan? She had awakened her Spirit Treasure, not bad!”

“Putting the matter of being the Glutton Star aside. Just from the fact that our Imperial Chef Huan has contributed greatly to our Hanging Cloud Empire, it should be enough for the Huan Family to use the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond, right?”

All of them knew that more than half of the Spirit Energy Food that they exchanged from the royals were made by Imperial Chef Huan. The Spirit Energy Food that he made had greatly aided them, therefore, they thought that it was only right to assist him and give a word of fairness.

“Exactly. Even if Lady Huan really is a Sesame Star, just based on Imperial Chef Huan’s merits, she should be allowed to enter.”

As emotions began to rise, someone quietly cautioned out of nowhere, “Shhh. Are you all tired of living? I heard that the Huan Family had rejected an imperial decree in public, the family has already lost the favor of his majesty. Be careful, or you might be implicated.”

At that instant, more than half of the voices immediately went silent.

Huan Bei Ming began to show the rare signs of agitation.

The reason he selected the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond was because the quality of the spring water was the purest. If a newly awakened individual uses it, it would have an additional effect of strengthening their body.

On top of that, he had also considered himself a loyal subject that had worked tirelessly for the Royal Family, therefore using their Star Attraction Pond should surely pose no problem.

Yet unexpectedly, they made things difficult for him, causing him to feel both frustrated and uneased.

“Little Yan, let’s go. I am not having it!”

The voice of the reincarnated girl angrily surfaced in Huan Qing Yan’s mind, “This is truly ridiculous! I am not going. Why must I go?! Later the Walnut Star will shine at their eyes till they go blind!”

Huan Qing Yan had witnessed the situation from beginning to the end. She squinted her eyes, go? Retreat without a fight? That is not my style!

She looked to the side and noticed the anxious expression of the guards after they heard Huan Bei Ming’s words. It seems like they did not want her to leave?

Very quickly, she understood the situation.

Bei Cheng Feng must have follow-up instructions, let’s see what tricks he had up his sleeves!

Today was a good day, since she had already offended him by rejecting the marriage proposal, she was not afraid to offend him another time…

Since she made up her mind, she coordinated accordingly and pulled at Huan Bei Ming’s hand to leave, “Yes, Papa. There are other Star Attraction Ponds around and your daughter is not picky. Any place that allows me to become a Star Ranked Spirit Master will do. Once this daughter has become a Spirit Master, I will learn culinary skills from papa and serve the Royal Family loyally, benefiting all the Spirit Masters within the Hanging Cloud Empire…”

Huan Bei Ming’s heart was alarmed, Little Yan’s words were literally slapping him in the face!

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