Volume 1, Chapter 49: Crisis Step By Step


She immediately satiates her curiosity; the little ball of toxin floats out of Yu Jian’s body smoothly.


The moment the poison leaves his body, Yu Jian let out a small ‘oh’ and slumps backwards.  Chen Xiang and Yu Nuo catch him, properly placing him on his bed.


Gong Sang Mo’s eyes fall on Yun Qian Yu who has still not withdraw her power.  He knows what she is trying to do.  He frowns, wanting to stop her, but that idea lingers for only a moment before it disappears.


He steps forward and checks Yu Jian’s pulse.  The poison inside him has indeed been taken out; just his body is still a little frail.


“He is okay.  The poison has been eliminated from his body.” Gong Sang Mo turns around to tell the anxious emperor.


Murong Cang gives a long sigh, before he asks, “What is going on with Yun yatou?”


“She is trying to refine the poison inside Yu Jian.”  Gong Sang Mo is not being completely honest.  After all, it is better if fewer people know about things like this.


Murong Cang nods, “Sang Mo, look after Yun yatouZhen will return first.  Everything else can be said tomorrow.”


Gong Sang Mo is aware of Murong Cang’s body condition.  He has been forcing himself to stay strong, but if he does not go to rest by now, he will not be able to get up tomorrow.


“Rest assured, Your Majesty.”  Gong Sang Mo checks Murong Cang’s pulse and deduce that he is just tired and shocked.  There is nothing serious, so he lets Li Jin Tian escort him away.


Yun Qian Yu, on the other hand, does not stop doing what she did.  It is when the sky almost lights up did she finally retrieves her power.  The slight curl on her lips tells Gong Sang Mo that she has succeeded.


“You did it.” Gong Sang Mo confidently states.


“En, just I needed to waste a lot of power and time.”  She never would have thought that she will be able to absorb somebody else’s poison and store it in her body.  The only downside is it takes too much time.  It is better to ingest the poison itself and refine it.

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Yun Qian Yu is still sitting cross-legged on the bed, at the moment.  She looks at Yu Jian who appears to be sleeping soundly.


“Chen Xiang, look after Yu Jian.  Explain everything to him once he wakes up.”


Gong Sang Mo leaves Yu Jian’s palace along with Yun Qian Yu.  The sky is starting to light up, the entire palace is still quiet and discreet.


The two people slowly make their way through the imperial garden.  Yu Nuo and the rest are following them from a distance behind.


“You should stop now.  Do not tell anyone else.”  Gong Sang Mo suddenly speaks.


Yun Qian Yu froze, knowing what it is he is implying.  He is talking about her body’s ability to store poison.

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“That’s what I thought as well.”


If this matter spreads out, she will be in jeopardy.  Lucky no one else, other than Gong Sang Mo, knows.  Only now does Yun Qian Yu realize how much she trusts Gong Sang Mo.  She never even considers hiding anything from him.  Maybe it was because he had been unconditionally helping her from the first time they met; so, she never really guard herself against him.


“I want to see if I can refine the poison inside grandfather.”  After thinking for a moment, she decides to share her plan with him.  If Murong Cang lives, Yu Jian’s path will be a lot less rocky.


“The chances are really slim.  I just checked His Majesty’s pulse, he is very weak.  His body cannot afford your treatment.  Even if you manage to take the poison out, his health will be even worse.”  The high probablility of his life being even shorter than when poisoned is left unsaid.  Despite that, he knows she knows what he is trying to say.


Yun Qian Yu falls silent.  She thought of that too, but that idea refuse to budge from her mind.


“You can try.  If you don’t think you can do it, stop right away.”  Gong Sang Mo suggests.  He does not want her to regret anything.  Seems like trying is the best option for now.


Yun Qian Yu nods, “I will find some time to discuss this with grandfather.”


The timing right now is not right.  Murong Cang is busy with imperial examination.  Murong Cang’s birthday is half a month from now and Yu Jian’s poisoning episode this time makes her feel like the person behind this is not Rui Qinwang alone.  As far as she knows, Rui Qinwang does not have this capability.  That’s why her heart is anxious for more clues.  She has some guesses, but to be sure, she will need to cook up some schemes.


“You and Yu Jian will start listening to the morning court, tomorrow.  Nervous?”


“They are more nervous than I am!” Yun Qian Yu shakes her head.


Gong Sang Mo laughs lightly.  Seeing the unchanging expression on Yun Qian Yu’s face, he secretly tells himself:  That is indeed her style.  Just look at what happened these past few days, no one can win over her when it comes to verbal fight.  She looks gentle like a breeze yet her mouth can make people vomit blood.


“Qian Yu…..” Gong Sang Mo suddenly stops walking and look at her hesitantly.


Yun Qian Yu raises her head, waiting for his unfinished sentence only to see a flash of affection in Gong Sang Mo’s eyes.  She blinks, and blinks.  Is that affection for her?  Whatever for?


Gong Sang Mo suddenly has the desire to caress her cheek.  To touch that butterfly-like lashes on her eyes.  “Qian Yu, do you regret it?”  Gong Sang Mo finally asks.


If he had not recommended her to Murong Cang, she would be sitting peacefully in Yun Valley right now. Just by looking from the way the First Elder and Feng Ran treated her, he can see how much the people of Yun Valley dotes on her.  It is he who pushes her in the middle of this bloodbath.  But if he had not done that, the distance between them will grow.  Call him selfish or anything; he just wants to tread closer to her heart.  He will not give up even if she regrets it.  He will keep her company from the beginning till the end.


“I will not do things that I will regret.”


The only dark spot on Gong Sang Mo’s heart disperses, his celestial-like face suddenly beaming.


“That’s good.”


Yun Qian Yu looks at the smiling face that is enough to overturn the world, her heart racing once more.  She suddenly has the urge to continue staring at him without putting her eyes away.


Breeze blows gently.  Her hair brushes over her face, snapping her awake.  She lowers her head and continues walking.


The smile at the corner of Gong Sang Mo’s lips is really high as he follows her with a brisk pace.


He sends her back to her resting palace before he leaves.


Upon returning to her chamber, Yun QIan Yu does not feel sleepy at all because of her messy heart.  Looking at the color of the sky, the morning court ought to assemble soon.  She simply sits on her bed and cultivates.


The palace calms down, but the same cannot be said about Rui Qinwang’s manor.  In his study, Rui Qinwang stares at a man in black hopefully.  The man’s head is covered with a large black hat.


“How?” Rui Qinwang anxiously asks.


“Has been poisoned, but we can only know the result tomorrow.” The man in black’s voice is hoarse as he replies him.


“That Yun Qian Yu is the owner of Yun Valley!”  Rui Qinwang says uneasily.  Yun Valley is famous for their medicinal art.


“Then, it will have to depend on your luck.  If Murong Yu Jian’s poison is discovered in the morning, then you can be considered lucky.  If not….”  The man in black does not have to finish his sentence for Rui Qinwang to understand his implication.


“The thing that I want.”


Rui Qinwang quickly takes out a scroll.  “Here.”


The man in black accepts the scroll and opens it.  Upon one glance, he throws it back to Rui Qinwang.  “Seems like wangye is not that capable.”


“It’s fake?” Rui Qinwang finds that hard to believe and opens the scroll to take a closer look.  He does not spot anything off.


The man in black nods.


Rui Qinwang immediately says, “I will send people to look again.  Once we get our hands on it, I will inform you.”


“Alright.”  In the blink of an eye, the man in black’s silhouette disappears from Rui Qinwang’s study.


Rui Qinwang sits on his seat, his face dark.  Uncle, you were the one who forced me.


In the palace, Yu Nuo and Ying Yu carry the bath water in.


Chen Xiang is not around, Yun Qian Yu knows that she has not returned.  She washes herself and puts on the court’s official robe before putting on the phoenix headdress.


Hong Su carries a warm porridge in, “Mistress, we are late into autumn, the mornings have gotten cold.  Drink porridge first before going to court.”


“Alright.”  Yun Qian Yu has no power against Hong Su’s cooking.


“Hong Su Jiejie, give me one as well.”  Yu Jian’s voice fills the room.


Hong Su turns around in surprise.  Murong Yu Jian walks towards them in steady stride.  Chen Xiang, Jing De and the other four boys are following him from behind.


“Your Highness, will your body be able to digest it?” Seeing Yu Jian who seems to be forcing himself to be strong, Hong Su asks that in heartache.


“I think I will definitely be able to digest the porridge that Hong Su Jiejie makes.” Yu Jian jokes as he stops in front of the table.  He swallows heavily as he looks at Yun Qian Yu’s porridge with greedy eyes.


Yun Qian Yu pushes the bowl towards him, “You eat first.”


Yu Jian shamelessly takes the bowl and digs in.  He was poisoned late in the night, his body is really weak.   He lets out comfortable moans as he eats the porridge.


“Slow down, there are more.”  Yun Qian Yu reproaches Yu Jian who is eating hastily.


“Hong Su Jiejie’s cooking is really peerless.  Even the imperial kitchen is not her competitor.” Yu Jian says laughingly.


Receiving Yu Jian’s praise, Hong Su smiles prettily from ear to ear.


“If you like it so much, come and eat breakfast in imperial sister’s palace from now on.”  Yun Qian Yu dotingly says.


“Really?” Yu Jian’s eyes sparkles as he look at Yun Qian Yu.


“Do you think I am playing with you?” Yun Qian Yu laughs as she pokes Yu Jian in the nose.


“Awesome!  Eating by myself was so meaningless!”


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes flashes; this is the fate of a royal child.  Ordinary child’s ordinary happiness is a luxury to them.


Ying Yu fills up another bowl and hands it to Yun Qian Yu who drinks it slowly.  By the time she finishes one bowl, Yu Jian already has two bowls.


The timing is just right; the two siblings head towards Jin Luan Bao Hall.  Murong Cang has not arrived, but the ministers have.  Seeing them, all the ministers bow down to greet them.


Murong Yu Jian imposingly waves his hand off, telling them to rise.


Rui Qinwang’s expression isn’t too nice.  Seeing Yu Jian alive and well makes his heart aches.  Even if they cure the poison in time, his body should be weak.  He looks as healthy as ever.


What he does not know is even though Yu Jian is young, his perseverance is high.  It is all for show, he is just forcing himself to look strong.  His imperial sister once told him to not simply show his real condition and feeling in front of others.  Since someone wants him to be unwell, he is adamant to be well.  Just like what his imperial sister said; if you live fine and well, it will be a thorn in your enemy’s eyes.


“The emperor arrives!” A eunuch with a shrill voice announces.  Murong Cang slowly heads towards the dragon throne.


Just as Murong Cang sits, Yun Qian Yu can hear the sound of shuffling from underneath Yu Jian’s feet.  The sound is very weak; Yun Qian Yu only catches it because she practices Zi Yu Xin Jing.


“Yu Jian, stand still.” Yun Qian Yu whispers to Yu Jian.


Yu Jian’s heart jumps for a moment upon hearing her.  He fists his hands under his sleeves.  There is not a single change in his expression as he looks at the courtiers below with bright eyes.


“Yes, I understand.”  Yu Jian’s feet remains still on the floor.  Yun Qian Yu acts like nothing has happened and turns her attention to the ministers’ reports and how Murong Cang handles them.


By the time the political matters are pretty much settled, the Minister of Rites steps forward, “Your Majesty, your birthday will be in half a month.  The envys from each kingdoms will arrive around two days from now.  Who will be in charge for receiving them?”


All the ministers look at Rui Qinwang; he has always been the one in charge, in the past.  This year will probably be him again.


Murong Cang coldly looks at the expression of his ministers, “The imperial grandson will be in charge of receiving the envoys this year.  Princess Hu Guo will help him.”




The Minister of Rites hesitantly looks at Yu Jian and Yun Qian Yu; the imperial grandson is only ten while the princess is only fifteen.  Even if you add their ages together, they still cannot reach half of his age.  Can they really handle such a heavy responsibility?


“All the envoys will be qinwangs and crown princes; is there anyone with more suitable position than the imperial grandson?” Murong Cang’s voice suddenly becomes imposing.


The courtiers doesn’t dare to say ‘there is one’.  The imperial grandson’s position is second to only the emperor.


Rui Qinwang stands with his head lowered down, his eyes flashing fiercely.


Yu Jian’s feet does not move at all as he bows, “Grandson received the order!  Grandson will not forsake grandfather’s hope and will give great impression of our Nan Lou Kingdom.”


“Good!” Murong Cang happily says.


Until the very end of the morning court, the two siblings stand straight, like statues.


Just as Murong Cang gets up to leave the dragon throne, Yun Qian Yu can hear the sound of shuffling from under Yu Jian’s feet.


“Both of you come to the imperial study!”


The two people reply with a sound.  Yu Jian looks up to Yun Qian Yu, as though asking if he is allowed to move his legs now.


Yun Qian Yu tells him, “Let’s go.”


Yu Jian’s entire body immediately relaxes; hie legs feel so strained it is almost cramped.  He follows Yun Qian Yu into the imperial study in large strides.


As they walk out of Jin Luan Bao Hall, Yun Qian Yu tells Feng Ran to keep his eyes on the hall.  Someone should come soon.  He does not need to do anything; he only needs to remember who it is and where that person goes to.


Inside the imperial study, Murong Cang sends all of his people away before asking, “Speak.  What happened during the morning court?”


Yun Qian Yu raises her eyebrows while Yu Jian moves his shoulders, secretly thinking: Grandfather is really great.  They didn’t say anything yet he knows anyway.


“Both of you stood still like wooden statues all morning, it will be hard not to notice.”


“There is a trap on the brick under Yu Jian’s foot.  If I am not wrong, it should be connected to the dragon seat.  I was afraid something might happen, so I asked Yu Jian not to move.”


Murong Cang slams his hand on the desk with a loud bang; they even drag everything to Jin Luan Palace.


“Have you sent people to check?”


“I already secretly asked Feng Ran.” Yun Qian Yu secretly sighs; there are traps in every steps they have to take.


Murong Cang’s eyes falls on Yu Jian, “Yu Jian, how is your body?”


Yu Jian laughs, “Grandfather, nothing is wrong.  Yu Jian is just fine!”


Yu Jian is understanding, he does not wish to worry Murong Cang again.  He knows just how weak Murong Cang’s body is.


“Your Majesty, Princess Ming Zhu made breakfast and sends them over to you.” Li Jin Tian walks in from outside.


Murong Cang’s eyes turns gentle, “Let her in.”


Princess Ming Zhu walks in while personally carrying in a tray.  Seeing Yun Qian Yu and Yu Jian, she laughs.  “Bengong didn’t think you two, little brats, will be here.  Bengong didn’t prepare your portion.”


Yu Jian grins, “Imperial aunt, imperial sister and I already ate porridge.  We are not hungry.”


Yun Qian Yu looks at the tray Princess Ming Zhu is holding; all of the utensils are made of silver.  She is so careful.


“Grandfather, I want to leave the palace in a moment.” Yun Qian Yu says as she looks at the happily eating Murong Cang.


“Go on.  Oh, give a medallion to the yatou,” Murong Cang instructs Li Jin Tian.


Li Jin Tian half-runs outside before promptly returning and handing a medallion to Yun Qian Yu.


Yatou, this is the Princess Hu Guo’s medallion.  It gives you the power to enter or leave the palace freely.  I haven’t gotten the chance to give this to you.”


Yun Qian Yu receives the medallion, “Grandfather, Qian Yu will leave first.”


“Wait.” Murong Cang takes a booklet from the table and hands it over to Li Jin Tian who gives it to Yun Qian Yu.


“This is the list of the upcoming envoys.  Look at it and discuss it with Yu Jian.”


“Yes.”  After taking the booklet, Yun Qian Yu and Yu Jian both leave the imperial study.  Yu Jian follows Yun Qian Yu into her palace.  Upon arriving in her resting palace, Mu Wei runs over to look for Feng Ran.  He returns in disappointment, a moment later.


“Imperial sister, I want to go out with you.” Hearing that Yun Qian Yu wants to go out, Yu Jian’s heart suddenly feels itchy.


Hong Su has already prepared breakfast.  Seeing their arrival, Chen Xiang immediately serves the meals.


Yun Qian Yu sweeps her eyes over the list, “Not today.  Your body is weak.  Recuperate properly.  Envoys will be arriving non-stop for the next two days.  This will be your first time receiving them, this will also be your first responsibility in court, you must not make even the littlest slip.”


“Oh, I understand, imperial sister.” Yu Jian immediately composes his expression.


Yun Qian Yu hands him the booklet, “Go and rest after breakfast.  Then, study every single name inside this list; their positions, their duties, their personalities, their likes, their dislikes, their abilities.  You must dissect everything.  You must have a clear understanding of everything; their accomodations, their meals, their schedules for the next ten days.  You also must make preparation for unforeseen cicumstances.”


Hearing how complication it is, Yu Jian frowns.


“Reception might sound simple, but it actually represents Nan Lou Kingdom as a whole.  A slight carelessness will be enough to sour the relationship between two kingdoms.  Every single decision must be made after looking at the bigger picture, do not get blinded by emotions.  You must remember, every single action you made and expression you gives will be analyzed by other people.  A small thing can kick up a big fuss.”


Yu Jian finally comprehends something and solemnly speaks out, “Do not worry, imperial sister.  Yu Jian knows what to do.”


“En, eat breakfast.”


After breakfast, Yu Jian obediently takes the list and return to his palace.


Yun Qian Yu changes out her formal dress and prepares to go out of the palace.


At that moment, a tray of grapes suddenly appears in front of her.  Her pair of indifferent eyes soften.


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