Chapter 29 – To Lord Ninth Prince

He had served the Royal Family for half of his life, creating countless Spirit Energy Food for the Royal Family to nurture talents. Yet, just because of a child’s unthoughtful act of rejecting an imperial order, he could not even use a simple resource such as the Star Attraction Pond, this greatly chilled his heart.

So, this was the Royal Family’s level of magnanimity. He had previously hoped to leave Qing Yan in their care but it seems that his foresight could not even be compared to the fifteen years old girl.

He unknowingly looked at his daughter in gratification, it seems that his daughter was different from before, her intellect and awareness had distinctly increased by a few levels.

Huan Qing Yan smiled at him sweetly. During usual times, she had often urged Huan Bei Ming to make less food for the Royal Family, however, none of those was as effective as the sentence she had just spoken.

As long as Huan Bei Ming was not an idiot with blind loyalty, he would have understood the meaning behind her words.

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The result was not bad, she was able to see the indignation and relieved within Huan Bei Ming’s eyes. It looks like the effort of saying those disgusting words about serving the Royal Family was not wasted.

Just as the father-daughter duo held hands and walked away, and the crowd parted automatically to give way to them.

“Who is making a ruckus near the Star Attraction Pond?”

Bai Cheng Feng, who was wearing a purple silk robe embroidered with dragons, approached the crowd with his guards.

“Greetings, Ninth Prince!” The sound of greetings came from all directions.

Huan Bei Ming and Huan Qing Yan paused their steps and gave a simple greeting like everyone else.

Huan Qing Yan smirked in her heart. Little guy, can’t hold on any longer?!

At that moment, the emotions of the reincarnated girl began to rampage and was showing signs of impulsiveness. Huan Qing Yan sternly warned her before she finally managed to suppress her.

On the other side, as Bai Cheng Feng walked through the crowd, he acted as though this was the first time he saw Huan Bei Ming and Huan Qing Yan and said, “Eh? Isn’t this Imperial Chef Huan? Why are you here?”

“To Lord Ninth Prince. This is what happened…” The guard, Zhang San, came forward and explained the situation to him.

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Bai Cheng Feng displayed a pondering expression and nodded, “There was indeed such a rule regarding the use of this Star Attraction Pond. The reason why the quality of the spring water is so good is because the larger the Flying Star attracted, the more star energy will be converted into spring water. This matter will affect the benefits of the next generation, therefore, unless you are a member of the Royal Family or a genius who had greatly contributed to the Royal Family, no one can use it. And Although the contributions of Imperial Chef Huan to our Hanging Cloud Empire isn’t small, your esteemed daughter has not made any contribution to the empire so far…”

His words contained a mixed of truthfulness and falsehood.

It was true that the larger the Flying Star attracted, the star energy it brought along would also be purer. It was also true that not any ordinary person could use the Star Attraction Pond.

However, many noble heirs and scions with Sesame Star potential had also used this pond. Yet when it was Huan Qing Yan’s turn, they began to talk about rules.

If this was not called using public authority to avenge a private animosity, then what else could this be?

Huan Bei Ming’s expression was heavy, just as he was about to speak, Huan Qing Yan spoke, “Lord Ninth Prince, what are you planning? Just say it!”

Since she had already offended Bai Cheng Feng, there was no need for her tone to be polite.

A sharp glint flashed through the eyes of the Ninth Prince as he replied, “This lord can allow you to enter the Star Attraction Pond. However, if you cannot fulfill the minimum requirement of attracting an Almond Star, then following the rules, you will have to be a slave servant of the Royal Family for three years.”

This was when Huan Qing Yan realized that this trash had not given up.

He was still having plans for her.

Be his slave servant for three years? Then he would release vague rumors about the two of them and destroy her reputation. When that happens, even if she was a Spirit Master, no one would want to marry her.

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