Chapter 85: Double Berserk

An overflowing might came crushing down.

Qin Zhantian struggled to resist it and the veins on his forehead bulged out. The Qigong in his Dantian revolved as strength exploded out of his legs. Suddenly, the limestone broke apart and his face was filled with glee.

Within a moments time, Qin Tian sneered, “Want to run?”


Qin Zhantian is a rank two spirit refining cultivator, yet when facing the rank nine spirit gathering Qin Tian, he was actually in tough straits. He felt extremely aggravated, how could he be pushed to such a point by him? In the central square of the royal city, the number of experts present was like the clouds in the sky. The other three patriarchs of Qinghe city’s great clans were there too. For him to be beaten till he was like a stray dog, just where could he show his face in the future?


In fury, he took out an ancient bronze bell. It rotated about with great speed, and a green light covered his body, releasing a domineering feeling.

“Deviated soul bell?!”

“Qin clan’s family treasure.”

“Haha, Qin Zhantian was actually forced to such a point by a junior, such a disgrace.” Zhao Wudi, who was standing at a side was elated. Fortunately, he did not kill Qin Tian three years ago, allowing him to see such a scene now. The more he thought about it, the faster his heart beat. A faint smile appeared on his red face, it was the smile of one taking joy in other’s calamity.

Deviated soul bell, the pinnacle of high-grade spirit tools with just a small difference as compared to a low-grade immortal tool. It was a treasure every generation’s patriarch would hold. For Qin Zhantian to have taken it out shows that he had been forced to a corner by Qin Tian.

Qin Tian also had some understanding of the deviated soul bell. It is a top grade spirit tool, and is both a defensive and offensive one. It could protect its user’s whole body and disappointed all attacks against it. It could also absorb the souls of others.


Under Qin Tian’s frightening slashes, the bell only slowed down for a moment, and Qin Zhantian was not injured. Qin Tian was taken aback and retreated.

“Haha……” Qin Zhantian laughed madly and sneered, “Qin Tian, since you’ve forced me to take out the deviated soul bell, you will not be able to escape death.”

Meanwhile, the duration of the rank one berserk was up.

His aura weakened. Feeling the change, Yang Lin frowned due to his shock, “Just what divine ability was it? Did it have a time limit? A divine ability after all much more supreme than others, thus it does not have any restriction. Has his Qigong been used up?”

“His Qigong has definitely been used up, thus making him unable to sustain the divine ability.”

Thinking till this point, Yang Lin shouted, “His Qigong has already been exhausted, Qin Zhantian, kill him……”

A divine ability is beyond other average abilities and can be comprehended from meditating in the laws. Once used, the user’s Qigong will be consumed quickly. In his eyes, Qin Tian was only a rank nine spirit gathering realm cultivator, and his Qigong would not be able to sustain the divine ability no matter how heaven-defying he is.

Hearing Yang Lin’s reminder, A fanatical look appeared on Qin Zhantian’s face. With every step he took, Laughter continued to erupt from within him. Glaring at Qin Tian, the divine Juzun once again appeared behind him……

The rank one berserk consumes lots of Qigong, and along with the continuous revolution of the Virtuous Draconic Force, the two cores inside his Dantian were unable to replenish faster than the consumption. After a while of fighting, his Qigong became depleted.

Qin Tian was calm and his eyes skimmed across the Qin Kuang who was being forced to the corner by Mao Mao. Qin Kuang was still bitterly struggling, struggling at his death door. Suddenly, Qin Tian laughed coldly. His aura changed as he stared at Qin Zhantian, “Kill!”

Qin Zhantian was startled. Thinking about what happened to Qin Tian’s aura previously, he felt chills ran up his spine. Subconsciously, he protected himself.

In that instant, Qin Tian released his strength and rushed towards Qin Kuang.

Qin Kuang was a human BOSS. Killing him would allow him to regain 50000 Qigong value. With replenishing of Qigong, killing Qin Zhantian would not be impossible.

His move shocked everyone, no one expected him to strike towards Qin Kuang. Qin Kaung had no way to even know what had happened. If he were to ever lose focus, then he would be killed under Mao Mao’s attack.

Who would expect that Qin Tian relies on killing others to replenish his Qigong?

Who would think that Qin Kuang was only 50000 Qigong value to Qin Tian?

With more than two years of working together, Qin Tian and Mao Mao are able to sense each other’s thoughts. With Qin Tian dashing towards them, Mao Mao retreated to a side. Qin Kuang actually thought that the blood eye lion was feeling exhausted and wanted to use the last bit of his strength to escape. His eyes became wide open.

Qin Tian was rushing towards him.

A hysterical cry and wail of unwillingness sounded.

However, no matter how loud his voice was, or how unwilling he was, Qin Tian would not show kindness.

As a humanoid BOSS, he should’ve already come to that realization.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

Three continuous punches landed on Qin Kuang’s chest and pierced through it. Qin Tian’s hands were covered with blood, but he was wild with joy. Turning around to look at Qin Zhantian not far away, he said to himself, “Rank one berserk……”


A white light shot out, and the enormous royal city was instantly covered by a ring of light. The warmth it gave out gave others an indescribable comfort, but when the light disappeared, his aura became stronger. A murderous aura spread out, and the originally comfortable feeling disappeared from existence.

10000 experience points, 50000 Qigong value, and 1000 survival points. Along with another rank five core, his Qigong was filled up, and he has completely recovered to his original condition.

“Is he a human?”

“He’s really a rank nine spirit gathering cultivator?”

“His Qigong is even denser than spirit refining cultivators, just what ability did he cultivate?”


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Some experts watching the show were whispering to themselves, but none stepped forward to stop him. Since Yang Hong had not commanded them to do anything, none of them would make a move.

Yang Hong was agitated, he was completely attracted by Qin Tian. He thought, “Just what miraculous encounter did he have, for him to be so strong that he could kill spirit refining cultivators?”

Once the rank one berserk was used, Qin Tian immediately released his Virtuous Draconic Force again. The two powers perfectly integrated with each other. His attributes multiplied by four, and his aura experienced an earth-shattering transformation.

“Just what is this? Or is his Dantian stronger than others?” Yang Lin who was in the spirit subduing pagoda was in deep thought. How was Qin Tian still able to have such concentrated Qigong?

No matter how powerful a spirit gathering cultivator is, his Dantian would not be able to endure the inflation of Qigong. Other’s Dantian would be damaged if this continues, so Yang Lin just could not understand how Qin Tian could do it.

Tianyuan continent’s cultivators train their body and physique, strengthen their Dantian to store more qigong. Their Qigong cultivations are all lower than their martial cultivation, yet Qin Tian’s appearance toppled all their past knowledge of Qigong. Some started to question themselves, could Qigong really go beyond what the Dantian could withstand?

Qin Tian was not in the mood to care about all those, what he needed to do now was to kill Qin Zhantian in one move. What Qigong and what how much the Dantian could withstand, with the level up system, he did not even need to care about them.

Qin Zhantian was also shocked. At that moment, Qin Tian once again, like the surging wave, attacked with an earth-shattering force……

Qin Zhantian let out a long cry. The Qigong inside him was already greatly consumed, and the deviate soul bell requires lots of Qigong to support it. Without Qigong, no matter how awesome a treasure is, one would not be able to use it.




The divine Juzun condensed from Qigong behind him dissipated, and the green glow of the deviate soul bell disappeared. He fell onto his knees and looked at Qin Tian lifelessly. Unwillingly, he closed his eyes……


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