Chapter 30: Confrontation at the Mess

At present, there were two missions on the Flower Pickup System’s LCD screen. One was ‘Obtain Wei Lan’s first kiss.’, where it’s completion seemed unlikely to happen anytime soon, and the other one was,

“Mission: Agree to Li Feifei’s demand; Reward: Senior High School English Proficiency (Intermediate Level).”

“Fudge!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was exalted. I didn’t expect the reward to be Senior High School English Proficiency (Intermediate Level). Perhaps it directly gave this level of reward since my English could be considered to be at the basic level.

If I manage to complete it, wouldn’t my grades rise by a great margin again?

But…what kind of demand will Li Feifei make? High rewards meant high risks were involved. Su Ke kept guessing until he got back to his seat; he felt quite anxious.

Su Ke wanted to go out to a restaurant and have lunch with Li Feifei. If one lunch was enough to settle the matter of his attacks on her butt, it would have been simple.

To express his sincerity, as soon as classes for the morning had ended, he quickly ran over to wait outside Li Feifei’s classroom, just as she came out.

“Let’s go out to eat!” Since he had this Flower Pickup System, he had already collected 2500 RMB from doing missions. He was positive that this amount was more than enough to have a meal outside.

“Humph!” Li Feifei felt his manners of acknowledging his error were pretty good; the resentment within her bright pupils lessened a lot when compared to this morning. Only, she didn’t want to give him this opportunity and snorted as she walked ahead.

Su Ke scratched his nose as he gave an embarrassed laugh. But he couldn’t just turn back and run, so, just like an attendant, he blindly followed suit towards the mess hall.

When classes ended, there were two regions which were most packed. One was the school entrance; the other was the mess hall. Su Ke pondered in his mind about what demand Li Feifei would make, but he remained perplexed even after thinking for a long time. Coincidently, his sight fell on her butt.

The sea-blue sailcloth harem pants had two pockets over her butt. As she walked, they would sway left and right. As Su gazed at them, his mind relived the feeling of slapping them twice before, and his right hand’s palm had unknowingly become damp with sweat long ago.

“Hoohhh!” He took a deep breath and clenched his fists, then relaxed them. To calm himself, he cast his gaze upwards.

“Fudge!” His heartbeat accelerated several times with a single glance. As he was nervous when he saw her in the morning, he hadn’t taken note of it, but it was visible now. Because she had worn a pure-white chiffon shirt, and under it were white suspenders, he could vaguely see the belt of her brassiere.

An azure color brassiere belt, as lustrous and pure as an ocean. One look spurred Su Ke’s thoughts- Isn’t this brassiere the one I picked up before? It was that item; and the more he thought, the more certain he was.

Su Ke still remembered the soft feeling of the sponge from the brassiere from when he had held them. His heart seemed as if it might leap out of his throat as his legs turned to jelly. His breathing became irregular as he remembered that this brassiere was a set piece, accompanied by a pair of panties. Since she wore it for the top today, what about below?

His gaze had already broken free of his control, but he became disappointed quite quickly. The sailcloth harem pants’ defense seemed to be exceptionally tight. Not to say about seeing through its appearance to make out the essence, even a single hair wasn’t visible.

“Hey, move quickly!” Li Feifei had already walked ahead, but when she noticed Su Ke wasn’t following, she turned back to see his dazed eyes, dilly-dallying as if he were just sleepwalking.

“Oh!” Roused by Li Feifei, how could he still dare to think of the question about whether the panties were similarly azure-colored or not? He nimbly followed behind and entered the mess alongside her.

The mess used metal trays made of stainless steel. Although Su Ke wanted to get lunch for her from outside, Li Feifei didn’t give him that opportunity. Both of them got their food and found a table to sit.

The surrounding crowd seemed restless and bustling, while Su Ke and Li Feifei, they both relatively remained silent. As soon as they sat, the mood entered into a freezing point. Especially Li Feifei, as she gazed at Su Ke, he felt his hairs stand.

“Eh! I’m sorry!” Su Ke hesitated for a long time but still apologized so that the punishment would be lenient.

“What are you apologizing for!?” Li Feifei placed the tray on the table and crossed her arms over at her bosom. She tilted her head to the side; her long hair draped over her back as she looked at him with a cold gaze. Her tone seemed to have an indescribable flavor to it.

“Eh! I-!” Su Ke clenched his jaw. After all, if this matter weren’t dealt properly, it would certainly cause an inconvenience later on. Moreover, Li Feifei knew that his classroom was the Senior Year’s (8th) class. That damned video indeed caused a lot of trouble!

Su Ke took a deep breath as he organized his words in his mind, and once he had taken note that there wasn’t anyone nearby, he spoke in a shallow voice, “I shouldn’t have picked up your brassiere!”

“What?” Initially, Li Feifei was waiting for him to repent through a confession and thought she had misheard. She furrowed her brows. Brassiere?

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Suddenly, her face blushed. She finally reacted, slapping the table, “Not that!”

Su Ke trembled, almost slipping under the table. He hadn’t expected this girl to have the potential to become a big shot. He gulped down and carefully spoke, “Then, I shouldn’t have fondled it after picking it up!”

Li Feifei almost went insane with anger when he heard this. She placed her hands on the table and they clenched into fists, glaring at Su Ke with an expression as if she wanted to swallow him whole.

Due to her emotions being stirred up, her twin peaks heaved up and down. Moreover, as she realized that the underwear she had worn today was the one Su Ke had picked up, and thinking that this repulsive guy had even felt it up several times, she felt the flower buds on her bosom warm up.

“I’m talking about the matter of you – a pervert – groping my butt!” She repressed her emotions as much as she could. The surroundings tables were being filled with more and more students. If anyone heard her, it wouldn’t even require an hour for everyone within Seventeen Senior High to know that a victim of the recent butt attacks was the campus queen.

“Grope your butt? I didn’t!” Su Ke adopted a startled appearance, looking at her with doubt, “You sure you haven’t mistaken me for someone else?”

“It was you!” Li Feifei worded it out.

“Wasn’t me!” Su Ke wouldn’t admit it even if death were at hand.

“It was you!”

“It truly wasn’t me!”

The two of them had a war of words, having a fierce confrontation. Even the steam of the food they had fetched utterly paled in comparison to them.

“How did you find me?” Su Ke could only helplessly shift the subject.

“I looked at the video in the forum!” Li Feifei panted. She didn’t expect it would take this much strength to just quarrel. She regretted not eating up her lunch first and then admonish Su Ke.

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“That video about me heroically catching a thief?” He asked.

“Yes!” She nodded.

“Just take a look at me. Catching a thief, picking up gold- eh, picking up a brassiere and returning it to the owner all the while concealing the matter. You think an outstanding youth like me resembles the pervert who groped your butt?” Su Ke spewed out noble words, with such a devotion to righteousness that it could inspire reverence from all – a hero who had been wronged.

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