Chapter 29: To Hit Is To Love; To Scold Is To Love

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character! Su Ke!” As Wang Xiaogang saw Su Ke enter the class, he began shouting his name and waved towards him.

“What?” When he reached there, Wang Xiaogang adopted a virtuous expression, asking, “Did you look at the video?”

Su Ke nodded. Indeed, it was because of this video that he had almost become an insomniac. After looking over it several times, he summarized the experience to look more stylish in the next video.

“I’m telling you, you are gonna become a famous persona of Seventeen Senior High!” Wang Xiaogang laughed wretchedly. Sneakily winking towards Su Ke, he quietly said, “I uploaded the video to the Seventeen Senior High’s forum yesterday!”

“Fudge!” Su Ke’s heart palpitated. He had a bad premonition as if some terrible affair was going to happen, and subconsciously, he started sweating.

Wang Xiaogang felt a little puzzled when he saw Su Ke’s color drain. “What’s up? You’ll certainly become famous since I posted the video to the forum; many girls will line up to pursue you! You don’t know how cool that video is. If I were a woman, you would’ve already been xoxo’ed!”

“Ugh, I’m scared someone will come to find me!” Su Ke sighed helplessly.

“Su Ke!”

Suddenly, a sharp and sweet-sounding voice came through from the class’ entrance.

He followed it to take a look and was stunned. A girl stood at the door right now, waving towards him with an unclear expression on her face.

“See?! I told you that you’d become famous! It’s is all due to me!” Wang Xiaogang turned back to look. The girl standing at the door had long hair, and as he looked at her looks and figure, he always felt that it seemed familiar, but either way, he was certain that it was a beauty.

Su Ke towed himself over with heavy footsteps as if he was walking towards his execution ground. His face had become unsightly and heart nervous. That girl, however, looked at him calmly.

He adjusted his breathing as he walked towards her. Anyways, the matter had already reached this point, and there were no means to escape. It was similar to how a monk may run away, but his temple remains. Su Ke slowly walked and came in front of the girl. “You came!”

The girl didn’t reply. She moved towards a corridor outside the door to stay out of the gazes of the students from the classroom, but Wang Xiaogang suddenly shouted at this time, “Oh my mother, isn’t that the campus queen, Li Feifei?”


The girl was the Li Feifei from the top 10 beauties of Seventeen Senior High. The victim of Su Ke’s two butt attacks, and she had finally dropped in to grab the perpetrator.

Su Ke looked at Li Feifei. Her jet-black hair looked like hanging black silk, spreading away at her shoulders. She wore a half-sleeved white chiffon shirt which had a lithe artistic texture. Even the white suspenders below were visible. As for the lower side, she wore sea-blue harem pants made from sailcloth. Her entire attire made her seem to brim with purity and spirit.

Li Feifei’s expression, however, was sour with a taut face. She stared at Su Ke without speaking.

Su Ke felt very awkward now; he didn’t even have to imagine how his cheeks must be blushing, just like a pair of monkey butt-cheeks. His heart thumped madly, and palms became damp with sweat.

When he heard Wang Xiaogang say that he had uploaded the video to the forum, he felt that this day might come sooner or later. He had mentioned that he was a student of the Senior Year (8th) of Seventeen Senior High at the video’s end. The reason they hadn’t met till now was because their classes weren’t on the same floor, but now? Hah! Ain’t walking down a floor easy?

Li Feifei didn’t speak and merely gazed at him. As it was nearing the morning’s self-study time, more and more students passed by them and casted their curious gazes towards them, which made Su Ke even more nervous.

“Ugh!” He took a deep breath to calm himself. He feared they might invite a gallery if they kept standing there foolishly. “Hehe, are you well?”

Li Feifei was already fuming with anger when she had seen Su Ke. If they weren’t standing in front of so many students, she would have already gone crazy on him. Hearing him say such a sentence now, that too with an innocent expression, it infuriated her even more. Her bosom heaved up and down quickly, causing her beautiful peaks to tremble.

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Su Ke inadvertently swept his gaze across Li Feifei’s bosom, and then once again, he just couldn’t help it.

“Looks good?”

He completely neglected the viciousness within her words and reflexively replied, “Looks very good!”

After the words came out, he instantly felt the matter was going to worsen. Li Feifei, who was repressing her anger, suddenly kicked towards him. If it were the Su Ke from before, this kick would have 100% hurt him. However, since the reward of Military Fitness Boxing Proficiency, his reactions had become quick. He stepped back and easily dodged the attack.

She got mad as her kick couldn’t connect and immediately closed in. Since Su Ke couldn’t do much, he kept retreating as he shouted, “D-Don’t! Don’t be like this; take note of your image! Hey! Don’t kick; the teacher has arrived!”

Saying ‘the teacher has arrived’ turned out to be effective. Li Feifei stopped and turned back to look. But where was there a teacher? It made her angrier and caused her to pounce on Su Ke.

“D-Don’t! Li Feifei, I have something to say!” Su Ke hid at a safe range and looked at her panting appearance. Her willowy brows knit, and a blush across her face, it seemed as if she wanted to eat him.

“What’s left to say!?” It wasn’t that she didn’t want to argue with Su Ke, but under the gazes of such a crowd, how could she speak out the matter of her butt being attacked by him.

“Calm down first. So many people are gathering to look. Also, the self-study time will begin in a moment; we can have lunch together at noon!” After dodging her attacks, he had conversely calmed down a lot. He didn’t feel nervous and thought that he could first trick her and set the discussion aside for later.

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Li Feifei’s vision just caught sight of Wang Xiaogang exploring his head out from the classroom and looked over towards them. She sent a fierce glance towards him which made him withdraw his head back inside. She nodded after seeing Su Ke’s deadpan appearance. “Okay!”

After saying this, she returned, furious, not looking back.

“Hooh!” Su Ke wiped the sweat from his forehead and finally relaxed his breath. He was just about to return when he saw Wang Xiaogang drill his head out, “Wow, dude! I didn’t expect you to have a fling with the campus queen, Li Feifei!”

“Shoo! Scram, didn’t you see how those kicks had almost taken my life!?” Su Ke roared as if he was swatting a housefly and walked back.

“Hehe. To hit is to love; to scold is to love. And a kick contains the most love. Don’t try to trick me. Quickly fess up about how you got together with her!” He came over to stick like dogskin plaster and hugged Su Ke’s shoulder, following him inside the classroom.

How could Su Ke still have the time to joke around? He was about to enter the classroom when he felt someone’s gaze fell on him. When he looked for it, he found Wei Lan looking at him with a pout and a hateful gaze, as if he had done some atrocious deed to her.

He difficulty squeezed a smile out, but she rolled her eyes in turn. Su Ke felt gloomy. What’s that supposed to mean? Before he could become gloomier, he heard a mechanical beep within his mind.

He promptly entered the Flower Pickup System space; a new mission had appeared on the LCD screen.

“Mission: Agree to Li Feifei’s demand; Reward: Senior High School English Proficiency (Intermediate Level).”

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