Chapter 28: Fame!

“Ahh!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was indeed shocked this time. There was no need to ponder over it as he knew it must have been the deed of that Langfang City Newspaper’s beautiful journalist, Hong Chen. Since it had been posted on the “Langfang Rexian” website, it must have really spread out.

“Langfang Rexian” was an integrated local site. Although the site’s traffic couldn’t compare with other web portals, it was popular amongst denizens on Langfang. Many of them often had a look at it in their free time. However, let alone Langfang Rexian, according to Wang Xiaogang, the video was even posted on Youku and Tudou.

Su Ke remained absent-minded throughout all his classes that day. He constantly thought about it, feeling the irresistible urge to go home and check.

“Why are you so dull today?” After classes had ended at noon, Wei Lan saw Su Ke was still absent-minded and asked.

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“Eh, were you peeking at me?” Su Ke turned and smiled. His teeth looked spotlessly white under the sunset’s glow, so much so that even a toothpaste commercial could be filmed.

“Right! You pervert! Who’ll peek at you! I felt an idiot’s aura spread around in the class and the source turned out to be you!” Wei Lan raised her chin to shoot a glance at Su Ke.

“You still like an idiot like me?” Su Ke put the matter of the video aside and openly joked with Wei Lan. His mood became happier.

“Who said I like you! You really flatter yourself!” Wei Lan rebutted instantly with a faint blush on her face.

“How can that be? See how handsome I look?” He brushed his hair with his hand, adopting a stylish and elegant pose.

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As Su Ke’s temperament gradually became carefree, he smiled more often. Nimble height, cute cheeks, bright pupils and fair skin – He indeed appeared very handsome.

“Bleh!” Wei Lan slanted her head as she rode the bicycle and adopted a puking appearance, “Someone has become too narcissistic!”

Talking and laughing cheerfully along the journey, Su Ke dropped Wei Lan back home and then went to Her Humble Fragrance for work. However, his heart felt a bit fidgety due to last night’s dream.

“Big Sis Yan!” Su Ke saw Luo Fei Yan flipping over a fashion magazine while sitting on the sofa inside the Lounge area as he climbed onto the 3rd floor. He called out to her as he loitered past by.

“Yay, Little Shota has arrived. Come accompany Big Sis. We won’t be having any clients today!” She laid down the magazine with a smile on her face. However, Su Ke’s face had become rosy as if he was nervous.

A cosmetic club wouldn’t have that much work every day. Fortunately, the 3rd-floor VIP service area of Luo Fei Yan’s club was used to handling clients possessing high-level membership cards. Moreover, they also the year-long package which allowed them to come and go as they please.

The 2nd floor was used for general business. Moreover, the beauticians could lay idle in the lobby when there weren’t any clients. Therefore, at present, besides the beautiful boss Luo Fei Yan, only Su Ke, this innocent youngster remained on the 3rd floor.

Initially, Su Ke’s heart already felt jittery due to yesterday’s dream. In this situation, where a man and a woman were left alone in the room, his little heart was thumping madly. Especially when he heard Luo Fei Yan’s slightly husky voice, it made him recall yesterday’s scene, where the beautiful visage had exited the bathroom. He didn’t even dare to raise his head.

Though she didn’t know the reason for Su Ke’s distressed appearance, it aroused Luo Fei Yan’s interest. She stooped down and then raised her head to look at him, “What’s up? Afraid I’ll eat you?”

At this moment, his sight clashed with hers, and as her words flowed out of those cherry lips, the sentence from yesterday suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Lil’ Bro Su, you must be tender with Big Sis!” Those words seemed to cause ripples in his heart as they entered his ears.

“Eh! Big Sis Yan, I’ll go practice!” Saying so, he ran towards the piano without even turning back. His chest heaved up and down as he sat on the piano bench while taking staggered breaths.

If I have to face these kinds of situations every day, I fear my lifespan is going to reduce. Su Ke sighed. To calm himself, he stretched his fingers once and began playing.

The piano tune slowly flowed out – sometimes fast, sometimes slow, occasionally flat, occasionally high. Su Ke had started to enjoy this kind of sensation. He felt quite satisfied as his fingertips pounded the piano keys, feeling each and every note bolt out.

Midway, Luo Fei Yan received a phone call, so she called out to Su Ke and quickly walked out. As he looked at her silhouette leaving for the lower floor, his former relaxed self suddenly felt a sense of loss.

The business of the club today was indeed dull. Su Ke waited till 9 PM, but Luo Fei Yan still hadn’t returned back. Although he felt urged to know about her whereabouts, he didn’t ask Lin Xiaobai about it. After all, it wasn’t suitable for a staff member to be concerned about the boss’ personal life.

After returning back home, Su Ke sat in front of his computer and logged into the “Langfang Rexian” website. Indeed, at a very eye-catching region, it was written as such – “Society Is Indifferent, yet There’s a Brave 18-Year-Old Youngster with a Righteous and Heroic Heart.”

He clicked the link, which redirected him to a video. It began to play without buffering. Within the shaking scene, a woman’s vague shout requesting to help catch the thief could be heard. After that, that thief’s figure entered the scene.

Immediately following that was the silhouette of Su Ke riding his bicycle. During the brief encounter between him and the thief, he had begun to accelerate to chase after him.

Perhaps because Hong Chen had also sprinted along the way, the scene kept shaking. According to Wang Xiaogang, this filming technique seems to be used for chasing, and appeared to be similar to the one utilized in the movie “Keep Cool.”

Su Ke’s thin body put out all of its energy to cycle, nearing more and more to the thief. Suddenly, he leaped and tackled the thief down.

By the time the camera lens had approached them, the thief had already revealed the dagger in his hand and waved it unceasingly towards Su Ke. The dagger’s sharpness could be felt even through the lens.

Su Ke retreated back and then advanced again, quickly subduing the thief again with quick movements. By this time, people had come to surround them, and these were all the bystanders who feared it was already too late to hide.

The video was accompanied by Hong Chen’s continuous narration, including how those bystanders had reversed their roles. She also spoke about the danger included and praised Su Ke for his sharp and agile reactions.

Of course, as the subject matter was society, Hong Chen unavoidably attacked the society’s indifferent attitude and highly evaluated Su Ke’s just actions.

“I can’t do anything about the ones who don’t chase. I only know I will chase next time too, even if he has a knife in his hand!” The video’s end was accompanied with Su Ke’s sonorous and powerful voice which seemed awe-inspiring with a tinge of hardboiled manliness.

“I didn’t expect I was this photogenic. I am indeed looking more and more handsome!” Su Ke pinched his chin, praising the video and himself.

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