Chapter 44: How to Get the Emperor’s Liking


The concubines are curious: “What do you mean, Your Ladyship?”


“What bengong means by this is that bengong will teach all of you how to get the emperor’s heart.  Bengong will try to figure out what he likes and then train all of you to fit his ideal type.  Then, we will try to find ways to show all of you to him and send each and every one of you to the dragon bed.” Mo Qi Qi confidently raises her head.


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The concubines find that hard to believe, “Are you telling the truth, Your Ladyship?  Don’t tell me you are upset at Yang Guifei but doesn’t dare to do anything about it, so now you are planning to use us as your punching bag.”


Mo Qi Qi helplessly sighs, “Xia Fei, saying that is akin to insulting bengong.  If bengong really wants to use you as a punching bag, there are lot more effective and easier ways to do it without having to go through all this fuss.  The emperor belongs to everyone.  As the empress, bengong’s first and foremost responsibility is to make sure his favour is evenly divided and help all of you get children.  Bengong only wants to help meimeis.”  By helping all of them, her life will be a lot easier. It doesn’t matter if Ban Xiang is right or wrong, she must guard against every possibilities.  She must not let Jun Qian Che place his desire on her.  The best way for now is to send women to him to divert his attention.


Xia Fei’s forehead is full of sweat, “Your Ladyship, chenqie was too narrow-minded.  Chenqie was wrong.”


Mo Qi Qi waves her hand and generously saying, “Never mind, bengong does not blame you.  Meimeis, all of you should return to your own palaces first.  Bengong needs to carefully study everything we need to do, first.  Give bengong three days, hopefully bengong can come up with something that will help all of you receive favour.”


The concubines are delighted; they immediately get up to thank her.  “Thank you, Your Ladyship.”


“No need.  No need.  Leave first!”  Mo Qi Qi waves her hand off.


The concubines retreat.


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Mo Qi Qi immediately returns to her original nature and no longer maintains the grace of an empress, simply lying on the phoenix seat.  She prop her two legs on the armrest while sighing, “My ears finally gets a break.  So many of them have so many things so say, how noisy!”


Ban Xiang is uneasy, “Your Ladyship, you really wants to help them gain favour?”


Mo Qi Qi takes a piece of grape and stuffs it in her mouth.  Her voice is really casual as she says, “Of course!  Anything wrong with that?”


Ban Xiang immediately tries to talk her out of it, “Your Ladyship, you must not be so muddle-headed!  If everyone in the harem receives favour, the distance between you and His Majesty that has only diminished will be pulled further apart again.  If you help them receive favour, they will not thank you.  Instead, they will behave exactly like Yang Guifei, completely disrespecting you.”


Mo Qi Qi does not care, “It’s alright.  Women should get each other’s back.  Why must a woman makes things difficult for another woman?” As long as Jun Qian Che keeps his distance from her, who cares about who he beds?


“Your Ladyship———-“


“Alright, stop wasting my time.  I am hungry, go and prepare me breakfast!”


Ban Xiang helplessly sighs before retreating.


Mo Qi Qi eyes this luxurious palace before sighing in frustration.


She already checked Jun Qian Che’s toilet last night and didn’t spot anything weird.  Does that means the road to go back to her own dimension isn’t in Jun Qian Che’s toilet?  Where can it be, then?


She jumps up and enters her chamber before taking out the map to inspect it.


Looking at the map, Mo Qi Qi’s heart is filled with grief.  She helplessly lies on the table: she has been to every single toilets in the palace at least once yet she still cannot travel back to her old life.  Don’t tell her she will have to spend the rest of her life here?


“Huhu, God up above, the joke is too big this time!  Even thinking about having to spend an entire lifetime with Jun Qian Che kills me in the heart~”


“How does it kills you in your heart?” An imposingly cold voice can be heard from outside.  Jun Qian Che enters in large strides, his face so dark that it frightens her.


Mo Qi Qi reluctantly gets up and pays her respect, “Greeting Your Majesty.”


Jun Qian Che kneels as he sits on the opposite side of the low-table, looking at her coldly as he asks, “Empress still hasn’t answered zhen’s question.”




Mo Qi Qi looks at him before giving out a forced laughter, “What chenqie means by that is chenqie will still happily lives even if my heart dies!” Pooh!  She means her heart will die, but she doesn’t dare to say that!  If she says that, he will eat her alive!


Jun Qian Che silently looks at her.


Mo Qi Qi on the other hand, appears lazy to care for her appearance.  She rubs her nose, digs her ears and fiddles with her hair.


Jun Qian Che coldly opens his mouth again, “As the empress, you must possess the conduct and the virtue of the mother of the kingdom.  What you are representing isn’t only yourself, but also the entire imperial line; you are representing zhen’s face.  You must show a good example to the womenfolk of our kingdom.  Just look at you; you can’t even sit straight, not that you’d do a fairly good job standing either.  Your words are crude, your mouth has no lid, your—“


“Wei!  That is enough!”  Mo Qi Qi impatiently cuts him off.  She gives him face and he goes around crossing that line.


Jun Qian Che unhappily scolds her, “Cutting of zhen’s words, do you know how disrespectful and how big of an offense that is?”


Disrespectful; she hears that word a lot of times today.


“Hehe, Your Majesty, are your tongue all healed up now?  Chenqie didn’t cut you off on purpose, chenqie was only worried for your wound.  You speak so much, what if the wound reopens?”


Jun Qian Che glares at her; speaking to her is no better than playing guqin for a cow.


Mo Qi Qi appears impatient too, “Your Majesty, the morning court has only ended and you are already here to scold chenqie; did anything bad happens in court and now you choose to go here to vent on chenqie?  If so, then carry on.  As long as Your Majesty manage to vent, chenqie is willing to be scolded!”  Hmph!  She don’t believe the emperor will continue scolding her after hearing that.


What Mo Qi Qi said indeed manage to hold Jun Qian Che’s mouth.  He does not prolong that matter and instead says, “Imperial grandmother went to Fushan to pray for the imperial family.  She will return here in a couple of days.  You should order people to clean up her Yong Shou palace, do not give her the reason to complain about you.”


Imperial grandmother?  Isn’t that the grand empress dowager; Jun Qian Che’s grandmother?  The womenfolk of Jun clan sure have long lives.


“Yes, Your Majesty.  Chenqie understands.”


“This servant greets Your Majesty.  Your Ladyship, breakfast is here.  Will you be having it with His Majesty?” Ban Xiang proceed to match-makes the moment she enters.


Just as Jun Qian Che is about to speak, Mo Qi Qi cuts him off, “Your Majesty isn’t used to the food in Feng Yang Palace.  What if you get a stomach ache?  You should go to Gui Ning Palace.  Yang Meimei came earlier and said she was too tired because of you last night.  Her body is a little uncomfortable, you should give her a visit.  Her body will definitely get better after seeing you!”




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