Chapter 23 – Spatial Dimension

Huan Qing Yan entered the resting room as it was the only room she could enter. Upon entering, she suddenly felt a sense of extreme comfort. It was akin to the sense of comfort and safety when she was home, the grudge, anxiety and nervous emotions within her had also toned down greatly.

The space within the resting room was huge, it felt like a palace which was luxuriously decorated. There was also a very large hot spring within the room, the rising steam from the pool made it look very enticing, anyone who saw it would feel the urge to soak themselves in it.

In fact, Huan Qing Yan did exactly that. After finding no problems with the hot spring, she immediately jumped into it and took a bath, her mind felt recharged as she felt herself glowing in spirits.

As she walked out of the resting room, she proceeded to the back of the building and pushed at its backdoor. She wished to quickly inspect this space so that she could leave as soon as possible; she was worried that the serving girls outside her room might suddenly enter without her knowing.

Behind the backdoor was a few pieces of barren agricultural land, the land was black with small signs being planted on each piece. There was Vegetable Department, Grain Department, Fruit Department and more… only, the category for Crops were missing from the group.

On a closer look, she noticed a few plants that looked like weeds. These weeds were lush and full of life, they seemed filled with spirit energy and looked to be flourishing.

Huan Qing Yan had always been a glutton, so upon seeing the plump, enticing appearances of these weeds, a surge of hunger suddenly came out of nowhere. Before she knew it, she had unknowingly plucked one and began chewing it.

A surge of sweet, refreshing flavor filled her mouth and attacked her taste buds. It caused every hair follicle, blood vessel and cell in her body to shouted out one word: Comfortable!

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“Ding!” a light ring resounded within her mind, “Discover Marrow Purifying Grass; Classification: Wood; Spirit Energy: Nil.”

Huan Qing Yan jumped in shock.

What the, was this function of the ancient bowl?

Okay, let’s stay calm.

The ancient bowl could determine the spirit energy value of new ingredients that were placed within it or near it.

This were information that Huan Qing Yan had known.

However, the notification would only happen when the item had spirit energy value. Yet this, what was it? Marrow Purifying Grass, had no spirit energy value and should not have triggered a notification, and that made it strange.

After finishing the stalk, Huan Qing Yan got addicted and harvested these little weeds on the other pieces of land. There were not many of them and they all looked small, if not for the barren state of the land, it would have been hard to identify them. Huan Qing Yan found another three to four stalks and ate them one after the other.

Just as she finished consuming them, she discovered a smelly stench being emitted from her body. When she looked down at herself, she discovered that her body had unknowingly been covered in a layer of black filth that seemed to have been expelled from her pores. The terrible stench and oily sheen of the filth made her feel like she had just climbed out of a sh*thole!

However, she also felt a wave of comfort surging through her body. Huan Qing Yan was stunned. What’s happening?

Can it be, that those plain looking stalks of weed possessed the legendary ability of ‘Vessel Purifying and Marrow Cleansing’?

If that was true, then this would be a jackpot!

Having experienced the benefits of eating these weeds, Huan Qing Yan wished to eat more of them, but unfortunately, she could no longer find any more of those growing…

She suddenly felt her stomach feeling an unexplainable state of fullness. It was as though a warm air was circulating within it causing her body to both feel hot as well as an unexplainable feeling of anxiety. She did not know what was happening. Could it be that the weeds were poisonous? That this was the result of her eating things at random?

But it does not make sense!

If it were poisonous, the ancient bowl would have indicated that, right?

Since it was not indicated, then it was surely not poisonous.

Covered in a body of stink, Huan Qing Yan went to the stream at the side and thoroughly washed herself clean.

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With a turn of her will, she returned to her bed.

Once out of the space, the warm current within her finally could no longer stay still and felt like it was going to explode…

Next, Huan Qing Yan discovered that the surrounding air current begin to circle her, before it suddenly rushed at her from all directions!

Within a moment, the air current gathered on top her head and began to take the shape of an animal.

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