Volume 1, Chapter 44: The Primary Princess


Yun Qian Yu looks at Princess Ming Zhu who is smiling lightly at her.  “Let’s go; come and check on imperial father with me.”


Yun Qian Yu nods.  She originally thought Princess Ming Zhu, the biological princess of the kingdom will discriminate against her.  Who would have thought she will be that warm towards her.


Yu Jian steps forward, “I want to come as well, imperial aunt.”


“Alright.  It has been a few days since I last saw Yu Jian, you look like a grown man now.”  Princess Ming Zhu says good-naturedly.


The three people head towards Murong Cang’s resting palace.  On the way there, Yun Qian Yu didn’t let go of any opportunity to teach Yu Jian.  “Yu Jian, do you know why imperial sister handled Shi Hai and his sons that way?”


Yu Jian’s large eyes turns, “First of all, it will be too easy for him if he dies today.  He has done so many bad things, escaping the consequences by simply dying is not enough.  Imperial sister once said that the biggest punishment towards someone is if they have to live a life that is worse than death.”


“En.  You are right.” Yun Qian Yu smiles.


“Second of all, today is imperial sister’s banquet.  You just want to intimidate people, not kill people.”


“Correct again!” Yun Qian Yu praises him.  “Any more reason?”


Yu Jian frowns before earnestly speaking, “Imperial sister, Yu Jian can only come up with those two.”


“Being able to think that much is already impressive.  When dealing with things, you must not only view it from the outside.  If Shi Hai and his sons die today, what will the people of Jing Zhou think?  They doesn’t know what happened in the Great Hall today, speculations will run rampant.  Does Yu Jian know why words are powerful?”  Yun Qian Yu patiently gives him an explanation.


Yu Jian shakes his head.


Yun Qian Yu glances at him before she stops walking.  She turns to Princess Ming Zhu, “Imperial aunt, can I borrow your maids for a moment?”


Princess Ming Zhu who is curious about her unconventional method of teaching nods, “Okay!”


Yun Qian Yu calls for the eight maids who are following Princess Ming Zhu from behind, “All of you stand in a line.”


The eight maids quickly form a line.


“The imperial grandson will tell you something soon.  Pass it to your friends one by one.  Do not let anybody else hears you.”




Yun Qian Yu turns to Yu Jian, “Go.”


Yu Jian curiously follows her instruction and whispers something into the ear of the first maid.


After that, the maid passes what he said to the maid next to her.  It goes on that way until the very last maid in the line.


Yun Qian Yu faces the last maid, “Share with us what you heard.”


“Answering princess, this servant heard ‘cotton tree blossoms abundantly.’”


(TN:  ‘Cotton tree blossoms abundantly’ = (木棉花开的很艳) mu mian hua kai de hen yan.)


Yu Jian frowns as Yun Qian Yu turns to the very first maid, “What did you hear?”


The first maid carefully answers her, “This servant heard the imperial grandson saying, ‘I miss my imperial mother’s smiling face.’”


(TN: ‘I miss my imperial mother’s smiling face.’ = (我想念母妃的笑脸) wo xiang nian mufei de xiao lian.)


“Do you understand it now?” Yun Qian Yu turns around and continues walking.


Yu Jian immediately follows her, “Yu Jian understands, imperial sister.  And these are only 8 people.  Who knows how many different versions of the story will there be if it passes through the entire common populace of Nan Lou Kingdom.”

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“En.  Shi Hai and his sons have to live to be my proof; so the common people of Jing Zhou can use their own eyes to see what really happened.”  Yun Qian Yu explains everything clear and simple to Yu Jian.


“But, imperial sister, if we can think of this, will the perpetrator behind him think of this as well?  What if he kills the father and sons halfway, wouldn’t everything be futile?”


“Your worry has been taken care of by grandfather.”  A flash of warmth is formed in Yun Qian Yu’s eyes.  She isn’t the only one who knows the reason why Murong Cang put Rui Qinwang in charge of the investigation.  That was Murong Cang’s way of saying: Zhen knows you are the perpetrator.  Zhen is giving you a platform to end this matter cleanly.  This matter will end here, or else……


If Rui Qinwang does not wish to batter his own face, he can only swallow this and find a sacrificial lamb to end this investigation.  He will safely send the father and sons back to Jing Zhou and when the time comes, an edict will be issued to conclude everything.


Yu Jian suddenly understands, “Imperial sister, imperial grandfather is so capable!”


“Of course, do you think it is easy to rule over a country?  Each and every one of those ministers have their own ideas, if grandfather isn’t capable, will Nan Lou Kingdom be so prosperous at the moment?”


A look of longing and awe can be seen in Yu Jian’s face.


“A younger generation will surpass the old ones.  Yu Jian must become a ruler than is even wiser than grandfather in the future!”  Yun Qian Yu gives him an encouragement.


“En, I definitely will!”  Yu Jian’s delighted and satiated face touches Princess Ming Zhu.  She finally understands why her imperial father is placing the future of the kingdom in the shoulder of this little yatou who has only reached maidenhood.


Princess Ming Zhu who was born in the imperial family is not stupid.  Yun Qian Yu is teaching Yu Jian in front of her so she can see everything with her own eyes and no longer has to worry about anything.  She will teach Yu Jian properly and turn him into a capable ruler.


As they speak, they reach Murong Cang’s chamber.  Li Jin Tian coincidentally walks out.  Seeing the three people, he pays his respect, “This servant greets the imperial grandson, Princess Ming Zhu and Princess Hu Guo.”


Yu Jian raise his hand, “Rise.”


Princess Ming Zhu asks him, “How is imperial father?”


Lin Jin Tian’s eyes darken a little, “His Majesty went to bed upon returning.”


Pain flashes in Princess Ming Zhu’s eyes as she gives a long sigh, “I want to see him.”


Li Jin Tian bows in front of them, “Then, this servant shall go and prepare His Majesty’s dinner.”


“Go on.”


Princess Ming Zhu walks into the chamber, followed by Yun Qian Yu and Yu Jian.


Murong Cang’s face appears tired as he lies on the large and luxurious dragon bed.  He occasionally frowns, clearly in discomfort.


They haven’t met for ten days and when Yun Qian Yu saw him in the Great Hall just now, he looked like he had gotten even frailer.  The folds on his face are a lot more than the last time she saw him.


Princess Ming Zhu kneels next to the bed in grief.  She stops her tears from falling as she buries her head on a quilt.


Seeing that, Yun Qian Yu trembles, overpowered by the feeling of helplessness.


Something suddenly flashes in her mind.  Her Zi Yu Xin Jing can refine the poison inside her body, can it do the same for other people?  Can she use Zi Yu Xin Jing to neutralize the poison inside someone’s internal body?


That thought made her excited.  But to do that, she will need the other party’s absolute trust because he will have to open himself for her.  He will need to trust her in order to let her run her entire power inside his body.

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She also must do it on someone she completely trust.  Her entire thoughts will be bared open to the other party.  She also cannot be disturbed by anything; her defense mechanism will be at it’s lowest point during that time.


Yun Qian Yu checks Murong Cang’s pulse.  He has gotten weaker, seems like half a year is a bit of a stretch.


Not long later, Li Jin Tian returns, carrying a stove that must have contain Murong Cang’s dinner.


Princess Ming Zhu gets up; her face recovered it’s calmness.  She turns to Yu Jian and Yun Qian Yu, “It is late, we should go back and rest.”


Princess Ming Zhu tucks Murong Cang in, before leaving with Yun Qian Yu and Yu Jian.


Yun Qian Yu lets Feng Ran send Yu Jian first, leaving her and Princess Ming Zhu alone.


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