Volume 1, Chapter 43: Angering You Till You Vomit Blood


Yun Qian Yu opens the contract and skims over it with her eyes.  She walks in front of Yun Shan and hands it over to him.  “Take this and bring this to the government office to terminate your ‘slave’ contract.  From now on, you are a free man.”


Seeing the slavery deed in Yun Qian Yu’s hands, Yun Shan’s tear falls.  He chokes up, “Little Miss, are you abandoning Yun Shan?  When I followed the late Xian Wang back then, we promised each other that Yun Shan can leave once Yun Shan meets my Master again.”


Yun Qian Yu knows that Yun Shan is taking this the wrong way. “It has been so many years since my grandparents died.  Even my parents had died three years ago.  Yun Valley is no longer the old Yun Clan.  When my grandfather left the ancestral home back then, he took nothing with him because he decided to start anew.  I will let the First Elder take care of the ancestral home, I will ask him to free all the servants there.  From now on, Jing Zhou’s Yun Clan no longer exists.”


“Why, Little Miss?  Yun Shan will always be Yun Clan’s people in this lifetime.”  Yun Shan persistently says.


Yun Qian Yu put the contract in Yun Shan’s hand, “It is the thought that counts.  The most important quality in Yun Clan’s people is knowing how to return grace.  The late Xian Wang saved you when you were in mortal peril.  Repaying his grace makes you an upright member of the Yun Clan.”


Yun Shan tearfully kneels in front of Yun Qian Yu and kowtows, “Yun Shan understands, Little Miss.  Yun Shan will sincerely treat the old wangye and the little wangye.  Just, Yun Shan wants to beg Little Miss to bury Yun Shan next to the late Master once Yun Shan dies.  Since Yun Shan could not serve him when he was alive, Yun Shan would like to serve him in death.”


Yun Qian Yu does not move and accepts his bows.  She knows if she doesn’t accept his bow, Yun Shan’s heart will not be at peace.  “Alright, as the 30th generation of the Head of Yun Clan, I will promise you that.”


“Thanking Little Miss.”  Yun Shan sobs on the floor.  His wish is finally coming true, he can finally be at peace.


Yun Qian Yu helplessly helps him up, “I heard you have a son that likes to dabbles in medicinal art.  He is pretty capable, from what I heard.  If you have the chance, send him over to me for a period of time.”


Yun Shan appears shocked and delighted, he knows she plans to personally teach his son.  “Yun Shan thank Little Miss on behalf of Yun Nian.”


Yun Nian?  Yun Qian Yu is a little surprised that Yun Shan’s son has such a feminine name.


Yun Shan is a little embarrassed when he explains, “Yun Shan got married after following wangye for a number of years.  Yun Shan was already 40 years old back then.  Because Yun Shan kept yearning to meet Master again, Yun Shan named his son, Yun Nian.”


(TN:  Nian (念) = yearns for.)


“Yun Nian?  Alright.  Yearning gives one hope, no?”  Yun Qian Yu’s face looks a little touched.


Seeing the deep affection between the master and servant, the crowd’s eyes moisten.  Where can you find such a loyal servant these days?


“Go back.  Try to go a little early tomorrow.” Yun Qian Yu gently says to Yun Shan.


“Yes.”  Yun Shan knows that Yun Qian Yu is telling him to go to the government office early to terminate his contract of slavery.  Yun Shan is excited, with the termination of the contract, he and his descendants will no longer be slaves.  They will be recognized as the true members of Yun Clan.


After Yun Shan retreated, Yun Qian Yu instructs the First Elder to go to Jing Zhou and convert their ancestral home into a school for the poor.  She does that in front of the crowd.


Her instruction is detailed; they will first write a notice to announce the truth to the people of Jing Zhou.  Then, they will announce the conversion of their ancestral home into a free school, she even thought of countermeasures in case if someone decides to pull something; is this the way normal fifteen year old thinks?


Some of them cannot help but compare their own fifteen year old daughters to her, some even compares her with their talented sons.


After receiving Yun Qian Yu’s instruction, the First Elder pays respect to Murong Cang before leaving; white-haired, white-robed, and white-beard and all.  He looks like a real immortal.


Yun Qian Yu turns to Murong Cang, “Grandfather, Qian Yu ends up turning the banquet upside down…..”


“This is not your fault.  Some people have impure hearts and wants to trouble you.  Don’t worry, grandfather will send people to investigate who encouraged Shi Hai to hit the gong.”  After saying that, he narrows his eyes, before fiercely sweeping over the crowd.  Everyone who has been stared at by Murong Cang starts to sweat, secretly grateful that the perpetrator isn’t them.


Rui Qinwang quietly stares at his own wine cup.


“Rui Qinwang!”


“Yes!”  Hearing the emperor calling for him, Rui Qinwang gets up and bows.


“You will investigate this matter within three days!”  There is fury in Murong Cang’s voice.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”  Even though Rui Qinwang isn’t willing to accept the task, there is no way for him to refuse.  When he raise his head, he sees a faint smile in Yun Qian Yu’s face.


“Once Rui Qinwang finds the perpetrator, you must thank him on behalf of bengong.  Even though his original motive is to give bengong trouble, bengong wouldn’t have been able to take care of Shi Hai in such a fast and effective manner had it not been for him.”


Rui Qinwang could feel blood forming inside his mouth.  He forced it in.  He lost thoroughly in their confrontation today, but even so, one measly victory or lost is nothing.  But still, he is upset at getting played at by such a little yatou.


“Yes, this official will convey Your Highness’ gratitude to him.  This official only wish to find him quick, before he comes up with another way to target princess.”  Threats loom inside Rui Qinwang’s sentences.


“It’s okay, bengong likes playing with smart people.  It’s a pity his moves aren’t that clever.”  Yun Qian Yu’s beautiful face appears leisurely.  “Just like today; had it been me, I would not have allowed Shi Hai and his sons to come to the capital to make imperial complain, moreover encourage them to do something that clearly will not be successful.  He should have took advantage of Yun Clan’s famous name in Jing Zhou and spread rumors about Yun Qian Yu being the descendant of a traitor.  Before long, the rumor will run rampant in the entire Nan Lou Kingdom.  By then, people will believe what they want to believe and even if Yun Qian Yu has 100 mouths, she still cannot talk her way into clearing her image.”


Rui Qinwang froze as he stares at Yun Qian Yu, he obviously didn’t think Yun Qian Yu is teaching him how to frame her; she is saying all these to ridicule him!


“What a pity, everything is too late now.  He sure worked hard to make wedding dress for me!”  Yun Qian Yu says, in a regretful tone.


(TN: make wedding dress for someone = doing something that will only benefit the other party.)


Rui Qinwang force down the mouthful of blood that is threatening to be sprayed out of his mouth.  He purse his lips, swallowing the blood down.  Traces of the blood still seep out of the corner of his lips.  People who are looking at him naturally sees that.


(TN: !!!!!!)


Hua Man Xi looks at Yun Qian Yu in admiration, why is her mouth so capable?  Her tongue is like blade!  See?  That blade is making Rui Qinwang bleed in anger!


Princess Ming Zhu turns to Duke Rong next to her, “Wangye, see how interested Xi Er is towards that girl?  What do you think?”


Duke Rong glance at Yun Qian Yu before speaking gently, “Xi Er’s marriage must naturally be handled by you, the mother.”


Princess Ming Zhu’s eyes are filled with mirth as she whispers, “I think, that yatou is not bad.”


Nobody pays any attention to the couple.


The dramatic banquet has turned pretty dull.


“Grandfather, a lot of people suffered from internal injuries today.  We should end the banquet early.”  After that short battle with Rui Qinwang, Yun Qian Yu no longer has the mood to confront other people.


The people who are injured are happy!  The princess finally takes notice of their pitiful plight.


Seeing the pale face of some of the people there, Murong Cang waves his hand, “Zhen is also tired.  Everyone can disperse!”


Those people gets up and respectfully sends Murong Cang away.  After that, they quickly leaves the hall hastily.


Princess Ming Zhu turns to her husband, “I will stay in the palace tonight, to keep my imperial father company.”


Hua Man Xi immediately jumps up and exclaim, “I will stay with Mother in the palace!”


Duke Rong gets up and grabs Hua Man Xi by the sleeve before dragging him away, “Men who have reached adulthood cannot spend the night in the palace; don’t you know the rules?”


“Father, I still have two months left before adulthood,” he mutters to himself.


“You cannot, either way.”


“Father, you are being unreasonable!”  People can still hear them bickering even after they have walked far away.  The warm interaction between them contrasts the coldness of the palace greatly.


The hall turns quiet.  Gong Sang Mo turns to Long Jin who remains seated on his seat, “Crown Prince, please!”

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Now that the drama is over, Long Jin stands up and brush his sleeves.  He gives Yun Qian Yu a meaningful smile, “Today’s trip is really worth it.  Your Highness must remember your promise to Long Jin!”

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“Do not worry, Crown Prince Long Jin.” Yun Qian Yu looks at him indifferently.


Long Jin laughs before leaving with Gong Sang Mo.


The only people left in the hall are Yun Qian Yu, Yu Jian and Princess Ming Zhu.


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