Volume 1, Chapter 42: Confrontation


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes turn cold!  She releases her purple mist and wraps it around Yun Shi Hai.  The loud sound of his scream is enveloped by the purple mist.


Everyone seems to have returned to heaven after a trip to hell, leaning towards the western direction in embarrassment.


“Since you plan to leave Yun Clan, do it thoroughly.”


There is a never-before seen fierceness in Yun Qian Yu’s eyes.  If it weren’t for Yun Shi Hai poisoning her grandmother, her grandparents wouldn’t have died so early.  If her grandfather is still alive, the Chan Ming poison inside her mother can probably be cured.  Everybody knows that her grandfather’s medicinal skill is the best in the history of Yun Clan.  How prosperous Yun Valley ought to be if all three generations live there together.


If that happens, her heart is willing even if that means she will not get the chance to reincarnate into Yun Qian Yu’s body.  For the past three years, all the sorrow in Yun Valley is etched into her heart.  The people there poured all their grief into her, trying their best to protect her from any sorts of harm.


Because of that, Yun Qian Yu, who has always been calm and emotionless, hates Yun Shi Hai at the moment.  Hatred is something she has not felt for a long time.  The last time she felt this way was when she had to face those pack of wolves once she and her brother were orphaned, in her past life.


Gong Sang Mo, Long Jin and Hua Man Xi’s expressions didn’t change from the beginning till the end.  The three people’s inner powers are clearly not on regular level.  Just, seeing Yun Qian Yu’s expression, all three ponders deep inside.  Gong Sang Mo realize that Yun Qian Yu isn’t completely impenetrable, you just need to see if you can enter her heart.


Yun Qian Yu uses her purple mist to strike Yun Shi Hai’s dantian.  Yun Shi Hai trembles and when Yun Qian Yu sucks away his inner power, he turns soft like a piece of cloth before falling to the ground.


“Dad!”  Yun Shi Hai’s three sons jump to him in panic.


“You…..”  Upon realizing that Yun Shi Hai’s inner power has been crippled after checking his pulse, his eldest son looks at Yun Qian Yu in fear.


“Since he look at Yun Clan in disdain, I, on behalf of my great grandparents, takes back all of their good will towards him!” Yun Qian Yu walks back to her own seat calmly; brushing her sleeves before gracefully sitting in her seat.


Shi Hai is too immersed in his own thoughts, he didn’t at all realize that his inner power has been crippled.


His three sons doesn’t know what to do.  They have only known the truth just now; to say hate, they have no reason to hate on her.  But to say not hate, their father has been turned to this degree because of her.  He who rides the tiger finds it hard to dismount, the three people fears they will not survive past this.


(TN:  He who rides the tiger finds it hard to dismount – In a sticky situation, one is forced to go with the flow.)


As for the crowd, they are all taken aback by Yun Qian Yu’s heavy-handedness.  She looks so warm and fragile, but once she gets upset, she will become truly scary.  Yun Qian Yu’s impression on them takes a completely different turn.  Some of them made up their minds to not to clash against her in the future; otherwise, the consequences will be unbearable.


Looking at the predicament of Shi Hai lets them know that Yun Qian Yu cannot be provoked.  Seems like it is unlikely for Shi Hai to go home alive today.


Just as speculations run rampant between the onlookers, Yun Qian Yu unexpectedly pleads for mercy for Shi Hai.  “Grandfather, can Qian Yu plead on their behalf?”  She turns to Murong Cang, pointing at the four people below.


“They wanted to harm you.  Are you sure you want to spare them?” Although Murong Cang is shocked, he knows that Yun Qian Yu will not let these people off.  She just has a different consideration in her heart.


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Although Shi Hai’s consciousness is not quite there, his sons are perfectly lucid; all three look at Yun Qian Yu in shock.  Shouldn’t she be going after their lives?  She is actually kind enough to plead for them?  She must be pretending for everyone to see!


“My grandfather would rather leave Yun ancestral home that year than to harm him.  In consideration for their decades long of brotherly affection, Qian Yu decides to spare him.
Murong Cang ponders for a moment before speaking, “The Gong of Deng Wen cannot be simply hit!”


“Everything that happened today must have been perpetrated by someone behind them.  If not, he would not have had the guts to hit the Gong of Deng Wen.”  Yun Qian Yu said, in all fairness.


Rui Qinwang’s eyes deepen before he lower his head to hide the look in his eyes.


Meanwhile, Shi Hai’s three sons cannot believe that Yun Qian Yu is actually sparing them!  Their father committed so many despicable acts, yet she chose to spare them after only crippling their father’s inner power!  They are truly thankful on the inside.


Murong Cang is quiet for a while.  Seeing Yun Qian Yu truly wanting to spare them, he says, “Since the princess has pled on your behalf, you will be exempted from the death penalty.  There will be a punishment, however; you are to be whipped 30 times in public as a warning to not simply hit the Gong of Deng Wen.”


Shi Hai’s three sons immediately kneels to thank the emperor’s grace; as long as they can live.  Even though 30 whips will give them heavy injuries, at least they will still be breathing.


“You are to return Yun Clan’s ancestral home to the rightful owner and are now forbidden from using the surname ‘Yun.’”


“Thanking the emperor’s grace!”


The four people are then sent out by imperial guards.  The people in the banquet are restless, what is the Hu Guo Princess playing at?  Just when they thought the four will die, she actually, benevolently let them off?


There are a lot of different expressions on the people’s faces; the visibly upset Rui Qinwang, the gentle and warm Gong Sang Mo, the carefree Hua Man Xi and the mysterious Long Jin.  Their hearts on the other hand, mirror each other.  Yun Qian Yu’s method is even crueler than taking their lives!  Think about it, death is a fleeting thing.  You will experience fear and pain, but only for the moments that leads to your death.  How can Yun Qian Yu give him such an easy way out?


Looking at the way Shi Hai reacted, he must have understood the truth.  He must be regretting everything to death; death is even better than to live so painfully, but Yun Qian Yu simply would not allow him to die.  Never mind the 30 whips he is about to get, the rest of his life after that will have to be spent with those little thorns in his heart.  That feeling of guilt will never fade away, one day of living is equivalent to one more day of punishment.


The impression she gives them leaves a strong imprint on the people’s hearts.  From now on, they will avoid angering her.


The entire hall is silent.  Everyone lowers their heads; some of them who were injured by Shi Hai’s loud screaming earlier can only endure their pain.


Hua Man Xi coughs a little and all eyes in the hall immediately looks at him.


He raise his head; this time, he really didn’t mean to break the silence!


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“First Elder, please give Yun Shan’s slavery deed to me.”  Yun Qian Yu ignores Hua Man Xi’s little sound and turns to the First Elder.


The First Elder takes a silken container from inside his sleeves.  It contains the slavery deeds of all servants of Yun Clan.  The First Elder takes out Yun Shan’s deed and hands it over to Yun Qian Yu.


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