Chapter 21 – Worry About Others

Huan Bei Ming placed the bowl in Huan Qing Yan hands, “Little Yan, take this ancient bowl and familiarize yourself on how to use it during your free time. This bowl has always been meant for you, so do not feel burdened by it. Papa discovered that this ancient bowl is not as simple as it seems, it should possess a greater function and not one as simple as differentiating food. Regrettably, no matter how much research I have done, I am still unable to completely unearth its mysteries. Now that it belongs to you, I hope you can properly research it and keep it safe.”

Words could not describe how truly good this father was.

Huan Qing Yan gently offered the ancient bowl and said, “Thank you papa. As an Imperial Chef, I am sure the bowl will be useful in your hands. I am fine for the moment and besides, I have papa to protect me.”

Huan Bei Ming stretched his hand and caressed Huan Qing Yan’s head affectionately, “Twenty years ago, the great war between humans and demons lasted for close to six years before it was exchanged for the current era of peace. I wonder what will happen from now on? In the future, if you can look after your younger brother, Xing Han, then give him a hand. If you were unable to look after him and the Huan Family line ended because of it, then so be it. Always keep yourself safe first, papa will definitely not blame you…”

His words strangely felt like he was telling her his final words, causing Huan Qing Yan to feel greatly uncomfortable.

“Papa, Little Yan will definitely protect you, mama and brother. Little Yan is also a member of the Huan Family!”

Huan Bei Ming retracted his hand and sighed with great affection, “Okay. Papa knows that our Little Yan is very filial. To be able to protect Little Yan till she grows up is also Papa’s blessings.”

“Oh right. Papa, your health is not good, do remember to avoid overworking yourself. An imperial chef is the most exhausting of professions. So, papa, I want you to promise me that you will cook less food for the royals and focus on keeping your body healthy, okay?”

Only an imperial chef could cook food that contained spirit energy. The Huan Family had a pot of soup that has not stopped stewing for a thousand years, one that was slowly passed down from one generation to the other.

Huan Bei Ming was not only an ordinary imperial chef, he was also an imperial chef master who was personally conferred by the emperor!

Most of the food that Huan Bei Ming cooked had all along been made for the royal family and was rarely sold to the public. That thousand years old foundation aside, just the wealth and status that Huan Bei Ming had accumulated alone, was enough to contend with the greater aristocratic families of Hanging Cloud Empire.

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However, no matter how much money you earned or how high was your status, what use would they be when you had poor health?

When a person dies, everything would be pointless, whatever remained would also be coveted by outsiders.

Huan Bei Ming felt touched, “Little Yan has learnt how to worry about others now? Papa felt very happy and will take note of your words. Your headache earlier on was an act, right?”

Huan Qing Yan upon obtaining Huan Bei Ming’s assurance, smiled cheekily, “Of course. Isn’t Papa the one that reminded me to act?”

The father and daughter pair looked at each other, before they both broke into laughter.

“Go to the Old Soup Pavilion tomorrow, Papa will first teach you how to identify the different types of food ingredients.” Huan Bei Ming then left after instructing her.

Huan Qing Yan sent Huan Bei Ming to the door. Only after he had walked far into the distance did she turn around and go back inside the house.

She took up the bowl and observed it in detail.

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Covered in cracks, tea brown color, circular with no designs. Just from its appearance, even if it was discarded on the roadside, it was likely that only beggars would pick it up to use as a tool for begging.

This ancient bowl had accompanying Huan Bei Ming, and could be said to have played an important role at allowing him to become an imperial chef.

With this ancient bowl, one could accurately determine the spirit energy value within food ingredients.

Most Spirit Masters can sense the spirit energy value within food ingredients, but they would be unclear of the exact amount of energy within it, and could only make a guess based on experience.

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