Chapter 42: Will Not Be Bearing Your Child


Jun Qian Che slowly leans onto her, the coldness in his eyes gradually turning gentle.  When his lips is about to fall on hers, the gentleness in his eyes turns to coldness and disgust.


Just as Mo Qi Qi thought this night would end in a disaster and she would be humiliated by Jun Qian Che, he lets go of her chin and sits up straight.


Mo Qi Qi froze for a while; surprised, curious, suspicious.


Jun Qian Che turns to glare at her before mockingly saying, “Do not worry, zhen will not touch you.”  Upon remembering that scene in the viewing tower, his heart will be filled with so much anger he does not know where to vent them.


Hearing him saying that, Mo Qi Qi secretly heaves in relief.


“It is a good thing that Your Majesty has a clear understanding of what you want in your bedroom matter.”  He must be indulging Yang Shihan; Mo Qi Qi really needs to start thanking her.  She helped her dodge this disaster.


“Your Majesty, if there is nothing else, chenqie really should return to Feng Yang Palace.  Your Majesty must be tired from playing with Yang Meimei, rest early.  Tomorrow, you still have to attend the morning court.”  She get up and was about to slip away when Jun Qian Che speaks.


Zhen wants to know why the empress is so interested in the palace’s toilets.”  He looks at her appraisingly.


Mo Qi Qi froze.  Damn, she keeps circling around trouble.  Jun Qian Che’s good memory is so troublesome.


She scratches her head, her brain turning like a gear, “Your Majesty, why would anyone be interested in toilets?  Chenqie only checked every single toilet we have for your sake!”


“For zhen’s sake?” Jun Qian Che questioningly glances at her.  He really cannot find the correlation between toilets and himself.


Mo Qi Qi nods with an earnest expression, “Correct, as Your Majesty’s empress, chenqie needs to think about you all the time.  Summer will be here soon, the weather will get really hot.  You can only imagine the smell of the toilets then.  There are so many people around you, if the toilets are unhygienic; maggots, flies, mosquitoes and dung beetle will all—”


“Alright.” Jun Qian Che cannot bring himself to listen anymore.  “These kinds of matters will be managed by servants; no need for you to worry about them, you will lose conduct.”


Mo Qi Qi secretly laughs.   Hmph, serve him right!  He must be disgusted to the core.  “Yes.  Your Majesty, why don’t chenqie give you a riddle?” She quickly and expertly changes the subject.  ‘There are five good brothers with different heights.  They work together all day as labours.  Do you know what the answer is?”


Jun Qian Che stares at her coldly, “Are you trying to humor a child?”




“Hehe, is it too simple?  Chenqie will change it to a hard one.  Listen carefully, Ba Jie saw a beauty drenched by the rain.  The answer is a song, do you know what it is?”


Jun Qian Che stares at her without saying anything.


Mo Qi Qi giggles, “You don’t know the answer?  The answer is ‘Looking at flower through mists.’  Ha ha ha!  Here’s another one; a big mouth kiss a small mouth!  The answer is only one word.  Your Majesty, hurry and guess this!”  Mo Qi Qi scoots closer to Jun Qian Che and pokes his arm with her elbow.


Jun Qian Che sighs helplessly.


Mo Qi Qi rolls her eyes and proceeds to mock him, “The answer is so simple yet you didn’t even know it!  It’s ‘lu’ ah!  I really don’t know how you became this kingdom’s emperor.  Let me test you again; run naked.  The answer is a saying.”


(TN:  I have no idea what her riddles mean.  I googled and ‘Lu’ supposedly means pitchpipe.”


Mo Qi Qi looks at Jun Qian Che.  When he doesn’t answer her, she answers it herself, “’Without a single thread’ ah!  You don’t even know such a simple thing!  Another one, another one; ‘It drinks up urine, mothers are trouble-less because of it.’  What is it?  Ha ha ha, it’s diapers!  Oh wait, you’ve never seen them!  There’s another one; from a girl to a woman.  It is the name of a place.  What is it?”


“Mo Qi Qi—–“ Jun Qian Che cannot take it anymore and angrily glowers at her.


Mo Qi Qi is taken by surprise and shot up from where she sat.  There is a look of grievance at her face before she turns to him in fury, “What the hell?  I am trying to make you happy, why are you getting all upset?  The riddles I gave you are already on the lowest level, why are you blaming me if you are dumb enough to not know them?  Why don’t I give you an even easier one; a couple is sitting on a dog’s body.  The answer is one word, what is it?”


“Mo Qi Qi, where did you learn all this crude things?  Never mind your bad conducts, as an empress, you even speak in an unsophisticated manner; how are you going to be an honourable figure to the concubines and common people if you are going to act like this?  How are you going to teach our princes and princesses in the future?” Jun Qian Che angrily scolds her.


Mo Qi Qi lowers her head and mumbles, “You have no children at the moment though.  And I don’t plan on giving you one either.”


“What did you say?” Jun Qian Che dangerously narrows his eyes, giving off dangerous air.


Mo Qi Qi raises her head to look at him before she laughs boisterously, “Hehe, Your Majesty, what chenqie is trying to say is there are no outsiders in this room at the moment.  It will bring no harm if we joke around and telling riddles.  In front of others however, chenqie vows to be a virtuous and elegant empress.  I will not embarrass you!”


Jun Qian Che gets up and stands in front of her before touching her chin and speaking coldly, “Then, for whom does the empress plan on giving birth for?”


Huh? Damn, he heard that?  He is pushing me into a dead end.


“Hehe, Your Majesty, chenqie is only nineteen this year.  Still young.  No need to rush when it comes to bearing children.”  I do not care whom I am going to have children with, as long as it is not you.


Jun Qian Che stares at her for a moment before letting go of her chin.  “It is late, you should go back,” he coldly says.


Uh, Mo Qi Qi finds it hard to believe that he is letting go of her this easily.  He clearly heard her.  She froze and falls into a daze.


Seeing her, a trace of ambiguous look appears in Jun Qian Che’s eyes, “Why?  Do you want to stay for the night to serve zhen?”


“Ah!  No!  No!  Chenqie is leaving now!” Mo Qi Qi immediately gets up and slips away.


Seeing her who is fleeing in panic, the corner of Jun Qian Che’s lips is raised.  She has changed to the point where he cannot recognize her.


Leaving Yu Jing Palace, Mo Qi Qi pats her chest in relief, “It was so dangerous…  Being with people like Jun Qian Che is too dangerous!”


After returning to Feng Yang Palace, Mo Qi Qi tells everything that she encountered tonight to Ban Xiang.  She originally thought Ban Xiang would share her relief at being let off easily, who would have thought that the girl will exclaim in glee.


“Your Ladyship, you and His Majesty are becoming more loving!  I believe he will pour all his love to you soon, instead of Yang Guifei.  When that happens, Yang Guifei will have nothing to be proud of anymore!”


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Mo Qi Qi glares at her in disbelief, “Ban Xiang, your eyes are not good yet you like to play expert.  With what eyes did you see me and Jun Qian Che getting all lovey-dovey?”


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“Your Ladyship, you lost your memory.  You cannot remember your previous interaction with His Majesty.  Back then, all you two did was fight.  Both of you will start fighting the moment you see each other.  It will always end with the emperor leaving angrily.  But now, both of you can be with each other for a long time without getting upset with each other.  His Majesty even took his own initiative to visit Feng Yang Palace and even gave you the Feng Huang bracelet.  I can see that he is slowly starting to love you.”


Mo Qi Qi touches her forehead, “Ban Xiang, do not scare bengong.  Me and him are impossible.”


“Your Ladyship is joking.  You and His Majesty are husband and wife, if you don’t love him, who will you love?” Ban Xiang grins.


Mo Qi Qi suddenly feels cold wind surrounding her body; a feeling of danger can be sensed in her heart.   If what Ban Xiang said is right, then her staying here is really really dangerous.  She can be eaten anytime.  No way!  No way!  She cannot allow that trash to take advantage of her!  It doesn’t matter if Ban Xiang is right or not, what is important right now it to take Jun Qian Che’s eyes off of her and onto someone else.  He he—–


An evil smile appears on Mo Qi Qi’s face.

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