Chapter 41: The Change


The mother sighs, “You know your Father best.  He is a slave to his daughters.  Whatever they say is more important to him than an imperial edict.  Remember when your Father wanted to take in concubines back then?  Qi Qi won’t let him, so he quickly sent everyone away.  He is willing to do anything as long as Qi Qi and Jiu Jiu are happy.  To him, his daughters’ words are always right; whatever the rest of us says are of no use.”


“If Qi Qi does not change, the husband and wife relation between her and the emperor will be over soon.  And if Jiu Jiu continues being nonsensical, she will kill the entire Mo Clan along with her.”  Mo Cheng Xuan anxiously laments.


His mother comforts him, “Don’t be too worried, Xuan Er.  Jiu Jiu must have been momentarily curious.  She will get bored and leaves the camp soon.  Mother will talk to her.”


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“I hope Mother is right.”  Mo Cheng Xuan helplessly shakes his head.


Night arrives and the dark sky is filled with stars.  Yu Jing Palace is quiet at the moment.  Even the sound of leaves rustling from the wind can be heard.


A sneaky figure can be seen approaching Yu Jing Palace, looking around before going straight for the emperor’s toilet.


That person is none other than Mo Qi Qi.  Since she failed her endeavour in broad daylight, she decides to take her chance under the cover of the night.


Mo Jiu Jiu’s victory in the tournament and her entrance to the military camp strengthen her resolve even more.  She refuse to stay here to be buried with the rest of the Mo Clan.


She already dispatched her people and finds out that Jun Qian Che has already gone to Yang Shi Han’s Gui Ning Palace.  At this moment, he should be entangled with the beauty on the sheets.  She has to take this chance to check his toilet tonight, hopefully it can send her back to her time.


Mo Qi Qi very easily enters Jun Qian Che’s toilet; the toilet he uses is indeed different from the one the rest of the people use.  It is so luxurious and gaudy.


Mo Qi Qi knocks around the toilet, hoping something out of the ordinary will happen.


The lighting in the toilet is dim and Mo Qi Qi is preoccupied with her search.  She continues searching on the other side of the silken divider until her hand falls on something warm.  She curiously looks up before gasping in horror, “Y-Your Majesty!”  She is actually touching Jun Qian Che’s leg.


She looks down, and upon seeing whatever it is she happens to be seeing, she screams, “Ah!!  A rogue!”


Jun Qian Che immediately yells at her, “Get lost!”


Mo Qi Qi runs out in fear.


After a while, in Jun Qian Che’s resting palace, he is sitting on the couch while glaring at Mo Qi Qi.  She, on the other hand, acts like a timid daughter in law, toying with her hands with her head lowered down.


“Speak!  What were you trying to attempt in zhen’s toilet late at night?” Jun Qian Che finally speaks up.  Even though his tone is calm, it still brings an oppressing air to those who hears him.


“Trying to attempt?” Mo Qi Qi froze a little before looking up.  Then she smiles, her eyes all  crinkled, “Your Majesty, the words you used are a little too grave.  What can chenqie possibly be attempting in Your Majesty’s toilet?  Chenqie was only worried you forgot to bring toilet paper with you to the toilet, that’s why chenqie came to check on you!” Damn, didn’t he go to Yang Shi Han’s palace?  Why did he return?


Jun Qian Che narrows his eyes, giving off dangerous air.


Seeing him not believing a single thing she said, she changes her expression, inhaling sharply before lamenting, “Actually, Your Majesty, ever since chenqie injured your tongue the other night, chenqie could not eat and could not sleep at night.  Every time chenqie thinks about Your Majesty and Yang Meimei not being able to use your tongues while loving each other, chenqie will be filled with remorse!  Huhu….”


“Oh really..”  Jun Qian Qi’s voice is icy and murderous.


Gah!  Mo Qi Qi froze, finding it hard to continue acting.


She changes her words once again, grinning as she says, “Your Majesty, to tell the truth, the only reason chenqie comes tonight is because chenqie wants to see you.   Like people say, once someone goes crazy over someone else, anything is possible.  Your Majesty should know better, what chenqie feels like ever since chenqie married you.  Chenqie got even crazier over you!  The only attempt chenqie will make is to be able to be together with you.  Time is an obstacle, seeing you once makes chenqie wants to see you even more.  That’s why chenqie seized this opportunity to see you!” Ugh!  Mo Qi Qi, why don’t you just run your head into the wall?  Can you come up with anything more disgusting than this?


Jun Qian Che looks at her.  Even though he knows she is only saying all that to save her own skin, his heart feels inexplicably happy.  “You don’t regret marrying zhen?”


Mo Qi Qi immediately shakes her head, “No way!  Marrying Your Majesty, chenqie is like a dung beetle who has just fallen into a pit of dung!  There are food and water!  My life is easy and peaceful as well, how can I———–“


“Mo Qi Qi!”  Jun Qian Che angrily clenches his teeth.


Mo Qi Qi immediately tries to explain, “Your Majesty, chenqie is not likening you to a pile of dung!  Chenqie just wants to say that being with you is chenqie’s fortune!”  She quickly made her way next to him and help massage his shoulders, “Your Majesty, chenqie is not good at speaking but you must know that chenqie is loyal to you through life or death.  If chenqie shows any signs of disloyalty or infidelity, chenqie will be struck by lightning!”


Rumble.  Thunder suddenly roars outside.


Mo Qi Qi is scared that she jumps into the couch.  Meeting Jun Qian Che’s eyes, she laughs in embarrassment, “Hehe, it must have been aiming for another person.  There are too many liars in this world lately.  Your Majesty must not misunderstand me.”


Jun Qian Che’s eyes are cold like ice as he quietly approaches her, “Zhen wants to know; what kind of woman can be considered as disloyal in the empress’ book?  Is it when they climb on bed with another man?”


“Er—-“  Mo Qi Qi froze a little, not understanding why he is asking her that.  Facing Jun Qian Che’s approaching body, she scoots backwards in fear.  “Your Majesty, chenqie think— Ah!” Jun Qian Che suddenly grabs her shoulders and presses her down the long couch.


Mo Qi Qi is scared to the point where she cannot speak.  Watching Jun Qian Che who is so close to her, her heart jumps violently.


Jun Qian Che tips up her chin with his slender hand before he slowly leans into her.


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The sudden change of scene turns Mo Qi Qi’s head blank.  She even forgot to push him away.




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