Chapter 40: The Emperor’s Subtle Tactics


The moment Bai Jiu steps out of the palace, she bumps into Mo Cheng Xuan and is immediately dragged back home.


Inside the Mo Manor’s hall, Mo Cheng Xuan scolds her, “Xiao mei, you are too courageous.  You actually competed in the marital arts tournament!  You even entered Han Yi Xiao’s camp!  Are you tired of living?”


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“Do not worry, Older Brother.  I will not let anyone discover my identity.”


“Do you think Han Yi Xiao is stupid?  He is still young and is already a Great General.  Do you think he gets that title for fun?” Mo Cheng Xuan is really furious.


“What happened?  Why are you two fighting?” Duke Zhen and his wife walk in.  The madam curiously looks at the two.


Seeing his daughter, Duke Zhen is really happy, “Jiu Jiu, when did you come?  Come and let Father see you!  You have gotten thinner.”

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“Father, daughter misses you and Mother too much, that’s why.”  Mo Jiu Jiu coquettishly replies him.


Duke Zhen’s heart aches, “Do not leave anymore, after this.  Stay here and quietly enjoy the prosperity of Mo Clan.  Xuan Er, your sister has only arrived.  Why did you scold her?”


Mo Cheng Xuan angrily replies him, “Father, why don’t you ask her what she did.”


Duke Zhen and his wife turn to Jiu Jiu curiously.


She scratches her head before confessing her participation in the martial arts tournament.  Her mother is worried after hearing her, “Jiu Jiu, you are too bold!  This is the crime of deceiving the emperor!  If the emperor finds out———-“


Duke Zhen haughtily pats his own chest, “Ya~, no worries!  Anything happens and you still have Father!  Jiu Jiu, you did well!  Father supports you!”


Mo Cheng Xuan is stunned, “Father, Jiu Jiu did such a preposterous thing and you actually backs her?”


“What is there to be upset of?  Even though Jiu Jiu is a woman, she doesn’t know how to do her eyebrows.  Even those men aren’t her equals.  Her victory in the tournament showcases her ability.  The emperor should be happy he has someone as talented as Jiu Jiu at his disposal.  Jiu Jiu, don’t worry and be your General in peace.  If anything happens, you still have Father!”


Mo Jiu Jiu is delighted by what he said.  She coquettishly pulls his arms, “Father, thank you for supporting Jiu Jiu.  You are the best!”


Duke Zhen smiles happily from ear to ear.


The madam is still worried, “Laoye, this is not good.  Hua Chen Kingdom has rules; women are not allowed to become officials.”


“Don’t worry.  This old bone has spent his entire life fighting for the imperial family.  If anything happens, the emperor will give this old thing a face.  Had it not been for me, will he have successfully sit on the emperor’s seat?”  Duke Zhen insolently says.


Mo Jiu Jiu immediately comforts her mother, “Don’t worry, Mother.  Daughter will wear a proper disguise, nobody will ever know!”


Mo Cheng Xuan disagrees, “Father, son thinks it is better for Jiu Jiu to leave the camp.  This is no trivial matter.”


Duke Zhen sighs, “Xuan Er, you are too cautious when doing things, so unlike Father.  From how Father sees it, Jiu Jiu entering the camp has more advantages than disadvantages.  Even though Mo Clan has power, we are pretty much in the dark when it comes what goes on in that Han brat’s Hua Bei Camp.  If the emperor wants to act against Mo Clan one day, he will definitely use the soldiers from Hua Bei Camp.  By then, our ignorance will be a great disadvantage.  Now that Jiu Jiu has successfully entered the camp, everything that happens there will be within our palm.  We will be the first to know if the emperor plans something.  Jiu Jiu, you must gain Han Yi Xiao’s trust as well as the confidential files inside the camp.”


Mo Jiu Jiu earnestly nods, “Yes, Father.  Do not worry, I will definitely gain Han Yi Xiao’s trust.”


“Hahaha, good!  As expected of my daughter!”  Duke Zhen laughs happily.


Mo Cheng Xuan helplessly sighs before walking away.  Upon seeing that, the madam follows him, “Xuan Er—–“


Mo Cheng Xuan stops in his track, “Mother.”


His mother gives him a gentle smile, “Xuan Er, Mother knows that you are a composed and responsible child.  You love your sisters and cares about your family members.  You must be really worried about Jiu Jiu entering the camp, but what your Father said isn’t wrong.  With Jiu Jiu in Hua Bei Camp, you can keep tracks with every movement that camp made.  You will understand the emperor even more.”


“But has Mother even considered that once Jiu Jiu’s identity is exposed, it will be a fatal blow for Mo Clan?  Don’t you think Father spoiled my sisters too much?  Father had been strict to me ever since I was little and I understand that.  I am the eldest child of Mo Clan after all.  But he is unreasonably lenient to Er Mei and Xiao Mei.  Even though they are girls, they still have to be admonished every time they make mistakes instead of just blindly siding with them like this.  Er Mei is the empress, the mother of this nation.  She should be benevolent and virtuous, but ever since she married the emperor, she becomes haughty, overbearing and jealous.  She fights with him all day.  She didn’t have the bearing of an empress at all.  Father knows but didn’t scold her.  He encourages her instead.  He praises her for being brave, not fearing even the Son of the Heaven.  The relationship between the emperor and empress becomes more and more estranged by the day.  Had it not been for Mo Clan, the emperor would have deposed her long ago.  And now, Xiao Mei daringly enters a military camp.  Father indulges her yet again.  Son is worried Father will only end up implicating them.”  Mo Cheng Xuan is really worried of his sisters.  They are his blood sisters, he loves them so much.  He doesn’t want anything to happen to them.  Right now, they are balancing themselves on top of a blade.  His Father is under the impression that the emperor cannot do without Mo Clan, that the emperor fears Mo Clan.  That is why he never puts the emperor in his eyes.  He thinks he can settle everything should anything goes wrong.


(TN:  Er Mei – Second Sister (Mo Qi Qi.))


But from how he sees it, even though the emperor is young, he is very shrewd and calculative.  Every steps he made is made under deep scrutiny.  If he wishes to get rid of Mo Clan one day, he is afraid his Father will not be able to do anything against him.


serene:  Chapter 40!  Mo Cheng Xuan and the mother are the only normal people in their family….

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