Chapter 82: Chaos!

Qin Zhantian became another human BOSS, ever since he watched by the side at the rear cliff, he became the third human BOSS. This change was not a surprise to Qin Tian. In the past, Qin Kuang was also the same. After knowing that Qin Tian killed Qin Yang, he became a BOSS radiating golden light.

The system automatically identified them. This allowed Qin Tian to be able to kill without any qualm. As long as he has the chance, he would kill with no hesitation.

When a BOSS appears, it needs to be killed. Without killing it, how could one enjoy the rich experience and Qigong value?

“Qin Zhantian, just wait patiently to enter hell.” Qin Tian sneered in his heart as he smiled. The experience of a human BOSS excited him greatly. How many monsters would he need to kill for a hundred thousand experience?

However, there’s no need to rush to kill Qin Zhantian. What’s most important was to save Yun Man during the chaos. He calmed himself, activated the Heavenly Dragon Form scripture, and readied himself……

On the square of the royal city, Yang Lin supported the wooden-face Yun Man onto the stage.

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A long horn was blown, and the sound traveled across the whole city. Following soon after, the drum at each side of the stage were struck. Hearing the earth-shaking sounds, the crowd kneeled.

Also at this moment, Qin Tian frowned. His predator aura had detected something. The aura of a killer rose suddenly like he was about to attack.

The other two killers moved too……

As expected, a killer that was hiding under a roof stride forward with great speed. In the middle of the loud bang, no one noticed it other than a few……



Yang Lin sneered as his yellow robe tore apart after emitting his Qigong, revealing an armor radiating light. From the light, one could see that it was not an ordinary item. At the very least, it should be a high-grade armor.

However, this was only a faint, a diversion. The main motive was to grab Yang Lin’s attention and make him become less vigilant in protecting Yun Man……

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Moments later, the other two killers attacked. After condensing their Qigong, they shot them out like bullets towards Yun Man with unparalleled speed.

Qin Tian was startled and became anxious, “Their target is Yun Man!” At the same time, he rushed out.

“They’re assassins……”

“Are the royal guards here?”

“Kill those who resist……”

On the stage, Yang Lin looked at them with anger. Never had he thought that the one they wanted to kill would be Yun Man, but even if he would be harmed, Yun Man needs to be safe. With her, his father would be able to dominate the world. She could also be presented to his master to help him avoid calamity and step into the void, reaching the realm of a saint.

Facing two spirit refining realm killers, Yang Lin did not dare to lower his guard. He took out the Fu fairy dust, activated his Qigong and waved them around.

Yun Man;s body became shrouded with countless white threads. It contained an abundance of energy and had immense strength.

The two killers were startled. Midgrade immortal tool.

Once again, they activated their Qigong and used their full strength……

“Overestimating yourself!”

Yang Lin revealed his intent to fight, and the Qigong inside him surged. With the Fu fairy dust protecting Yun Man, he was without any more worries. His dense Qigong condensed to form a spear, and an image of a divine Juzun天神巨尊 appeared behind him. Holding onto the spear, his face became murderous.

As a spirit refining cultivator could draw the power of heaven and earth, the tools they condense were extremely strong.

The three killers aimed for Yang Lin at the same time. As they were unable to break apart midgrade immortal tools, their only choice was to kill Yang Lin immediately. Without Qigong to support it, it would naturally lose its strength. At that time, killing a small rank one spirit gathering realm Yun Man would be easy.

However, they’ve underestimated Yang Lin’s might.

Nantian immortal sect, number one big sect of Nanji sea area, possessing tyrannical strength. Rumour has it that someone actually cultivated till the absolute realm, almost stepping into the void and becoming a peerless saint.

For Yang Lin to be favored by the immortal sect, his strength could be imagined.

Qigong raged about on the stage. Ordinary citizens at the square covered their head as they ran. As there were close to a hundred thousand citizens, the square became all muddled up. Screams were heard. People were continuously turned into dust by the Qigong.


Since Yun Man was enveloped by the Fu fairy dust, her safety was guaranteed. However, how was Qin Tian going to bring her away in the midst of the chaos? In the crowd, Qin Tian was like a ghost, moving closer and preventing contact with others. In a few breaths of time, he reached under the stage……

“Do not allow anyone to come close to the stage.”

“Where are the guards?”

“Kill those who come close to the stage……”

Yang Hong stood up and commanded. His voice rang in the ears of others like thunder. Two groups of golden armored guards started to kill immediately. No matter who it was, as long as they were near the stage, would be killed.

Hundreds of royal guards with strength at spirit gathering realm surrounded the stage, making it such that even a mosquito could not fly in.

Qin Tian jumped, Qigong surged out. With speed approaching his limits, he stepped onto the stage. Killing intent spread out as he shouted inwardly, “Virtuous Draconic Force!”

Yang Lin was startled. Three spirit refining killers were his limit, along with one whose Qigong was as dense as theirs, he would not be their opponent.

The spear in the hands of the divine Juzun shot out six hundred and eighty times. Yang Lin avoided the three killers and aimed his spear at Qin Tian.

“F**k, fight among yourselves ah, why bother with me?”

Qin Tian cursed. Facing the condensed spear, he did not dare to lower his guard. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture suddenly increased in power. The dragon cried, and a hundred thousand elephants trampled forward. A powerful Qigong covered his body.

“Qin Tian……”

Yun Man was shocked till her face became pale. However, when looking at Qin Tian, her heart was filled with ecstasy, “Still alive, Qin Tian is still alive……”

Yun Man’s face was pale and thin, not a trace of cute and happy aura could be seen. For the past half a month, she had faced great torment. Meng Lei fell off the cliff because of her, her mother was used against her. The thought of death lingered around her everywhere, but she did not even have the strength to die.

Ever since she entered the royal city, Yang Lin used a mysterious force to seal her Qigong. Her body became extremely weak, not a little bit of qigong could be used. Even walking about needed someone to support her. For the past month, she hated herself greatly, and live in a midst of hatred.

With a haggard face and deadpan eyes, Qin Tian actually thought that that was not Yun Man. As compared to the lively and twisted Yun Man three years ago, they were like two different people.

A wave of pain struck his heart. Facing against the spear rushing towards him, he shouted, “Break!”

All the anger inside him erupted.

At this point in time, he had shown a berserk state!


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