Chapter 83: Combine Attack

“Qin Tian isn’t dead yet……”

“How, how, how did he appear here?”

“Patriarch, what are we to do now? If he is here to save people and offended the third prince, then…then…then the Qin clan will be finished……” Qin Kuang was in a daze and felt anxious. Looking at Qin Tian, anger appeared inside of him. He could not wait to rush out and slice Qin Tian into pieces.

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Qin Zhantian’s expression changed as he emitted out killing intent. Qin Tian’s appearance was a great shock to him, but in just a moment, he had made a decision within his heart. Kill. For the sake of his future, Qin Tian must die!

Qin Zhantian bowed to Yang Hong, expressing his intent to fight.

Yang Hong was calm, and from time to time, a faint smile appeared on his face. Other than giving a command to not allow anyone near the stage, he did not send anyone to apprehend the killers. Such a big thing was happening, yet he was so calm and collected, this caused others unable to mull over what’s happening. Seeing Qin Zhantian’s intent to fight, he smiled faintly and nodded his head in agreement.

Not far away from him, Yang Han was looking at Qin Tian with eyes as if on fire, emitting killing intent……

Suddenly, the Qigong of Qin Zhantian and Qin Kuang surged, and they rushed onto the stage. They had deep hatred against Qin Tian in their hearts for trying to mess with the third prince’s marriage. If Yang Hong was to be angered by this, one could imagine what would happen.

Thinking about the cruel means of Yang Hong few days ago in Qinghe city, the pupils of his eyes expanded. His Qigong condensed into a cutlass, and an enormous cutlass-holding war god appeared behind him. He used all of his strength because he needs to kill Qin Tian in one move.

Once Qin Tian died, he would have no responsibility for this matter, and his future would have no limits.

“Accept your death……”

Qin Kuang snorted as his white hair rose into the air. From his sword, thousands of sword light were created, and it was still rising. A huge sword was formed, and inside of it contained much killing intent.

Meanwhile, Yang Lin was drawing the power of heaven and earth while attacking……

“Rank one berserk!”


Qin Tian thought with no hesitation. Anger surged in his chest as he shouted in his mind. At the same time, the cry of the dragon descended upon the dusty stage, and two hundred thousand elephants roared. The earth trembled.


Qin Tian waved his hand and materiality power rushed out of his body, gathering on his hand.

His eyes flashed a faint trace of redness. The Blood Demon’s War Armor on him glowed with a blood-red light.

At this moment, he seemed as if he was possessed by an ancient fierce god.


Under the divine ability berserk, a white glow emerged inside of him and spread out. All his attributes multiplied by four.

Four times the might, Qigong, speed, hp value, power of the predator’s aura, and four times the strength of the Virtuous Draconic Force……

His aura experienced an earthshaking transformation, shocking all that were at the square. Those frantically running people halted and stared at Qin Tian while swallowing their saliva. When the white light spread out horizontally like a huge wave, they felt a faint trace of warmth……

It was at this moment where Yang Lin truly became shocked. His eyes held a sign of inconceivability and he felt abominated towards him. “Divine ability, divine…how…how could it be? He’s not even twenty yet, so how could he comprehend such supreme ability?”

“It can’t be.”

A divine ability surpasses normal abilities greatly, without hundreds of years of cultivating, one would not be able to comprehend a divine ability. Even some extremely powerful cultivators spent their whole life without being able to comprehend it. Yet Qin Tian, someone not older than eighteen, was able to comprehend such powerful divine ability. This made the up high and above Yang Lin felt as if his reverse scale was touched, causing him to feel great abomination towards Qin Tian.
[Reverse scale was touched: offended]

With a snort, his spear became filled with Qigong again. He had been angered till the extreme. Using all his strength, he strikes.

Yang Lin, rank three spirit refining realm, a talented disciple of the giant in the cultivation world, Nantian Immortal sect.

Qin Zhantian, rank two spirit refining realm, Qin clan’s patriarch.

Qin Kuang, rank 1 spirit refining realm, Qin clan’s grand elder.

The three spirit refining cultivators ganged-up on Qin Tian, releasing pressure and killing intent that could make an average person die from terror. Qin Tian activated his Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture. His predator’s aura resisted the aura of the other three. In his Dantian, the powers of the azure dragon and the colossal elephant intertwined with each other. A formless energy was formed.

Qin Tian’s current strength had reached the peak.

Against the three spirit refining experts, his heart showed no signs of fear. His eyes were firm.





The sounds of three huge explosions resounded in the sky. The entire royal city quivered, and people at the square fainted unceasingly. A powerful aura spread out, and those that touched it turned into ashes. When a gentle breeze blew by, the ashes dispersed.

The whole stage was carved out of a giant rock. It started to crack and let out unbearable ‘gezhi gezhi’ sounds.


The stage could no longer endure it any longer and came crashing down.

Yang Hong’s expression changed and he suddenly stood up.

“Hu, hu, hu……”

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Qin Tian was panting heavily, his blood and Qi were in turmoil. He endured the pain while gnashing his teeth, and swallowed the blood in his throat. The red glow of the Blood Demon’s War Armor became dark as it let out a deep cry like it is in great pain.

“You’re strong, but you will die today.” Yang Lin’s face was pale. During their few exchanges of moves, he was almost sent flying away. If not for him wearing a spirit armor, he would have gotten seriously injured. Against powerful enemies, he would always kill them.

He cannot allow Qin Tian to become stronger. For a rank nine spirit gathering realm to have such powerful Qigong, and had also comprehended a divine ability, this was not something a human could achieve. If he were to be allowed to grow, once he stepped into spirit refining realm, Yang Lin would no longer be Qin Tian’s match.

The shattered divine Juzun once again appeared behind him as his cold killing intent spread out……

“How could this be? For his growth to be so great, just what abilities is he cultivating?” Qin Zhantian turned pale as he swallowed a Dan to suppress the pain in his chest. He could not believe that Qin Tian was actually able to reach such a step, to be able to endure the combined attack of three spirit refining realm cultivators.

Too strong, and with an unimaginable growth too, he cannot be allowed to leave!

The idea of killing him appeared!

“Qin Tian, return my son to me……”

Qin Kuang waved his longsword again in hatred, and thousands of sword light were formed……

Qin Tian sneered without a trace of fear. However, when he looked at Yang Hong above him, he received a great shock. Yang Hong’s strength was beyond his imagination, his aura had already integrated with heaven and earth. “Hu……”

Qin Tian exhaled out a deep breath and looked at the teary Yun Man, “Close your eyes, it will be over soon……”

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