Chapter 84: Kill

The royal city’s central square was in chaos, and many of the golden armored guards were left dead or injured.

The limestone stage in the middle of the square disintegrated into dust, with only small pieces of stone left below some people’s feet. However, once they leave, those small pieces of stone would disappear.

Powerful forces were flowing around slowly, making the entire central square feel oppressive.

The average people that were originally fleeing away could only crawl on the ground, panting heavily. It was like they were in the bottom of the ocean, with an enormous pressure pressing down against them.

Yang Lin, Qin Zhantian and Qin Kuang activated their Qigong once again to kill.

For the three spirit refining realm cultivators to need to attack the rank nine spirit gathering realm Qin Tian together made others bewildered. Just how strong was Qin Tian? Even Yang Hong himself was in a turmoil. His future would be limitless, and may even be able to become Tianyuan continent’s number one expert.

However, since the fruit of hatred had been born between them, Qin Tian must be killed.

He could not let the Yang clan leave behind a scourge, let Sky Border dynasty leave behind a hidden danger.


Yang Hong shouted, and Yang Lin immediately attacked. At the same time, the three killers moved, striking at Yang Lin with all their might……


The aura of the completely erupted Yang Lin was different. With a sweep of his spear, the three killers were forced to retreat by the spear’s energy. Had Yang Lin not been using his true strength? They were shocked.

Frowning, the three killers exerted their strength, condensed their Qigong, and attacked Yang Lin’s head.



With a wave of his hand, a pagoda appeared, one could hear screams of evil spirits from it. Low-grade immortal tool, spirit subduing pagoda!

An offensive immortal tool contains great power, especially when it was something ancient cultivators refined using the energy leaked from hell and demon fire.

Qin Tian was shocked, never had he imagined that other than the mid-grade immortal tool, Fu fairy dust, Yang Lin also had a low-grade immortal tool spirit subduing pagoda. Looking at the baleful aura around it, his heart shuddered, “An immortal tool is indeed great……”

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A hint of greed appeared in his eyes, “After I kill you, there should be one or two amazing things that would appear right?”

“Qin Tian, surrender immediately. For opposing the patriarch’s prestige, you are to be punished.” Qin Zhantian snorted as he gathered Qigong on his hand.

“Patriarch’s prestige? Where is the patriarch’s prestige?” Qin Tian sneered as anger grew inside of him. Glaring at Qin Zhantian, he cursed, “As Qin clan’s patriarch, you’ve given away the foundation of the Qin clan left behind by our ancestors. As Qin clan’s patriarch, you connivance the elders to act regardless of the rules, connivance Qin Xiangtian to do whatever he wants. As Qin clan’s patriarch, you are unjust, to keep your position as the patriarch, you are willing to concede to others. For the Qin clan to have you as their patriarch is a great humiliation.”

Curses were said one after another, agitating the patriarch greatly. No matter how wrong he was, he could not accept having them pointed out by Qin Tian. Killing intent was released, and an image of the divine Juzun appeared behind.

“Everything you’ve done to the Qin clan, I would not spare a glance. However, you should never have allowed Qin Xiangtian to strike Meng Lei down the cliff. As the clan’s highest authority, the promises you’ve made became like d*gs**t. Such a person must die!” Qin Tian once again cursed.

“Qin Tian, as the Qin clan’s traitor, what qualifications do you have to find fault in the patriarch?” Qin Kuang was angered and aimed his pressure towards Qin Tian with the powers of heaven and earth drawn……

Qin Tian activated his Qigong, and a long line of purple colored flame appear at the tip of his bone sword. In an instant, the pressure brought by the power of heaven and earth drawn was crushed.

Qin Kuang only entered the spirit refining realm recently and has yet to consolidate his realm. He was a lot weaker than Qin Zhantian, allowing Qin Tian to shatter his pressure easily with the rank one berserk.

After cursing Qin Zhantian, Qin Tian glared at Qin Kuang and said, “At the autumn hunting event, life and death are up to fate. Your son Qin Yang is killed by me because he should die. As the chief figure among the elders, son of the previous patriarch, you know the rules, yet wanted me to die. If not for me being lucky, I would have been killed by you in the gathering of the clans.”

“The both of you are to die today.”

“Qin Tian, you’re too outrageous……”

“Return my son back to me!”

The anger of Qin Kuang and Qin Zhantian had reached the peak. The image of the divine Juzun hacked its cutlass down……

Again, Qin Kuang waved his sword, and ten thousand sword lights were formed, stacking up layer after layer above the clouds. With a thought, it fell.

“Get down to hell for Laozi……”

“Mao Mao!”

“Battle form!”


The central square of the royal city suddenly trembled as an earth-shaking might descended. A rank six blood eye lion descended from the sky. Its eyes were like two bloody holes, extremely sinister. The aura of the monster shattered the ten thousand sword lights in the sky.


Mao Mao reached the ground and mercilessly grasp its paws. With a swing, tens of huge gales appeared and shot out horizontally……

At the same time, Qin Tian cried towards the sky. The azure dragon revolved about inside him, and the Blood Demon’s War Armor glowed with red light again. The power of the colossus elephant flowed into his two hands. He jumped, and hacked down his sword on the divine Juzun behind Qin Zhantian!

“Boom, boom, boom……”

Qin Kuang was forced towards a dead end by the wind gales of Mao Mao. Without hesitating, it pounced towards him. Unable to react on time, the power of a rank six monster struck his chest. His chest split open, and white bones could be seen. Blood flowed out……

Qin Zhantian’s face was flushed red. His sweat rolled down like yellow beans, and his eyes were red. Looking at Qin Tian who was still becoming increasingly stronger, the anger in his heart reached the extreme. Suddenly, the cutlass was shot out into the sky, and flew towards Qin Tian’s back like a circular disk……


“Lie, lie, lie……”

In mid-air, the edge of Qin Tian’s mouth rose, forming a sneer. He raised his hand, and a purplish flame gushed out. His Qigong decreased rapidly. The cores revolved about with great speed, replenishing the decreasing Qigong continuously.

In his Dantian, the formless energy produced by the Virtuous Draconic Force was even more concentrated than before. His Qigong was unimaginably strong, making Qin Zhantian pressured till he was out of breath.

Once the word ‘explode’ was shouted out, Qin Tian once again used his inexhaustible Qigong and smashed half of Qin Zhantian into the limestone below him.

Facing the circular disk, Qin Tian rushed towards it and struck it with all his might, using his two bone swords, “Zheng……”

The circular disk shattered into pieces.

Qin Tian did not even bat an eye to it and hacked down on Qin Zhantian who was struggling to get away.

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