Chapter 81: An Extraordinarily Kind Person of a Hundred Lifetime

On the twelfth lunar month, day 18, was the third prince’s day of marriage. The whole city celebrated.

Early in the morning, the streets were filled with people rushing towards the royal city to enter its huge gate. All of them wanted to squeeze in and experience the majestic construct, to see how the future princess looks like.

To the ordinary people of Sky Border city, today was a joyous occasion.

This was Sky Border city’s biggest joyous occasion ever since it begun, thus everything had to be great. The streets were decorated with lanterns. The whole city was flooded in a sea of redness.

“Shopkeeper Liu, you’ve woke up early, not doing business?”

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“Do what business ah, the third prince is getting married, and this is the most important thing, not doing it for a day won’t bring me much harm anyway.”

“Haha, I heard the future princess is a true beauty.”

“Third prince is a dragon among man, so how could a woman that catches his eyes be ordinary?”


Discussions erupted among people, guessing which peerless beauty she was to be fancied by the highly important third prince. Yang Lin is the most outstanding prince among Yang Hong’s four children and was looked highly upon by a traveling grand elder of Nantian immortal sect, becoming his last disciple.

Yang Lin’s looks are unordinary, and his talents are even more so. He entered Nantian immortal sect, trained bitterly for ten years, and entered spirit refining realm. This made the sect which placed great importance of cultivating talents pay great attention to him. And currently, he went down the mountain to help his father, bringing along many mid grade equipment. From this, one could see how much authority he has in the sect.

Yang Hong’s four sons, Yang Biao, Yang Han, Yang Lin, and Yang Kun, are all sent to four different big sects, as long as one of them managed to gain authority, it would be a great help to him in the beginning of his kingdom. Yang Lin’s appearance proved this point.

The reason why Dali dynasty did not take any action was that they were examining Yang clan’s position among four big sects.

This step of Yang Hong is extremely brilliant, ten years were spent in preparation for this. Looking at it now, this move seemed to be almost perfect.

Ambitious schemer, conspirator, politician, to achieve great things, Yang Hong did all that, and every move was done with extreme caution. There were hardly any mistakes. However, he did not expect Yang Lin, after returning from Qinghe city, would suddenly announce that was marrying, and that the girl was an outer disciple of a small clan.

Yang Hong was completely unable to understand, but ever since Yun Man had reached the royal city, a faint amount of Long Qi could be felt. Only the son of heaven, the imperial clan could have Long Qi. Under the great shock, he was delighted.

Yang Lin trained bitterly in the Nantian immortal sect for years, cultivated many abilities, and his greatest achievement was in the secret aura arts. When he first saw Yun Man, he felt extremely shocked, causing a tidal wave inside of him. He could not believe that in this world, there was someone that went against heaven’s will.

An extraordinarily kind person of a hundred lifetime.

In Yun Man previous hundred lifetime, she was an extraordinarily kind person, most importantly, she was currently still the same. She did not dare to fight with other humans, afraid to harm others, all these were what she was born to be. Every time she reflected, every time she made a decision, she still could not overcome it.

An extraordinarily kind person of tens of lifetimes would be able to help an absolute realm cultivator to avoid calamity and step into the void. One would become a peerless saint, and transcend over the cycle of reincarnation, having tens of thousands of lifespan.

The discovery made Yang Lin completely shocked, as well as excited. He immediately asked Qin clan for her, and also gave three cores as a betrothal gift.

Three cores. Qin Zhantian’s eyes turned red when he saw it, a small outer disciple was actually able to be exchanged for three cores. Without hesitation, he agreed.

Unexpectedly, Yun Man resisted, and vow to die than obey until Qin Kuang threatened using her mother. At the rear cliff, Yun Man was utterly dispirited. When Meng Lei was struck down, she fainted.

After that, Qin Zhantian forcefully brought her to Sky Border city.

An extraordinarily kind person of a hundred lifetime, heaven-defying, in this lifetime, he would not be able to absorb finish. Therefore, he made a decision to marry Yun Man. With her by his side, every calamity can be avoided.

Yun Man was ignorant about all of these.

If Yun Man’s appearance was found out by a cultivator which knows a bit about the secret aura art, chaos would arise. To snatch her away, a great war would erupt in the cultivation world, thus everything was done with great secrecy.

However, no matter how secretly it was done, news of it still leaked.

The three killers did not want to assassinate Yang Lin, their target was Yun Man!

Once Yun Man is dead, the Long Qi in the royal city would disappear. Without Long Qi, no matter how heaven-defying Yang Hong was, he would not be able to succeed.

Qin Tian lurked in the shadows and watched each and every move, and the aura of the three killers on the square. Not once did he relaxed.

A series of drums and gongs sounded, along with the explosion of firecrackers. Hundreds of horns were blown……

The square was filled with people, but not a single sound was heard from them. None spoke as they were all waiting for the emergence of Yang Lin.

The door opened, and Yang Hong walked out, exuding a domineering aura. On his face was a faint smile, and his body wore a dragon silk robe.

When Yang Hong stepped out, everyone on the square kowtowed and screamed.

Sitting on a throne and feeling the worship of his countless citizens, delight appeared on his face. After working hard for many years, he finally managed to achieve it. He was now the owner of seven cities, and he wanted it to be seventy in the future, or maybe even seven hundred, creating a dynasty even greater than Dali dynasty.

Yang Hong waved his right hand, and the citizens got up.

From the other side, Yang Lin supported Yun Man up……

Qin Tian frowned, seeing the wooden-like face of Yun Man, rage grew inside him. Only after forcefully restraining it did he calmed down. However, although it was suppressed, it would be unimaginably strong when released.

On the right side of the square, Qin Zhantian was full of smiles when he looked at Yun Man. “To think that an outer disciple could actually bring me such great benefits, not only had I become an important minister, I’ve also become related to the Yang clan. In the future, who in Qinghe city would dare to be my enemy?”

The more he thought about it, the bigger the smile on his face.

As for the promise he had with Qin Tian, he had already completely forgotten about it.

In his heart, Qin Tian had already become food for the monsters and might have already been turned into ashes. How could he even be able to come out from the mountain alive anyways?

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When Qin Tian made a decision to enter Kunlun mountain range, he had already concluded that Qin Tian would not come out alive……

However, he did not know that in a dark corner of the square, someone was staring at him. The eyes were cold as his heart throbbed, “To think that you too had become a BOSS……”

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