Chapter 20 – Family Heirloom

“True, but we have our family heirloom, the ancient bowl that can differentiate the spiritual value and effects of food ingredients. Once you are able to differentiate the energy value within ingredients, even if you are unable to become a real imperial chef temporarily, you can still become a high rank imperial chef assistant. Little Yan, Papa believes that you will one day awaken your Spirit Treasure and become a Spirit Master. For now, you can start by becoming a high rank imperial chef assistant; after you awaken your Spirit Treasure, you will immediately become an imperial chef…”

Madam Huan had long to speak but her virtuous upbringing had made her hold her tongue until Huan Bei Ming had finished speaking; she then spoke in a low voice, “Husband, isn’t there a rule in the Huan Family that instructs to only pass the family heirloom to a male descendant and not a female descendant?”

“Xing Han is still young, giving him the ancient bowl would be useless. Little Yan is now in a dangerous situation, there is no time for family rules. I will be giving the ancient bow to Little Yan.” Huan Bei Ming said with a resolute tone.

Seems like his decision was final.

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Madam Huan looked at him, she closed and opened her mouth for a few times but the words never came out.

Huan Qing Yan also could see that something was wrong, “Papa, since our family’s treasured bowl could only be passed on to males and not females, then let’s give it to little brother!”

From the reincarnated girl’s memories, Huan Bei Ming also handed the ancient bowl to his daughter before he passed away. He had always been slightly more biased towards his daughter and adored her greatly, always thinking about giving her only the best things. As for his young son, he would always be very stern and strict towards him but in turn, Madam Huan would be slightly more biased towards him.

However, she had let her papa down and did not allow the Huan Family to continue to flourish, even allowing that b*tch to deceive and take away the treasure bowl from her…

“The ancient bowl is also not anything important, Xing Han is still young and might awaken his Spirit Treasure one of these days to become a Spirit Master. When that happens, he will not require the bowl to differentiate the spiritual value of the food ingredients and will have no place to use it.”

Madam Huan was silent. She was a woman with a gentle character and had always viewed her husband as the sky, during normal times, she would always follow her husband’s decisions without questioning, if not for her son, she would never have said anything to question her husband.

As Huan Bei Ming finished speaking, he took out a chipped bowl from his bosom.

The bowl was dark brown in color, and looked really old and ancient. Its appearance could not be said to be good.

Around the edges and bottom of the bowl were some clear cracks, giving off a feeling that it would shatter on a whim.

The ancient bowl!

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This was the heirloom of the Huan Family!

“Papa, you really want to give me this bowl?” Huan Qing Yan was now slightly excited, she knew the uses of this ancient bowl through the memories of the reincarnated girl.

Within the Spirit Treasure Continent, certain excellent individuals awaken their Spirit Treasures. After their Spirit Treasures had awakened, they can use their Spirit Treasure to convert and absorb the spirit energy within the atmosphere to cultivate and become a Spirit Master!

A Spirit Master had two methods to promote their stars.

One, to absorb the spirit energy within the atmosphere and cultivate, however, this was a very slow method.

Two, to eat food rich in spirit energy to improve their cultivation, this method was also the most popular method used by many.

This was because the food ingredients within the Spirit Treasure Continent were all very rich in spirit energy.

However, they were mostly consumed after it was cooked as this would increase the absorption efficiency to its greatest.

Some imperial chefs would also research unique methods to enhance the spirit energy within the food after it was cooked, some could even add unique effects into the dish.

Therefore, the imperial chef was a very well received profession within the entire Spirit Treasure Continent!

Huan Bei Ming did not directly answer Huan Qing Yan. He turned to Madam Huan instead and said, “I have some words I need to speak to Little Yan alone.”

Madam Huan quietly replied before she left with an anxious heart.

She closed the door as she left.

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