Chapter 19 – Who Doesn’t Want To Be More Awesome?

As she finished her sentence, the stubborn shred of resentment immediately weakened, the sound of weeping could be heard as it started crying.

“Ok now, didn’t this sister had already promised to help seek vengeance for you? In fact, I would not call this helping. We are now sharing the same body, we both will enjoy any future glory and honor, or receive any pain or suffering together. I am also looking out for my tiny life.”

By doing her best to complete the reincarnated girl’s wish and sending away her away, she would be able to properly enjoy her life.

At that moment, the voice of the leading serving girl could be heard respectfully greeting, “Master, Madam!”

The door creaked as it was pushed from the outside.

It was the Huan Couple.

Huan Qing Yan sat up from her bed and put up an innocent and pitiful act. “Papa, mama… Little Yan knows that she was wrong!”

Huan Bei Ming had just sent off the emperor and the other nobles before immediately heading towards Huan Qing Yan’s accommodations.

Madam Huan had also just sent off the imperial doctor and gave the doctor a large tip. The imperial doctor had promised to magnify Huan Qing Yan’s mental problem as much as possible if the emperor asks about it, hoping that it could reduce the emperor’s displeasure at Little Yan as much as possible.

“Little Yan, you are too impudent this time.” Madam Huan sighed.

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Huan Bei Ming shook his head, “Don’t blame her, I should be the one to blame instead. I am too opinionated and thought it is the best for Little Yan, but I neglect to think about her feelings.”

Huan Qing Yan was stunned. Despite making such a big mistake, her father had unexpectedly criticized himself instead, and seems to have no intention of punishing her.

Her heart felt a warm surge.

“Little Yan did admire the Ninth Prince previously, if not, you would not have also…” Madam Huan said.

Huan Bei Ming seemed to have thought things through and said, “Our Qing Yan had grown up and suddenly discovered that the Ninth Prince no longer suits her. This is also natural. I did not notice it before but through this incident, I find that the Ninth Prince seems to have a rather narrow mind and is a person who does not seems to know how to tolerate. If something is to happen to me in the future, Qing Yan’s life might not be as carefree after she marries him…”

“Thank you for being understanding, Papa!” Huan Qing Yan’s opinion of Huan Bei Ming increased greatly.

Under the circumstance where the Huan Family had greatly offended the royal family due to her and affected the emperor’s impression of the Huan Family, even as the Young Mistress of the Huan Family, she might have still received physical punishment of the rod, yet Huan Bei Ming did not mention a single word of reproach.

On top of that, he even reflected this mistake on himself first!

Where could she find such a doting father?

She added on to his words, “Papa will definitely live to a hundred years old.”

When Madam Huan heard her words, her expression darkened distinctively but she did not say anything.

“Little Yan, you are definitely too rash this time. You have overly offended the royal family in front of so many people, and although on the surface, the royal family will not touch you due to your papa, but it will be hard the say about in the future. The only thing we can do is to increase your strength so that no one will dare to despise you. This is the best method to ensure the safety of your life.” Huan Bei Ming said.

“But daughter is only an ordinary person, how do I increase my strength and prevent people from despising me?” Huan Qing Yan did not understand.

She also wished to become stronger. Who doesn’t want to become more awesome?

Within the Spirit Treasure Continent, only people who had awakened their Spirit Treasure could become cultivators.

Once they begin to walk the path of a cultivator, strength, wealth, fame, status etc. would all come one after the other.

“Are you willing to become an Imperial Chef like your papa?”

Huan Qing Yan was confused once again, “But papa, only Spirit Masters could become imperial chefs, right?”

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