Chapter 31: Fight! Youth!

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Actually, after Li Feifei had accidentally seen the video of Su Ke2Su KeMain Character catching the thief, she immediately became furious. She was sure that the butt-attacking pervert was him.

Moreover, it was also mentioned that he belonged to the senior year’s (8th) class at the end of the video. This enraged Li Feifei even more; the both of them, one on the 3rd floor and the other on the 4th floor, had unexpectedly never encountered each other.

She watched the video several times, watched as Su Ke tackled the thief down with his weak build, followed by the thief taking out a dagger, and Su Ke subduing him. She looked at him speak with a determined expression on his handsome face – “I can’t do anything about the ones who don’t chase. I only know I will chase next time too, even if the thief has a knife in his hand!”

For some reason, the loathe Li Feifei had in her heart towards the pervert waned a bit. She even thought that the pervert indeed looked a bit cool, else she wouldn’t have agreed to have a meal together with him, and might have reported him to the Department of Discipline.

But, this guy…he wore a face as if he were the one who she ought to be indebted to and he also said he was innocent. How could she not be angry? The more Li Feifei thought about it, the more she became enraged. Her small bosom moved up and down, but she could only remain speechless as her hands clenched into tight fists, her teeth gnashed.

Su Ke initially thought that his little speech was flawless, proving that he was an honest and good youngster. A proud smile crept across his face, but he became dumbfounded soon after, and his heart skipped a beat.

Li Feifei’s bright pupils glistened with tears, and the rims of her eyes became red. She appeared as if she was about to cry. Just looking at it hurt his heart and made Su Ke panic. His heart rate sped up as he opened his mouth, but he didn’t know how to comfort her.

The mess hall buzzed with a hubbub, but they both felt as if they were in a quiet valley, their ears oblivious to any of the noise.

“Ahh, don’t cry. Please don’t cry. Okay, I was the one who groped you. I admit it!” He could only plead guilty when he saw her pitiful appearance.

“Why didn’t you admit it before?” Li Feifei endured to repress the tears within her eyes and asked him while sniffling.

“I-I was embarrassed, okay?” Su Ke lowered his head and finally relaxed his breath. (italics) Everything’s good as long as you don’t cry. (italics)

“Why didn’t you feel embarrassed when you groped me? You even did it another time! I’ll report you!” Li Feifei said furiously.

“Ahh? Please don’t do that. I still want to go to a university. Just say what I must do for you to forgive me! I’ll promise you anything!” Su Ke was at his wit’s end this time and hence blurted this out in confusion.

“Really? You’ll promise anything?” As she said this, Li Feifei’s eyes glowed; it seemed as if she had something in mind.

“Eh!” Su Ke had a bad premonition when he saw that expression on her face, but since he had already jumped onto the ship, he might as well sail along with it. He nodded, “Yeah, you just say it!”

He remembered about the mission which he had received in the Flower Pickup System. (italics) I have to promise her and somehow complete her request, I just hope that it isn’t an awkward one. (italics)

At the moment, Su Ke’s ears were perked up, and he was prepared to accept whatever unreasonable request Li Feifei was about to make, but suddenly, an uncontrollable laughter echoed out from somewhere. Although they were within the mess, the laughter seemed very sharp to the ears and made him turn back to look.

Three individuals rocked back and forth as they laughed, with their arms on each other’s shoulders. It seemed as if they were drunk on liquor, their faces completely red. Su Ke could make out one of them to be the sports committee member, Liu, who had troubled Wei Lan before. There was no need to guess the identity of the two others, after all, birds of a feather….

They must have drunk liquor outside and then came to the mess. Each one of them seemed like a cat on catnip, seeming very proud of themselves despite the gazes of disdain the surrounding students shot at them.

“Su Ke?”

Suddenly, Liu opened his drowsy eyes wide open and looked towards Su Ke. His complexion changed immediately, and he turned towards his companions and spoke something to them. The three of them quickly dashed over after that.

Li Feifei also noticed the change in Su Ke’s expression and followed his gaze to take a look. Her brows furrowed as she asked, “Are they your friends?”

“Fudge! You think my taste is so messed up that I would have friends like them?” Su Ke made a sour face. He had already guessed the purpose of those men coming over. He taught Liu a lesson last time and now that he had helpers at his side, he was coming over to make trouble under the influence of the liquor.

“Mhm, your taste is indeed questionable!” Li Feifei shot a glance towards him. Liu and his companions had already come close by now.

“Brat, I still haven’t made you pay for meddling in my affairs. Only, I didn’t expect you to just deliver yourself to me!” Liu fumbled towards Su Ke’s side and put his hand on his shoulder. His breath smelt of alcohol.

“Scram as far as you can!” Su Ke was fed up, slanting his head and shouting at him. The pungent breath assailing his nostrils made him feel like sending this guy flying away with a kick.

Liu’s complexion underwent a massive change. He was just about to curse at him when he pointed towards Li Feifei, “Ahhh! Aren’t you that girl? Li Feifei, right? That’s you! I didn’t expect you to have a relationship with this gigolo!”

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Her expression immediately changed when she heard such unpleasant talk, but before she could even speak, she saw Liu waving towards his two companions over, “Brother Xing, Brother Mao, come here. This is our campus queen, Li Feifei!”

Liu had obviously drunk too much. Ordinarily, he would’ve paid more attention to his image. The ones whom he had called over were even worse. Both of them were around 180 cms in height, with dark skin and arrogant expressions on their faces. As soon as they heard the two words ‘campus queen’, they immediately became excited.

That Brother Xing from the sports committee dashed over towards Li Feifei and spoke to her with a beaming smile. “Hello, campus queen. I’m from sophomore year’s (6th) class, Li Daxing. They called me Brother Xing. It’s my birthday today, so why don’t you come have some fun with us!”

“I don’t know you!” Li Feifei creased her brows and looked at the group in front of her with loathing. Although she disliked Su Ke as well, she was on better terms with him by comparison.

(italics) I didn’t expect to be cast aside in the supporting role. (italics) Su Ke first sized up these three individuals once more. Though they looked tall and had sturdy builds, each one of them was dead drunk right now. He could easily handle them. “Where has this orangutan come from? Scram from here!”

Li Daxing didn’t get angry when he heard this and looked at Su Ke. “Gigolo, this is your chick? Why don’t you lend her to this brother for two days?” In his eyes, Su Ke, who had a weak stature, possessed no harm to him. He reached his hand across the table towards Li Feifei’s face.

Li Feifei was frightened; her beautiful face turned pale as she instinctively set out her hand to smack Li Daxing’s hand to the side. Su Ke became furious and suddenly grabbed Li Daxing’s collar, pulling him back as he swung his right fist towards him.

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