Chapter 32: Smack! Smack! Smack!

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character didn’t want to fight at the mess, but for some reason, when he watched Li Daxing reach out his hand to towards Li Feifei to touch her, he immediately got angry and felt like punching him.


A punch landed on Li Daxing’s eye. This youngster had already drunk too much; he swayed around for a bit and then fell backward onto another table. The sudden sound scared away the students having a meal nearby.

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Since he had already attacked, Su Ke didn’t waste his time dallying. Mao had also reacted by now and dashed towards him. However, he too fumbled down due to Su Ke’s attack before they could even have a scuffle.

After he had obtained the reward of Military Fitness Boxing Proficiency, Su Ke had begun to slowly adapt to it and register them as instinctive body reactions. His punches and kicks broke through the fetters of fitness boxing sequences, yet his firepower remained the same.

As Liu came over, Su Ke grabbed his shoulders and exerted force, grappling the 180 cm guy and before bending his right knee and jerking it upwards twice in succession. By the time he released his hands, Liu was already kneeling at Su Ke’s feet while covering his abdomen.

Mao hesitated a bit when he saw Liu fall to the ground. Su Ke, however, didn’t give him any opportunity to think and sent a kick towards his lower abdomen. Followed by that guy’s screams, his body flew out.

“Aaah! Look out!” Li Feifei, who had already hidden herself to the side, suddenly yelled.

Su Ke spun on the spot. Without even taking a look, he knew it was that gorilla who was leaping over towards him. He caught sight of Li Daxing dashing towards himself and sent a kick. Taking a step backward, Su Ke grabbed that gorilla’s ankle and pulled with force.

Li Daxing almost did a big split with his legs and fell to the ground once more. Su Ke grabbed a meal plate from the table and smashed it onto his head. The freshly cooked hot food went to waste in such a way.

“Motherfudger!” Li Daxing cleared the food on his head with his hand and crawled up. Upon seeing this, Su Ke sent another kick, sending him flying again.

The mess had already become chaotic. The students surrounding Su Ke didn’t dare to continue having their meal and ran away while abandoning their meal plates.

“I dare you to curse again!” Su Ke swiftly overtook Li Daxing who was rolling on the floor and kicked towards his head. After several kicks, that Li Daxing finally rolled left and right on the ground while holding his head, screaming with pain.

The situation had overturned pretty quickly. From the moment Su Ke lashed out to the scene when these three sports committee members laid down on the ground, only 10 minutes had passed. After Su Ke had got tired of kicking, the only one standing was that brat called Mao. He stood at the side, looking at Li Daxing roll on the ground, not daring to take a step forward, as if he was scared of Su Ke.

“Haaah!” Su Ke let out a breath, exercised his wrists a bit and then sat down on his seat. Slanting his head to look at Liu, he said, “Scram now!”

After receiving Su Ke’s knee kick, his insides churned, causing him to barf up. Liu had finally become clear-headed and scolded himself for offending him again once he had remembered last time’s lesson.

Mao, to the side, refused to take it lying down. “Brat, you’re screwed now. Do you know who Li Daxing is? His dad is the Dean of Discipline. You’re gonna get expelled!”

Su Ke had calmed down, but once he heard this, he got angry once again. (italics) Is the Dean of Discipline that amazing?! (italics)

He suddenly dashed in front of Mao and spoke with a deep voice. “What did you say?”

“I said you’re gonna get expelled!” This Mao thought believed Su Ke had finally realized his mistake. His flustered expression immediately transformed into a sneer. Though the kick on his abdomen from before almost let him withdraw back, he could still recover a bit of face.

Su Ke also pondered over things. This Li Daxing was obviously a sophomore. Since Liu addressed him as Brother Xing by, it was no wonder that his backing was his father, the Dean of Discipline! But he had already hit him, and that Li Daxing was lying motionless on the ground right now while holding his head!

“If you dare to move, I’ll hit you till your mother can’t recognize you!” Su Ke couldn’t dominate with height, so he slightly raised his head and spoke towards Mao while raising his hand to pat Mao’s cheeks.

“What?” Mao didn’t expect Su Ke would say something like that. He had hardly moved his face to the side when he heard a sound.


Mao didn’t even need to think about it; Su Ke had slapped his face.


“Smack!” And once more.


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“Smack!” And then another.

Mao had learned by now and tightly clenched his jaws. After all, Su Ke’s kick had almost taken his life. His companions were lying on the ground, so he naturally didn’t dare to move. To be honest, they were all persons who bullied the weak and were scared of the strong.

Liu turned out to be smarter than Mao. As soon as he saw Su Ke come over, he slowly retreated and crouched in front of Li Daxing, trying to support him up.

Su Ke suddenly lost interest and sized the three of them up, waving at them. “Scram, all of you get lost from here!”

“What’ll you do?” Li Feifei’s complexion became sour when she saw Su Ke return to his seat.

“Mmmn? What’ll I do?” Su Ke squeezed out a bitter smile.

“His father is the Dean of Discipline. You’ll get expelled!” For some reason, Li Feifei intuitively knew that the main reason Su Ke hit them was that Li Daxing tried to touch her.

As she thought of this, her heart felt guilty about it. She looked at Su Ke with slight remorse.

“Hehe. Weren’t you going to report me, this pervert, to the discipline department anyways? This has just simplified the matter!” Su Ke’s heart was in chaos. Thinking about the possibility that he might be expelled from school, he became distraught with anxiety. This didn’t mean that he regretted hitting that Li Daxing. He merely didn’t know how he would explain this matter to his parents.

“You still have the nerve to say this! If the Dean really expels you, I’ll testify and say that Li Daxing tried to harass me!” Li Feifei bowed her head to think for a moment and raised her determined face. Her pupils were filled with sincerity.

“Haha. Why would you help me? I’m a pervert!” Su Ke decided not to think about this issue right now. Anyways, when the boat arrives at the pier-head, it’ll follow along with the current. He relaxed his mood and felt like joking around.

“Why don’t you speak first? Why did you hit that Li Daxing when he tried to touch me?” Li Feifei observed Su Ke’s eyes with her arms crossed over. The chiffon shirt bound her twin peaks, and under the oppression of her arms, they immediately changed their form.

Su Ke’s eyes glowed, but he quickly moved his sight away. “Actually, I thought, if anyone desires to touch you, then I ought to be the first one. How could they have the have the qualifications to touch you?”

“SU KE!” Li Feifei initially listened to his reply conscientiously, but once he had finished, she slapped the table with anger. “You big pervert!”

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