Chapter 33: I’ll Hit You Each Time I See You

A nice meal’s final outcome turned out to become a scene like this. Su Ke2Su KeMain Character and Li Feifei were seated on their original locations. He had already donated his meal to Li Daxing, and she had lost her appetite as well.

“Let’s go eat outside!” Su Ke stood up. This time, Li Feifei didn’t refuse him. Perhaps because the remorse within her heart haunted her, she obediently followed behind him, just like a wife.

The mess had already become noisy enough. Some students had even taken a few snaps secretly with their phones. After all, in the campus, the most buzzing topics were either fighting or dating. Moreover, this incident involved the son of the Dean of Discipline, as well as the campus queen of Seventeen Senior High! It was indeed a hot topic!

A few restaurants existed near the entrances of each school. Although the prices were somewhat higher than the school’s mess, the business had a pretty good life force. Both of them got a bowl of California beef noodles each. Sniffing the aroma rising from it truly calmed Su Ke down.

“Since I’ve helped you settle a matter, can we end our misgivings with that?” To speak the truth, Su Ke hadn’t expended much of his strength to deal with those three sports committee members; it was equivalent to just warm up for him.

“As if! Your thoughts are too optimistic. You pervert, don’t be such a cheapskate!” Li Feifei felt quite astonished that she didn’t reject this violent person and even now, she didn’t feel nervous at all, waving her fist towards Su Ke while saying, “You told me that you’ll promise me anything! You can’t take back your words!”

Tender jade arm, delicate little fist and lovely lips. She appeared very cute, along with her jet-black hair which drifted atop her snowy skin, which also gave her a fresh and pure look.

“Alright. Say it then. If I’m not expelled, I’ll surely agree to do it!” Su Ke raised both of his hands to express his surrender.

“Don’t worry. You won’t be expelled!” It seemed as if she had already found a way to settle this issue. She spoke with certainty. “I haven’t decided yet!”

At the moment Su Ke had spoken the word ‘agree,’ a mission completed beep sounded in his mind. He didn’t expect it to be completed just with an oral agreement and thus immediately felt exalted. A smile rose on his face. “Okay. You can tell me when you’ve decided!”

Li Feifei also nodded with satisfaction. “Humph! You’re still a bit tactful!”

Suddenly, Su Ke felt as if he glimpsed Li Feifei’s youthful charm, and became dazed for a while. He subconsciously became fond of this feeling; it felt quite warm and sweet.

Before they knew, there wasn’t any unfamiliarity left between Su Ke and Li Feifei. They chatted just like two old friends, even laughing at times.

Without much suspense, during the first class afternoon, Su Ke was summoned to the headmaster’s office. It was his first time during this three years of high school entering the office, as well as facing the boss of Seventeen Senior High.

The Headmaster’s office, it was spacious and bright. From the entrance, one top quality, large and old table was visible. Headmaster Liu Peihua sat behind it, and there was a tall bookshelf behind it. They were filled with books possessing delicate covers. It dyed the entire office with a deep cultural breadth.

The Dean of Discipline sat on the sofa to the side. At this moment, Dean Li Xueliang furrowed his brows, sizing up Su Ke. Li Daxing honestly stood beside him with a battered appearance. He immediately lowered his head when Su Ke entered inside.

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“Hello, Headmaster!” Su Ke spoke with a deep voice. After pondering over it during noon, he didn’t feel that anxious. After he had received the Senior High School English Proficiency (Intermediate Level) reward, he believed it would be an easy matter to change schools with his current grades. It’s just that his parents would be worried.

Liu Peihua’s age seemed to be around the forties. A square face, accompanied with gold-rimmed spectacles and fair skin. He nodded. “Su Ke, right? Why did you fight in the mess today afternoon?” His mood couldn’t be determined by his voice.

“Headmaster. Li Daxing acted crazy after getting drunk and hit me. I had no choice but to hit back. The students who were having a meal at that time can prove this!” Su Ke had thrown caution to the wind. Unlike his previous weak mannerism, he looked straight at Liu Peihua and spoke out loudly.

“Li Daxing, did you drink today afternoon?” At this moment, Liu Peihua looked towards Li Daxing to the side with a slight scowl on his face. He didn’t seem to be fond of him.

“Headmaster Li, our school’s mess doesn’t allow drinking. This has been forbidden by decree. There’s no way he had become drunk! ” Li Xueliang, sitting on the sofa, began to defend his son.

“Headmaster. You see how Li Daxing is? You believe I could have hit him if he wasn’t drunk?” Su Ke turned his head and swept his sight past Li Daxing’s bruised pig-like head. Just this one glance made him tremble and retreat a step back.

Although Li Peihua didn’t speak, he approved of Su Ke’s words. This Li Daxing, though he was 16 years old, his height had already reached 183 cms and had a muscular body. Compared to Su Ke, he was just like a bear.

“Headmaster Liu. I’ve seen this Su Ke’s records. His grades are bad, and he also brawls. If such a troublemaker isn’t handled immediately, it’ll inevitably influence our school’s image!” The Dean’s voice clearly became higher, unexpectedly pressuring the headmaster.

Su Ke sneaked a glance at this moment. Though he hadn’t seen this Li Xueliang before, he didn’t leave a profound impression. He sat on the sofa with one of his legs over the other. A dull complexion, high cheekbones, and deep eye sockets; he appeared to be older than Liu Peihua.

“You are the Dean of Discipline. How do you want to handle this?” Liu Peihua took a sip from the teacup on his table and then spoke out after pondering over it.

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“This Su Ke publicly hit another person at the school’s mess. His nature is too nasty, and hence the consequences shall be grave. I propose to the headmaster that he ought to be expelled from the school as a warning to others!” His words appeared to be righteous, but this only made Su Ke despise him more.

“Dean Li, I already said Li Daxing caused trouble after getting drunk. If you don’t believe me, we can have an alcohol level test to determine whether my words are lies!” Su Ke turned his head to gaze at Li Xueliang while clenching his fists. If the final outcome was his expulsion, he didn’t mind putting this Dean in order as well.

It’s just that this Li Xueliang seemed to know that he was in the wrong. He turned a deaf ear to Su Ke’s words and gave no reaction. Su Ke had no alternative but to somewhat retreat back and stand beside Li Daxing.

“Do you believe my words that I’ll hit you each time I see you?” Su Ke suppressed his voice to a low level, just enough that Li Daxing beside him could clearly hear it.

“What?” Fear crept up on Li Daxing’s face. The matter from noon had already scared the piss out of him. Though he had a backing at school, along with a strong build, he was also the son of the Dean of Discipline and could act somewhat rampant, he was after all only a 16-year-old kid. The scene of Su Ke kicking him appeared within his mind once again.

Hearing Su Ke’s words, he subconsciously retreated back, but Su Ke’s movements were faster. He directly blocked the path. “If I’m expelled, I’ll definitely hit you each time I see you. So much that you’ll be ashamed to see another human. Do you believe my words?”

Li Daxing’s expression became more and more frightened; his hands began to actually tremble.

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