Volume 2, Chapter 4-5: Conclusion

That was regrettable. Because of all the hardships Patrick caused me, I was focused on getting revenge on him. The reason I’m here isn’t to get revenge on Patrick, it’s to clear things up with the Marquis of Gramp.

I have to be sure not to forget that.

It’s definitely not because I’m afraid of what Sophia will do to me.

“I’d like to return to our original discussion. The school is a place I must protect and I can’t give it to you.”

“Hmm, then, is this a breakdown in negotiations?”

“No, I think I have an idea for something you’d be willing to accept. We will provide you with a solution to the problem your family is facing.”

“….What is this solution? Please, be a little more specific.”

“Information on how to manufacture steel and new agricultural technology.”

“The technology used to make your clothing must be fascinating, but….what kind of technology would that be?”

“With the knowledge to create steel, you would no longer need to be concerned about the lack of tin. Bronze is rather difficult to make and with steel, you’d be able to create stronger tools with the remaining iron ore.”

“Hou~….you say this steel is stronger than bronze.”

“Yes, and with the new agricultural technology you can expect improved harvests within a few years.”

“You aim to solve two of our problems……is this a dream?”

“I don’t expect you to believe me right away. So, let me show you some proof.”

My failure at the Sfir home won’t be repeated.

I signal to Alice who is waiting outside the room. Shortly after, Alice and Tina entered with one of the Marquis of Gramp’s maids carrying various items.

…..the maid seems to be trembling a little.

“Hey, Alice, what’s wrong with that maid?”

“A~ah, that maid? I just needed her to help me carry some things.”

“No, that’s not it. Is she feeling unwell?”

“It’s because she’s the maid of the Gramp family.”

I wasn’t quite sure what she meant, but when I looked a the maid I was able to understand. She was carrying a tray piled high with various types of glassware.

From what I’ve learned glass is incredibly valuable. The glass is incredibly fragile and the maid is worried she might break it.

……Alice is just bullying her by making her carry all of that!

I panicked and ran over to take the tray from the maid. Immediately after I took it, the maid collapsed to the ground.

“I-I’m sorry. Alice is just unreasonable.”

“N….No, it was a very valuable experience……..Huu~”

“Is that so? Then, I guess that’s fine……”

I feel like the maid’s expression looked like she was experiencing some kind of ecstasy, but I’ll try not to think too deeply on it. I began arranging the glassware on the table.

Alice and Tina also brought in iron products, washi, and the finest silk fabrics we had made. With this, we laid out items on the table that couldn’t be manufactured in this world.

As we laid out more of the items, the mouth of the Marquis opened wider and wider.

“W-what is all of this!? I’ve never seen anything like it before!”

“They’re items we’ve created in the Grances territory. Please, pick it up with your own hands.”

“This is everything you’ve been crafting in your territory!?”

“No, this is only some of it.”

“Some!? You mean to say there’s more!?”

“In total, I’d say this is maybe 10% of everything we’ve made.”


The Marquis of Gramp’s mouth was hanging wide open and stood there speechless.

Oh, after seeing everything we’ve created, he doesn’t seem to doubt we’d be able to increase his revenue. I’m worried he’ll open his mouth so wide he’ll dislocate his jaw.

“I-I believe you have more advanced technologies. With them, I’m sure we’d easily be able to solve the problems my territory is facing.”

“Then, are you satisfied with this?”

“I-It depends on what you want in exchange for these technologies.”

“It not a complex condition. We want to not be held responsible for Patrick’s actions.”

“Well of course that much.”

“Another thing is that we don’t want Patrick interfering with our territory ever again.”

“That’s also a given. I’ll make sure he never interferes with you.”

That is what I really wanted.

I was starting to get anxious, but I’ve finally been able to accomplish what I set out to do. With this, I can protect Sophia and everyone else.

“So, what is your main demand?”

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“Don’t play dumb. For a technology like this, you must have more demands to make.”

…….Huh? I got the main thing I wanted. Yet, he’s saying I can demand more?

But there’s nothing else I want…..Ah, that’s right.

“If there is ever a house similar to the Rodwell’s that tries to make us their enemy, will you support us?”

“Of course that’s no problem. So, please, just please already make your main demand!”

Whaaa~? Just now, that was another demand. Even if he’s asking me for other demands, I can’t think of anything.

“Please, just say it already! Please, tell me!”

“Umm…..well, that was everything.”


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“Those three requests were everything.”

“……Really? That was everything? You don’t plan on demanding something else at a later time?”

“It’s fine. I don’t plan on demanding anything else. We can even write it down if you’d like.”

“Seriously? If I accept those conditions you’ve laid out you’ll teach us about manufacturing steel and new agricultural technologies?”

“Ah, no. If you agree to those conditions we’ll teach you all of the techniques we know.”

The Marquis of Gramp’s jaw dislocated.

“Yo-You really plan on teaching us everything you know?”

A short while later, the Marquis of Gramp has now fixed his jaw. When these negotiations started the Marquis appeared to be rather composed, but now he seems to be unable to remain calm.

After all, this country wouldn’t normally develop this technology for another few hundred years. Someone that knows the value of this technology would be overwhelmed. Thinking about how Patrick reacted, he was rather strange. He didn’t seem to think anything about the technology in our territory.

“We will provide all of our technologies to you. Though we do not have enough people trained to offer you our own. So, we will train some of your people as well.”

“That’s fine, but….Is it really okay? If one were to monopolize this technology, they could easily make a tremendous profit.”

“That may be the case, but I had no plans to monopolize this from the beginning.”

“You didn’t plan on monopolizing it? Then, you planned on selling it for money?”

“That’s not the case. All of these technologies are being taught to our students. And these students were intended to be sent out to other territories.”

“That’s ridiculous. With the profit you could stand to make from these technologies you could even control the country!”

“True. However, if I were to monopolize these technologies, I would make many enemies.”

This is just technology. If handled poorly, I could turn the entire country into an enemy. And at that time, even the Marquis wouldn’t be able to help me.

And that’s why I’ve decided to not monopolize the technology.

“……But, if you can’t monopolize any of the technologies, then they may not be as significant. Wouldn’t it be best to monopolize at least one or two?”

“Normally that would be the case.”

If the technology were released to everyone, eventually there would be counterfeit products. After several years, there would be items that are even equal to the original being sold.

If we cover the cost of research and development, only to have someone copy us, we’d be unable to make any profit. But the stuff we’re making are just copies of products from Earth.

“If we continuously put out technologies over the next decade, there would be no reason to monopolize anything.”

“Wh-What? What do you mean?”

“I told you that everything here is only about ten percent of the total technologies we have back in our territory. But even that is only a small percent of everything I plan to develop in the future.”

For example, using the technology to produce steel. Alice and I know how to make various tools with steel. Therefore, developing new products would not stop for a while.

Even if the newer products are only slightly different, over time, the more products we create will show that we are more advanced than every other territory. In five years, we’d be able to garner enough power that any other family would not be able to match us.

Moreover, since we’re providing the technology to everyone, we’ll create many allies while keeping our enemies to a minimum.

The only way this can be accomplished is by introducing hundreds of new technologies to this world.

— I know that most people won’t just take me at my word.

With these new advancements, many people will lose their jobs. And if this country were to become incredibly wealthy, the surrounding nations would take notice.

And there’s always the chance there are some problems I haven’t considered.

Our purpose is not to be the strongest. As long as we can live happily, I don’t mind just supporting the rest of the country.

Whatever problems may arise, as long as I’m with everyone, I’m sure we can overcome them.

“Hahaha……So you plan on releasing countless new technologies to the people? Leon, who are you? Why do you have knowledge of these new technologies?”


Hmm….How should I reply? Even if I were to tell him I’m from another world, I doubt he would believe me. Of course, I have no intention of doing that.

Hiding things and acting secretive isn’t good, but…..

“—That’s because I’ve entrusted Leon with everything.”

Alice suddenly spoke up. She then raised her hand to remove her silver hair pin. The inscription magic concealing her true appearance was removed, revealing her golden right eye.

“Your eyes…..Impossible, are you a high elf!?……I see. A high-elf is able to retain ancient knowledge from their ancestors. Have you retained this ancient knowledge?”

“I have kept my memories of a previous life.”

I see. She isn’t lying about retaining her memories from a previous life. The Marquis of Gramp is just assuming she means ancient knowledge.

“Was it okay to tell him that you’re a high elf?”

I whispered to Alice.

It isn’t exactly true, but now it appears the source of the technology is Alice. There is also the possibility that the Marquis of Gramp will target Alice…..I met eyes with the Marquis.

“There’s no need to worry. The promises you made haven’t changed. After all, nobles are proud people.”

Nobles are willing to betray their allies just to make a profit.

….Well, regarding the Rodwell family, I feel it’s what they deserve.

I would never risk Alice so I’ll need to be cautious around the Marquis, but…for now it should be okay. For now, there should be no reason for him to be hostile towards us.

“Now I’ll ask you this, do you give us your word that you will stay silent about Alice being a high elf?”

“Of course. I swear on my honour that I will never tell anyone. Even other members of the nobility.”

“Thank you.”

After that, we finished a detailed discussion and agreed to send some of our first-year students here and next year we plan to accept some students from his territory. And in the future, even if we decide to accept students from other countries, we guarantee to accept a certain amount of students from his people.

With this, I was able to obtain the sizable support of the Marquis of Gramp.

After these early talks, Sophia and everyone else no longer need to live in fear. Finally, we have truly been able to gain a sense of freedom.

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