Chapter 49 – Rapacious Wolves

Such a slim waist yet her chest ripples…

On top of that, she gives off a familiar feeling, that was when Madam Huan immediately understood.

“Little Yan? Is that you Little Yan? Oh my, if you are not my Little Yan than who else could you be! You have finally finished training! How did you become like this? Mama nearly could not recognize you. Little Yan, oh my poor Little Yan, I am so glad you are fine. Your Papa suddenly fell gravely ill and had been holding on so that he could see you one last time but he eventually was unable to hold on any longer and left us…” Madam Huan held on to Huan Qing Yan and spoke with teary eyes as she looked at her daughter.

None of the clan relatives could recognize her earlier on and was curious why a beautiful girl like her could walked into the hall with such confidence. So that was Huan Qing Yan?

If not for the Silver Mask Guard being present, they would have caused a huge commotion.

The Young Mistress of the Huan Family that was as fat as a pig! That Huan Qing Yan?! Everyone stared at her in surprised.

How can this be?

That fat chick was so fat in the past, did she eat some kind of miracle pill to become such a beautiful and alluring person?

In the past, they even suspected that she was adopted.

Yet unexpectedly, she was Huan Qing Yan!

The eyes of certain individuals began to express signs of evil intentions.

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“Mama, do not worry, Little Yan is doing very well.” Huan Qing Yan consoled Madam Huan.

Not only was it meant to console her, she also meant it as a warning to these greedy clan relatives of hers; now that she was out of training, anyone who have funny ideas about the Huan Estate would have to go through her first!

Madam Huan was both sad and happy, she nodded her head and wiped away her tears before she turned towards the Silver Mask Guard to give this lord a deep bow, “Greetings, Lord Silver Mask!”

Many of these clan relatives have lived within the capital for many years and have naturally heard of the fearsome reputation of the Silver Mask Guards, they all quickly greeted accordingly but did not dared to mingle with the guard much. The Silver Mask Guards have also been seen as ominous and unlucky individuals, none wished to be close to them if they could help it.

During the greetings between the Silver Mask Guard and the clan relatives, Madam Huan asked Huan Qing anxiously, “I wonder what this lord was here for?”

The question was not limited to Madam Huan, some of the clan relatives were also thinking of the same thing.

Some of the younger members could not help but began to discuss amongst themselves.

“How is Huan Qing Yan still alive? Weren’t there rumors saying that she had received the same curse as Huan Bei Ming and died as well?”

“There is no need to worry about her, she is just a fifteen years old girl, even if she is not dead, she could not make any great impact. However, why did is an official here? Can it be that the empire is planning to confiscate the Huan Estate now that Huan Bei Ming is dead?!”

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“That cannot happen! If it does, we would have nothing to split among ourselves…”

“Shut up, do not spout rubbish! Although your Uncle Bei Ming died but he did not commit any crimes, why would the empire confiscate his estate? What’s more, the Silver Mask Guards are in-charge of criminal investigations and do not have the authority to confiscate assets…”

Although Huan Qing Yan was unable to hear what they were saying exactly but from their expression and the bits and pieces that fell into her ears, she could not help but to feel a chill in her heart.

These people were acting the same way as they did in the previous life, all of them were rapacious wolves.

Fine, then they should not blame her for being merciless too.

On the other hand, the Silver Mask Guard calmly traversed the ceremonial hall and reached the front of the coffin. The guard lit a joss stick and gave a bow, performing a proper greeting to the deceased.

No matter what, the deceased must be given the highest respect!

However, such simple act of respect did not fit the cold impartial image of Silver Mask Guards who were well known for using their special authority and for using high-handed methods.

Everyone was stunned for a moment.

Huan Qing Yan unknowingly also began to have a better impression of this person.

Brim Hat Bro seemed to be a pretty decent guy, he was not as coldhearted as he portrayed before…

This Brim Hat Bro in work attire gives her a pleasant feeling.

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