Chapter 48 – Brim Hat Bro?

The eyes of the Silver Mask Guard turned apathetic, Huan Qing Yan could feel a probing feeling from the guard’s gaze.

Huan Qing Yan ignored her discovery and lowered her head, maintaining her deep bowing posture. Her slender yet frail looking body made her looked exceptionally lonely and pitiful.

After half a second, the Silver Mask Guard said, “Lead the way.”

“Thank you for the trouble, my Lord!” Huan Qing Yan replied respectfully in gratitude.

However, Huan Qing Yan was unable to stop herself from stealing a few glances at the guard.

This person! His voice and gaze… seemed very similar to Brim Hat Bro?

So his identity was a Silver Mask Guard of the Hanging Cloud Empire? This was his official working mode?

No wonder when she mentioned herself being the Young Mistress of the Huan Family, he used a suspicious gaze to judge her. Was it because he could not believe that succeeded in slimming down? A furry caterpillar has now turned into a butterfly?

Seeing how a composed person like Brim Hat Bro was also effected, it looks like she had really transformed into a great beauty.

If not for the matter of her Papa suddenly passing away, Huan Qing Yan would like to act cocky for a while.

But now, she did not have the mood to do so.

Ai. She did not have any deep grudge with Brim Hat Bro, yet she tossed his shoe into the toilet, this was definitely not a gesture to be friends.

She must stop thinking, she must stop thinking about it now. Even if he was Brim Hat Bro, she must still act as though she did not recognize him.

Treat it as though she failed to recognize him at all.

The two individuals walked quickly towards the ceremonial hall, not speaking a word to each other along the way.

The ceremonial hall was covered in the white drapes of mourning, in its center was a jet-black coffin. In front of the coffin was a portrait of Huan Bei Ming when he was alive, it portrayed his gentleness while wearing a faint kind smile.

Kneeling in front of the coffin was a frail and thin madam who was wearing the mourning clothes of direct family members, her face was pale and her eyes were puffy from constant crying. Within her arms was a young boy aged between five to six, the boy face was frightened and displayed a helpless image.

The two of them were Huan Qing Yan’s mother and little brother.

Madam Huan, Zhang Zhi Luo, and the six years old Huan Xing Han.

Behind them, were a group of serving girls kneeling who would occasionally console the grieving Madam Huan. Further back was a large group of men and women, they were all the so-called clan relatives of the Huan Family.

As expected, these clan relatives who were prowling wolves and hyenas have all arrived.

When Huan Qing Yan saw them, the grudge and anger of the reincarnated girl began to seep out.

“Keep a calm and open mind for now, I will definitely collect what they have owed you in the past within our current life.”

With Huan Qing Yan’s comforting words, the negative emotions also slowly settled down.

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Among the clan members were some elderly ones who still wished to keep up with appearances, they maintained a sorrowful expression on their faces.

While some younger members were displaying expressions of joy, they could not be bothered to hide their real intentions as they began to survey the various art pieces and objects around the place; looking at the articles as though they were now their personal items, their faces were filled with unrestricted greed.

When Huan Qing Yan entered the ceremonial hall, she swept a gaze across these people before she respectfully addressed the Silver Mask Guard behind her, “My lord, please come in.”

The Silver Mask Guard stepped in, his stature was extraordinary and was extremely authoritative.

The moment he entered, everyone felt an imposing pressure coming down on them, some who were timid or having a guilty conscience even took a few steps back.

Madam Huan passed her son to a serving girl behind her before she hastily approached, due to suddenly standing up, she felt a spell of dizziness and nearly fell but Huan Qing Yan quickly caught her before it could happen, “Mama, please be careful.”

Madam Huan was stunned, why did this charming and beautiful young girl call her Mama?

This young girl had a slender and tender looking body, her face was well portioned, what attracted her the most was that pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, those elegant brows that gives off a cold pride yet filled with energy, a beauty that could suck the soul out of people; her skin was fair as snow while her lips were seductive, like a beautiful person out of a painting.

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