Chapter 47 – Silver Mask Guards

This person was tall and slender, the helmet and clean looking light armor that the person was wearing was the same silver color as the mask on the person. Only a pair of clear, spirited eyes that was filled with charm could be seen. The person was exuding a charismatic and elegant aura while emitting a powerful and calm feeling akin to the snow-white peaks of a great mountain.

Huan Qing Yan felt both a sense of nervousness and some familiarity…

This person was a Silver Mask Guard!

They were a secret branch of guards within the Hanging Cloud Empire who reported directly to the Emperor. One of their main responsibilities was to investigate all sorts of strange and serious crimes within the empire. In addition, they possessed the special authority to punish criminals for their crimes before reporting their actions to the Emperor, this caused them to be viewed as death messengers by the powerful nobles serving empire.

Who would have expected that a Silver Mask Guard would appear here, who was the unlucky person being targeted? All would pray that they would never get to meet a Silver Mask Guard in their lives.

The Silver Mask Guard asked, “You called for me?”

The voice was alluring and refreshing yet calm and composed.

Huan Qing Yan was shocked for a moment, why does this voice sound so familiar? Where did she hear of it before?

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However, she was unable to recall at that instant.

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“That’s right. This girl is Huan Qing Yan, I am the Young Mistress of this estate, may I ask Lord Silver Mask what is your purpose for being within the Huan Estate?” Huan Qing Yan said with a tone that was neither overbearing nor servile.

The Silver Mask Guard was stunned for a moment upon hearing her introduction and began to sweep his gaze across Huan Qing Yan while giving off a sense of suspicion.

Huan Qing Yan grumbled in her mind, ‘Have you not see a beauty? What do you think you are doing!’

She is the one and only Lady Huan of the Huan Family, there was no need to be suspicious about it!

Only when Huan Qing Yan lightly coughed did the Silver Mask Guard coolly replied, “So you are Lady Huan, my apologies. I was undergoing an investigation and followed an ant trail into the estate, there had been multiple murder cases where the victim’s heart was dug out, whenever such a murder took place, there would always be a weird phenomenon related to insects, snakes or rats…”

Huan Qing Yan followed his gaze and saw neat rows of ants climbing quickly across the garden, the sight sent a chill down her body.

Why were there so many ants appearing within the Huan Estate? Where do they come from? Where were they heading?

As the ants were travelling through places that were relatively hidden and away from the main paths, therefore Huan Qing Yan did not notice them till now.

“Murdering and digging the hearts, to obtain the Spirit Treasure?”

Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan thought of something, could it possible that her Papa’s death was related to this?

That cannot be, Papa’s cause of death was due to a weakening body due from over exhaustion, his heart was also still intact after he died, it should not be related to this murder case. However, things have changed in this life, on top of that, a large number of ants did appear within the Huan Estate out of nowhere…

Huan Qing Yan could not help but to think along these lines, “Lord Silver Mask, may I know what you have discovered so far?”

“Nothing for the moment, these ants were just passing through the Huan Estate, their destination was not here.”

Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan gave a deep bow to the Silver Mask Guard and said, “Lord Silver Mask. This girl’s father passed away two days ago, is it possible that his death was linked to these ants? I hope Lord Silver Mask could land me a hand, my father is dead but this daughter does not wish for him to have a grievance death!”

The Silver Mask Guard’s eyes shined like a torch and looked at Huan Qing Yan, his clear and calm voice asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Open the coffin and inspect the body!”

And to find the cause of death!

That last phrase was omitted by Huan Qing Yan.

Today was the day of the burial, without a proper reason she could not open the coffin despite her abilities as a Two-Star Spirit Master.

She remembered that there were multiple Four-Star Spirit Masters within those clan relatives, they could forcefully stop her from opening the coffin.

However, as the Silver Mask Guard, it would be different. They were law enforcers with the highest and most mysterious authority within the Hanging Cloud Empire, if one of them ordered the coffin to be open then it would definitely be done.

On top of that, every member of the Silver Mask Guards were experienced individuals who investigate and solve several cases each year, they could easily determine the true cause of death with a simple look at the body.

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