Chapter 46 – Sneaking Around

Based on the reincarnated girl’s memories, after this big change that has happened, only Luo Qiao remained loyal to her within the Huan Estate while the rest of her personal serving girls had all made their own plans; some betrayed her, some stood as bystanders, some kept their distance from her.

Looking at the current situation, it was also only Luo Qiao who was still loyally guarding outside the training room while the rest were nowhere to be seen.

Luo Qiao told her everything that has happened till now.

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“… It is now the third day after Master passed away and today is also the day of his burial. It is fortunate that Young Mistress is out now and can send Master off on his last journey.”

“Okay. Let us go to the funeral.” As Huan Qing Yan said so, a rumbling sound came from her stomach.

Ah, she is hungry.

She had stayed within the training room for over a month and had not eaten anything since then, the feeling of hunger thus naturally came up.

When Luo Qiao heard the sound, “Young Mistress please go ahead first, the ceremonial hall is set in front of the main hall. Luo Qiao will go prepare some congee for you, Master had already passed on so Young Mistress needs to take care of your body.”

Before Huan Qing Yan could give a reply, Luo Qiao quickly scurried off, afraid that her mistress would reject her advice, this was also another form of care from her point of view.

Huan Qing Yan shrugged and moved on.

From the inner building where the training room was situation, Huan Qing Yan must travel through eighteen long corridors to reach the large garden, only after passing through that large garden would she finally reached the place of the funeral.

Along the way, those painful memories of the reincarnated girl began to surface within her mind.

In that previous life, the reincarnated girl had no sense of danger when Papa died, all she felt was a deep sadness.

When Papa was still around, she was always treated better than her younger brother. From the fact that the family heirloom was passed to her instead of her younger brother, it had also shown how dearly she was protected by her Papa. Even though she did not awaken her Spirit Treasure until she was much older, no one dared to ridicule her, she was even able to be betrothed to the Ninth Prince.

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Of the twenty-odd princes within the Hanging Cloud Empire, only about ten could be said to be excellent individuals. Huan Bei Ming being the top Imperial Chef of the Hanging Cloud Empire was considered a powerful figure; everything else aside, just the fact about becoming the Huan Family’s son-in-law, would make your future cultivation much smoother and quicker by a large margin.

Some of ambitious princes would often visit the Huan Estate, for no other reason than to attract the attention of Huan Qing Yan. In the end, Huan Qing Yan picked the Ninth Prince, Bai Cheng Feng, for his good looks, strong talent and silver tongue…

An ordinary girl could casually choose any prince she wants to marry, this proves how valuable Huan Bei Ming was in the eyes of the Hanging Cloud Empire.

However, when Huan Bei Ming died, it also became the source of all the tragedies.

The properties of the Huan Family were exceptionally large, Papa’s identity of an Imperial Chef had earned him many fortunes and status but at the same time, he had also made many unexpected enemies along the way. If not, why would he suddenly die from an illness despite being in his prime?

And there were rumors about the Huan Family being cursed as well as rumors about her dying?

Was it part of some conspiracy?

Huan Qing Yan felt that Huan Bei Ming’s death was very illogical!

At that moment, a silver figure flashed passed a corner of the garden.

“Who? Who is it? Sneaking around over there?” Huan Qing Yan went into a state of alert.

She is now a Two-Star Spirit Master, therefore her senses were much sharper than before.

When she looked at the corner walls of the garden, all she saw was the blooming garden Chinese Peonies* dancing due to the wind, there was no one there.
(Cuppa: Here the picture of the flower)

After pausing for a second, just as Huan Qing Yan thought she was seeing things, her eyes blurred an instant before a silver figure suddenly appeared in front of her out of nowhere.

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