Chapter 45 – My Papa Is Dead?

“Luo Qiao, it is me.”

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Luo Qiao had gotten the confirmation, happiness and surprised surged within her as she said, “Young Mistress, you you you… have become so beautiful! Looking so slim has made Luo Qiao nearly unable to recognize you!”

Huan Qing Yan felt slightly smug, indeed, not being recognizable was correct!

This Young Mistress is now so beautiful that I could not help but to admit and agree with you.

Aiyo, so embarrassing.

After Luo Qiao admired the change of her Young Mistress, tears began to form in her eyes, “I am glad that Young Mistress did not die, Luo Qiao had always believed that Young Mistress would be fine and will live to a ripe old age…”

Huan Qing Yan found it strange, “That is only natural, I only entered close-door training, who said that I have died? And why is everyone wearing the clothes of mourning?”

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Luo Qiao’s tears fell once again upon being asked, “Young Mistress, its Master! Master has passed away.”

“What? My Papa is dead? What happened?” Huan Qing Yan felt her heart jump from the news.

Didn’t she told him to not overexert himself? And Huan Bei Ming had also agreed. On top of that, before she entered close-door training his body was also fine and did not show any strange symptoms, why did he suddenly pass away?

“Master’s illness came swiftly like an avalanche, even the best doctors within the capital could not do anything about it. Master had always held on, waiting for you to end your training so that he could see you one last time but Young Mistress showed no signs of coming out from your training, Master had just passed away two days ago. Next, the Great Augur made a divination about Young Mistress and said that the heavens were jealous of the talented, he said that you have also contracted the same weird illness as Master and had died within the training room. He says that the Huan Family was cursed by a mysterious power…”

Luo Qiao cried as she reported.

However, since her Young Mistress just came out, Luo Qian held back from telling her the worst part of the situation. With the outsiders hearing about the Huan Family being cursed, as well as Huan Bei Ming and the Egg Star talent Huan Lady said to be gone; leaving behind an orphan and his mother… There was no one around who could take up the reins as head the house! A nervous atmosphere descended on everyone within the Huan Estate, many people were now targeting this fat juicy meat called the Huan Estate, even the servants and slaves of the estate were making plans to ensure their future.

Countless emotions went through Huan Qing Yan’s mind.

She thought that by rejecting the marriage proposal, awakening her Spirit Treasure early, preventing Huan Bei Ming from making countless Spirit Energy Food for the Royal Family without rest, as well as obtaining the rare Egg Star Talent; was enough to change the course of history and allow the Huan Family to rise to higher heights.

Yet, after one big round, she was still walking down the same path as what the reincarnated girl had experienced.

She was not able to avoid the dire outcome that came with Huan Bei Ming’s death.

“Reincarnated girl, did Papa really died from over exhaustion?” Huan Qing Yan asked.

“It should be. In fact, I am also unclear about the details, I have always felt that Papa wanted to tell me something but never had the chance to do so. The next thing I know, he had suddenly passed away.” the reincarnated girl was immersed within those sorrowful memories.

Huan Qing Yan also felt the same.

Huan Bei Ming seemed to be keeping some secrets, these gave her a type of bad premonition.

Huan Qing Yan was also not feeling any better, she was an orphan before she crossed over and never had the chance to experience the warmth of a family. After crossing over, the Huan Couple had loved her greatly and she had also treated them like they were her real parents in return. In addition, after being with the reincarnated girl for some time, despite being an incomplete soul that was rash and held only negative emotions, she had also treated her like a real younger sister.

Yet unexpectedly, Huan Bei Ming passed away just like that.

The chains of fate had once again connected, moving down the same path as the reincarnated girl’s previous life. Upon Huan Bei Ming’s death, the Huan Estate had turned into a big piece of juicy meat. The relatives of the same clan who dare not cause trouble due to Huan Bei Ming’s reputation in the past, were now appearing one by one like hungry wolves and scavenging hyenas.

The Huan Estate was also in chaos internally, the past one and a half months was enough for several despicable, rotten and cancerous individuals to fester and take action.

Since she cannot change the overall fate, then let them come, she would take all of them down. She, Huan Qing Yan, would properly receive and handle every single one of them.

“Luo Qian, tell me everything that has happened after I entered closed door training. I want to know every single detail…” Huan Qing Yan ordered.

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