Chapter 89: Impendence Mountain Range, Devil’s Nest

Breaking through only meant killing monsters to Qin Tian, which means that he would need to gain enough experience or he would not be able to make a breakthrough.

After resting for three whole days, his body condition improved, wound closed, and his internal injuries recovered. With him going through Yang Hong’s oppression, his body became stronger than before. His comprehension in the predator’s aura greatly improved.

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During the three days, the three cores in his Dantian released Qigong continuously, making his Qigong value full. Qin Tian immediately thought about going out to kill some monsters as he needed to make use of the time he had. Yun Man was also still in Yang Hong’s hands.

Although Yun Man was not in any life-threatening situation, every time he recalled her teary and pained face, his heart seemed to twitch in pain. He did not want to waste even a single moment.

Once his body condition improved, he wanted to just rush out of the cave to kill. If not for Qinglian being so bent on stopping him, he would have just went out to kill.

“Little Tian, your body still hasn’t recovered. Recuperate for a few more days.” Qinglian said while feeling her heart ache.

“Aunt, please be at ease. There’s nothing wrong with my body anymore.” Qin Tian felt moved. Although during these few days, his whole body was in pain, he felt extremely lucky and happy inwardly.

“Then let me accompany you.” Qinglian continued, “The impendence mountain is filled with evil energy, and there may be evil spirits lingering around. I will not be at ease if you go alone.”

Qin Tian was only in the rank nine spirit gathering realm, thus making her feel uneasy if she allows him to go alone, not to mention that this place was a notoriously ominous place. At that time without a choice, she had to hide here because she was afraid of Yang Hong finding them.

Normally, no one would dare to come to such a place. Rumour has it that during the ancient war of demons and gods, numerous demons were suppressed under this mountain. The evil energy seeped through from below. Those without a Yin energy body would be possessed by demons.

“Aunt, please rest assured. I can take care of myself.” Qin Tian was now prepared to level up at all cost. Without caring about the consequences, he would rush towards spirit refining realm.

If Qinglian were to follow and see him killing without caring about his own life, she would definitely become worried and Qin Tian did not want her to be so.

In the end, Qinglian decided to concede. She took out two golden colored talismans and said, “These are two space escape talismans, as long as you shatter it, you will be able to escape using the law of aura inside it.”

Qin Tian did not reject them. After receiving them, he felt his emotions being stirred up. Space escape talisman, an item created by cultivators proficient in the laws of space. With it, one would be able to escape with his life. It is literally a life-saving tool.

“However, to think that one could actually refine talisman using one’s laws, so what talisman would I be able to refine using the predator’s aura (law of aura) I’ve comprehended? System, aren’t you going to tell me anything? Uncle system, aren’t you just too evil?” Qin Tian cursed inwardly and left the cave.

The impendence mountain range’s danger isn’t lower than Kunlun mountain range. It is even greater.

Here, every monster had blood red eyes with bodies covered with baleful auras, black gas was exhaled from their nose. The monsters bring fear to others.

However, Qin Tian did not care and kill every monster he sees, sparing none.

In the first day, Qin Tian’s whole body was covered with blood, almost causing Qinglian to faint.

In the second day, Qin Tian’s whole body was, just as before, covered with blood. Qinglian felt her heart ache and tried to insist on going with him, but was rejected.

On the third day, Qin Tian returned while being covered with black blood. Qinglian pleaded to go with him but was still rejected.


A man and a woman in the wilderness alone in a dark cave at night. It was easy for one’s mind to think about things one should not think about.

Everytime Qin Tian returned to the cave, he would see the delicate and attractive aunt Qinglian wearing a white dress, causing his heart to throb. Again and again, he cursed himself for being a beast.

Although Qinglian was his aunt, they do not have any blood relations. Again and again, Qin Tian had to forcefully purge his thoughts. After a few days, he felt a little disdain for himself, “If this goes on, I might really lose control of myself.”

Late at night, Qin Tian felt restless, making him unable to sleep. Qinglian’s fragrance was like an aphrodisiac drug, stimulating his male hormones continuously, causing him to keep tossing and turning,

Looking at the tightly closed eyes and crossed-legged Qinglian, Qin Tian swallowed his saliva. Evil thoughts sprouted and he cursed himself again. Without much choice, he rushed out of the cave……

When Qin Tian left, Qinglian blushed, and her face revealed a smile. Her beauty made people unable to not be captivated.

Qin Tian reached a waterfall and entered it. The icy cold water was like knives piercing him. Unknowingly, the fire of lust burning inside him was also suppressed by the water.

Suddenly, he frowned and spread out the predator’s aura……

“Such a thick baleful aura!”

From the few days of killing monsters, Qin Tian realized that hidden in the monsters was the baleful aura, like the origin of their strength came from there. He did not think much about that at first, but feeling the baleful aura rushing out from the bottom of the waterfall now, he immediately thought more about it.

He climbed up to land and observed closely, only to find out that a baleful aura was emerging from underneath. Other than the sound of the waterfall, there was none, not even one made from monsters.

The night was the time when monsters roam about to find food, yet there weren’t any monsters within the radius of a kilometer. Just what is with this situation?

With the help of the moonlight, Qin Tian found a faint flicker of black light from under the waterfall. The flickering black light in the dark and gloomy forest tempted him.

“What is that?”

“There must be something odd under.”

At the same time, the Blood Demon’s War Armor appeared, flashing out a dark red light. It resonated with the baleful aura like they were old acquaintance.

Qin Tian frowned, “Do I go down?”

After hesitating for a moment, Qin Tian decided to go and explore. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture moved and the Virtuous Draconic Force covered his body. Inside the water, he pushed himself forward and entered deeper into it like an arrow.

The lower he went, the more intense the baleful aura became and the hotter the armor became. It was as if it had not seen a woman for tens of years and one day, a female pig appeared in front of it, making its heart throb.

The Virtuous Draconic Force was indeed a bane to the baleful aura. As he continues onwards, they automatically dispersed. At the bottom of the waterfall, Qin Tian eyes turned wide open and was shocked, “Devil’s nest?”

Devil’s nest, the two words were like dragons and snakes swirling about. Baleful aura emerged from the words, attacking Qin Tian’s mind. The Virtuous Draconic Force circulated faster, destroying all which entered him.

Qin Tian looked into the nest and stepped forward.

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