Chapter 88: The Lady with Beauty that’s on par with a Fairy

A cave somewhere in the Impendence Mountain Range.

Qin Tian was covered with blood, his chest was expanding and contracting at a fast pace. His face was pale and his eyes were distracted. In front of him was a beautiful fairy. A feeling of familiarity was felt, but he could not remember where he saw her before.

How strong was Yang Hong? The black war god had the power to devour everything. Qin Tian was hit away and used the last of his strength to stand. At that time, his internal organs were already injured, if not for the Virtuous Draconic Force protecting him, he would have already been killed.

At first, he thought that he would die under the hands of Yang Hong. Just as he was going all out at the risk of his life, a warm feeling entered him. He rose into the sky and vanished from where he was. It was completely out of his imagination, just what was happening?

Before he could figure out, he fainted due to the pain. He was already in this simple and crude cave when he woke up.

“Who are you?” Qin Tian endured the pain on his chest. He looked at the lady, frowned, and asked again, “Do I know you?”

The lady was just too beautiful. Wearing a white dress which sparkles under the light, creating an aura of not been contaminated by the mundane world. She was just like a fairy. Staring at her, Qin Tian felt peace.

Looking at Qin Tian who was covered with blood, the lady revealed a sad and pained expression. Gently, she helped him to lie down before replying, “Little Tian, it’s aunt, you don’t remember me anymore?”


Qin Tian whispered a word as his expression changed. He looked into her eyes again, “F**k me, is this really my aunt? So beautiful like a fairy.”

Her words extinguished the flames of desire ignited inside him. He recalled the previous memories of the body before calling out sweetly, “Aunt Qinglian, was it you who saved me?”

Qinglian, Qin Tian’s father’s younger sister of no blood relation. She grew up in the Qin clan and was five years older. At the age of ten, she was fancied by an elder of Jingxin sect and was brought to the sect. For more than ten years, they lost all sort of contact. His memories towards her were blur and could only barely remember her existence. To think that it would be her who saved him today.

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Qinglian nodded her head and took out a Dan. Carefully, she fed it to Qin Tian, “Consume this Guxin Dan first. Do not be worked up or your wound may open.”

Being taken care of felt great.

A sense of happiness welled up inside him, he felt indescribably comfortable. Qin Tian was now like a good kid and opened his mouth to swallow the Dan.

When the Dan entered and released its efficiency, he was shocked, “Such a great Dan, it actually increased 5000 Qigong value. Since it is much better than the Dragon Tiger Dan, is it a grade eight Dan?”

The pain in his chest subsided and a trace of redness appeared on his pale face. At the same time, the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture slowly became tranquil. He sighed, “Seems like I survived.”

“Yang Hong, wait for me. Wait for Laozi to flip your d*gs**t Sky Border city over……”

He cursed in his heart before asking, “Aunt, why did you suddenly appear?”

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Qinglian’s appearance was too coincidental. For more than ten years, she left the Qin clan without returning, so why did she suddenly appear at the moment when he was at the crucial moment of life and death? Qin Tian did not understand and thought, “Does my body contain something which greatly increased my luck?”

Seeing him becoming better, Qinglian’s finally stop worrying. Gently tidying up his messy hair, she said, “Master used a powerful divine ability and divined that you will meet with a calamity today, thus I have come.”

After saying so, a trace of bitterness flashed across her eyes.

Qin Tian saw it and felt that Qinglian’s appearance was not as simple as that. One needs to know that a real cultivation sect and a small sect are different, without permission, one cannot leave.

“Did you sneak out?”


Qinglian was startled. Her jade-like hands trembled as a look of panic appeared, “Of course not.”

At this moment, Qin Tian was sure that Qinglian went against the sect’s rule and sneak out. If she were to ever return to Jingxin sect, she would be severely punished. He felt touched and blissful. To think that in this world, there was still someone who cares for him.

He laid on Qinglian’s thighs and closed his eyes slowly. He smelled the faint fragrance of hers while enjoying the peace and quiet he had. He felt indescribably comfortable, wishing that this moment could last forever……

Qinglian watched at Qin Tian who was intoxicated with happiness and smiled sillily. Her heart ached. After tens of years of longing, tens of years of worries, tens of years of dreaming about how they would meet, they had actually met like this.

In the mind of Qinglian who had cultivated for many years, ripples released by anger appeared. Thinking about Yang Hong who harmed Qin Tian, her anger turned into the intent to kill. To someone like her, such a state of mind was just like one’s heart demon. She could not suppress her killing intent when she saw the blood on Qin Tian……

Qin Tian felt a change in Qinglian and opened his eyes, “Aunt, I will resolve my issues on my own.”

“Little Tian’s issues are aunt’s issues, I will take the life of all who dares to bully Little Tian.”

Her voice was dull but filled with killing intent. Such a feeling made him shudder. Thinking about the time when Yang Hong was restrained by the golden light, he asked, “Aunt, what is your cultivation realm?”

“Rank seven spirit refining realm.”

“I may not be Yang Hong’s opponent, but if I fight with my life on the line, there isn’t no chance. Those who dare to bully little Tian must die.” Qinglian once again said it forcefully. This was the first time she said so harshly, and it was the opposite of what she cultivates in.

For many years, she cultivated in the Buddhism Scriptures – to have a kind heart and never have killing intent. However, it had all changed today. Seeing the injuries of Qin Tian, the anguish she felt provoked her original self, thus making her heart bore killing intent.

The change in aura shocked Qin Tian, but the issue of Yang Hong must be dealt by him alone. The entire royal city was filled with human BOSSes, which means that there were millions and millions of experience points. So how could Qin Tian let go?

Suddenly, he thought about Yun Man and frowned again, “Yun Man, just endure for a while more……”

“Aunt, where are we?”

“Impendence Mountain Range, 10000 li away from Sky Border city. Do not worry and take care of yourself first. I will avenge you and kill him in your stead, no one shall be allowed to bully you.” The eyes of hers were firm.

“What is the girl’s relationship with you?”

“Just normal friend and she is also a Qin clan disciple. Somehow, she was fancied by Yang Lin, and he was even willing to ignore his own well-being and use a mid-grade immortal tool to protect her. There’s definitely some secret unknownst to me.” Qin Tian said truthfully.

“She has Baishi Shanxin. Her aura could help others to cross over every calamity, defy fate. Long Qi was found in Sky Border city because of her.”

As Qinglian cultivated in the Buddhism scriptures, she was able to perceive that Yun Man was an extremely kind person of a hundred lifetime. For an extremely kind person of a hundred lifetime to appear in such a small continent, it was shocking. However, at that time, she was only able to use Jingxin sect’s Buddhism scriptures to restrain Yang Hong for a moment before being able to save Qin Tian. Otherwise, trying to save him with her own strength would be difficult. Wanting to save the girl along with him would be even more impossible.

“An extremely kind person of a hundred lifetime? Avoid all calamities?” Qin Tian was startled, how could there be such a person in the world? No wonder Yun Man did not dare to fight others or harm others.

“The seal is breaking apart, I’m afraid that if she were to be agitated once more, the seal of the door would be destroyed. She would then receive an unparalleled amount of strength. It would no longer be easy to make use of her aura anymore.” Qinglian said enthusiastically, but her heart became anxious. An extremely kind person of a hundred lifetime could cause the whole cultivation world to move, and would even attract ancient demons, absolute realm cultivators, and those hidden experts. They would be able to avoid the calamity, step into the void and become a saint.

Being able to avoid the calamity was all absolute realm cultivator’s dream.

Yun Man’s importance could thus be imagined. However, Qin Tian was not concerned about that. He was now concerned about breaking through to the spirit refining realm as fast as possible, draw the power of heaven and earth, and step over Yang Hong and his family.

Not a single moment can be wasted!

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