Chapter 90: Devil Region

A black hole was hidden at the bottom of the waterfall baleful aura emerged from inside.

Like there was someone instigating it, he was forced into the hole involuntarily. He was swallowed up by a cloud of black fog and disappeared.

A blink of an eye was like ten thousand years long. Qin Tian observed his surroundings, other than the baleful aura pressing against him, there was nothing else.


“Where is this?”

The sun was setting, and the blood moon hung in the sky.

The sky and the earth were blood red. The only color of the source of light in this place is red, bloody red, extremely horrifying.

Qin Tian was startled at the scene in front of his eyes. Looking at everything in his sight, he felt as if this place was another world on its own. To think that beneath the waterfall was such a place.


An armor monster roared and rushed towards him like a bulldozer.

“F**k, what’s with this situation?”

“Virtuous Draconic Force……”

A formless energy fused with his body. Facing the armor monster, he brandished his bone swords and engaged it.

“Clang, clang, clang.”

Qin Tian struck three times continuously, yet the armor monster had no reaction to them. With its enormous body, every movement it made would create piercing sounds of metal rubbing against the ground. It looked at Qin Tian with its blood red eyes and exposed a steel-like rough teeth which black saliva flowed down from them.

“Such strong monster. Since the bone sword could not even damage it, isn’t its defence too high?” Qin Tian opened up the system and the armor monster’s attributes appeared.

Armor monster: Monster of the devil region
Rank: 1
Hp: 40000

Experience: 10000
Skill: Savage Charge
Note: The armor monster has high defense. It is the lowest rank monster of the devil region.

“F**k you system.”

Qin Tian started to rage and cursed, “40000 Hp, and it is the lowest rank monster. Three strikes were also not even able to damage its skin. Where the hell am I?”


The armor monster used savage charge. The four limbs of it gained strength as it charged towards him. The thick steels on its body flashed with red light. Rows of steel-like spikes were on its body, extremely sharp.

Qin Tian did not dare to be arrogant. Since he had entered this devil’s nest, it would be better for him to explore a bit. Although the armor monster’s skin is thick and the flesh is rough, the experience it gives is high, so it cannot be let off.

Qigong gathered around his bone swords. Seeing the armor monster charging towards him, he snorted. With a push of his legs, he shot out like a bullet.


The two swords stabbed into the eyes of the armor monster and black blood flowed out. It let out a cry of anguish and its sharp teeth started moving. The might of it was great.

The loss of both its eyes made it furious and it charged about madly. As long as it heard a sound, it would charge there and bite down.

Qin Tian hid his aura, pick up a few stones and threw it towards a big boulder at the side. Seeing the armor monster charging at it again and again, making the big boulder crumbled into pieces, Qin Tian could not help but gasp in shock, “Isn’t its strength too great?”

After playing with it for a while, Qin Tian lost interest with it and he gathered the formless energy. With a flash, a string of shadows appeared as he punched heavily at the head of the monster. Without waiting for it to react, he landed another blow……

The might of the formless energy on his fists were too shocking.

The armor monster was beaten up by Qin Tian, After a bombardment of dozens of punches, it finally fell to the ground, dying unwillingly.

“Gained 10000 experience, 500 Qigong value, 0 survival value.”

Once the armor monster died, the system prompted him. Other than the survival value somehow being 0, the others satisfied Qin Tian. “Why would the survival value be zero?”

In the recent years, every monster he killed would provide a slight increase in his survival value, and he was never able to understand what it does. It has never decreased and only accumulated.

As he was still unable to understand after contemplating for a while, he felt too lazy to continue. He also did not have much time to think too much as in front of him were hundreds of armor monsters. All of them were glaring at him.

“Alright, I understand that you all want my life.”

Cold sweats were falling from his forehead. In a few breath of time, lots of armor monster appeared. If their charges were to hit him, he would definitely turn into meat paste. Without hesitating, he ran for his life.

Just as he moved, the many armor monsters charged towards him. The earth trembled. This scene was like an avalanche, extremely terrifying.

“What the hell is this place!”

“Isn’t there anyone? Does anyone want me to live……” While running, Qin Tian cursed, but he did not have the thought of leaving. He only wanted to attract more armor monsters.

In the blood colored forest, armor monsters would join in the chase. With dark red eyes and four muscular limbs, they chased Qin Tian while letting out roars.

“Was the monster I killed all of your public lover? Why bother doing this?”

“Well then, chase me. The more the merrier, haha……” Qin Tian brought them along for a half an hour run. And realized that most of the armor monsters in the radius of 10 li were around him. There should be around 4 to 5 hundred monsters. He did some mental calculations, one monster would give 10000 experience, ten would give 100 000 experience……

“If there are five hundred……”

Qin Tian revealed a joyful smile, “Five million experience. F**k me man, it feels great!”

Immediately, he jumped into the air. The monsters below him were like dense black clouds. “Sky Piercing Lightning Arts……”

A hundred thousand Qigong value disappeared and the purple flame aura rose into the air, forming clouds. In a blink of an eye, it covered all the armor monsters around. “Make all of them die! Descend!”


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The purple flame aura dissipated, and a huge lightning descended, bringing along a destructive force.

The might of it shocked every armor monsters gathered and they just stood there in a daze. When they finally reacted, it was already too late.

Although their defenses were great, against the destructive huge lightning, it was of no help……

“Gained 10000 experience, 500 Qigong value, 0 survival value.”

“Gained 10000 experience, 500 Qigong value, 0 survival value.”


The system prompted him again and again, making Qin Tian felt pleasure.

The armor monsters were all turned into ashes by the lightning. Their ashes covered the ground and the surroundings became black.

More than five hundred armor monsters were killed. The system prompted him once again.

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“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for breaking through to the spirit refining realm……”

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