Chapter 91: Baleful Spirits

“Congratulation to player ‘Qin Tian’ for breaking through to the spirit refining realm……”

The sweet prompts of the system sounded. It was like the beautiful sound of nature, making Qin Tian feel great.

“Spirit refining realm, Laozi finally broke through.” Qin Tian roared towards the heavens. Suddenly, his aura changed and his Qigong rose. In a blink of an eye, an ancient fierce god appeared behind him, wielding the life harvesting giant scythe. It let out an unbridled strength.

Ancient fierce god!

Drawing the power of heaven and earth and condensing out one, Qin Tian could feel its powerful aura and was extremely excited, “The spirit refining realm is indeed powerful.”

After feeling the strength of the spirit refining realm, Qin Tian retracted his Qigong and slowly landed onto the ground. Seeing that not even a dreg of an armor monster was left behind, Qin Tian laughed, “This type of leveling feels great.”

With the instant extermination of more than five hundred armor monsters, the 100000 Qigong consumed by the Sky Piercing Lightning Arts were replenished. It was simply free experience.

Large scale attacks are just so refreshing!

However, when Qin Tian used the Sky Piercing Lightning Arts, the world changed. The setting sun turned even more blood-red, and the crescent moon that hung in the sky was as if it was dripping with blood. Quietly, the world changed.

Qin Tian was unaware of everything that’s happening.

With the massacre of hundreds of armor monsters, Qin Tian tasted sweetness and once again charge into the blood coloured forest. He attracted armor monsters to somewhere and released the Sky Piercing Lightning Arts. The millions of experience points made him extremely refreshed.

Meanwhile, the lonely Mao Mao was also released, rampaging around madly after seeing the outside world. The human and monster flipped the whole forest around. Just like that, thousands of armor monsters died, and Qin Tian broke through to the rank two spirit refining realm.

The speed was too amazing.

“Yang Hong, wait for me. Laozi will come and crush you like an ant soon.” With this type of speedy level up, he would be able to reach the peak of spirit refining realm in less than half a month. At that point in time, he would not need to fear Yang Hong.

The blood coloured forest turned into a black forest. The originally large amount of towering trees was now left with none. All had turned into ashes.

The blood coloured sky became even more glamorous like it had been coated with another fresh layer of blood. Qin Tian looked up and realized that the sky was now different than when he just came in.

Between the sky and earth were redness, like it was a huge blood pool.

“Something’s wrong.”

Qin Tian said inwardly. Mao Mao suddenly started shivering like it was afraid and stared at the valley in front of him while retreating. Suddenly, it started to bite his trousers, trying to drag him away.

What would a rank six monster be afraid of?

Qin Tian stared at the valley covered with blood dust fog. It was becoming denser, like there were thousands of elephant running, the earth was trembling, “Earthquake?”

Startled, he became cautious. In this bloody world, a rank four monster of the Kunlun mountain range would only be the lowest rank monster here, who knows what else he would meet later on.

The blood dust fog traveled closer towards them. From among the dust fog, low cries were heard like as if they were afraid.

A silver colour monster covered with huge blades were frantically charging out of the blood dust fog. Their eyes were filled with terror.

Bladed beast: Monster of the devil region
Rank: 3
Hp: 60000
Experience: 13000
Skills: Sudden thrust, savage charge
Note: Bladed beasts are pack monsters, devil region’s only pack monsters.

“F**k, so the blood dust fog is produced by the charge ah.” Qin Tian was startled and estimated the number of bladed beast before becoming agitated, “There should be at least a thousand monsters, which is about tens of millions of experience points, haha……”

Qin Tian began to prepare to use the Sky Piercing Lightning Arts again, but Mao Mao still kept biting onto his trousers, trying to drag him away. He could see that it was not afraid of the bladed monsters, but something else.

The perception of a rank six monster is greater than a human and could distinguish danger from the atmosphere. Although Qin Tian comprehended the predator’s aura, he could only sense aura within a 1 kilometre radius.

Mao Mao’s fear caused Qin Tian to feel alarmed. How strong were those thousands of bladed beasts?

Why would they be running for their lives like it was the end of the world?

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From the pack, screams of terror were heard continuously, screams of one being torn apart.

Qin Tian frowned as a trace of fear appeared in him. Hiding his aura, he said, “Let’s hide first, Laozi wants to see what they are afraid of.”

Among the blood dust fog.

Thousands of bladed beasts were fleeing as fast as they could, and even a rank eight monster would be horrified by the sight of them. Yet they were uninterested in fighting, and only fear could be seen in their eyes.


From the blood dust fog flashed a black ray, and a ghastly cry reverberated in the sky. A bladed monster was split apart in a blink of an eye. Then, a small blood grain floated in the air and was absorbed by the black ray. At the next moment, another monster was torn apart, and the scene repeated.

“What’s that black dust fog?” Qin Tian was shocked by that black dust fog. It was too strong, and he did not know how it even attacked.

Qin Tian wanted to check what it was using the system, but the system did not show anything other than ???. He scorned the system inwardly and started concealing himself.

Against this type of creature whose strength is great and could not be attacked as it was like a mist, Qin Tian did not dare to appear.

However, even though Qin Tian did not provoke it, it does not mean that it would let him go.

The bladed beasts roared past him. Qin Tian was hidden within piles of boulders, with Mao Mao sticking close to him and shivering, not daring to look outside.

Carefully, Qin Tian released his predator’s aura to see whether it had a physical body and received another shock. His predator’s aura did not sense any aura from it, like it was non-existent, “What the hell is it?”

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He wondered secretly. The aura in him fluctuated, and the black dust fog trembled. It stared at the pile of boulders……

“F**k you.” Qin Tian shivered as his palms turn wet. Activating the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture, he readied himself, “If you dare to come here, Laozi will kill you.”

His thoughts were merciless, but it was obvious that they contained no confidence. He begged his grandpa and grandma in his heart, hoping that it would not come closer. He did not want to be torn apart without knowing how it happened. Dying without knowing what was happening is something very hard to accept.

The more afraid one is of something, the more likely it would come.

Seeing it approaching him, Qin Tian started to get angered, “The one who strikes first gains the upper hand.”

His aura increased explosively as he snorted, “Rank one berserk……”

Following soon after, the Virtuous Draconic Force was used. The divine ability that repressed baleful spirits halted the fog. “Seems like you are scared.”

Suddenly, he cried and rushed forward.

The strength of a spirit refining and a spirit gathering were of entirely different worlds. The ancient fierce god appeared and swept its scythe. A domineering presence descended.

The black dust fog was startled. Seeing Qin Tian rushing towards it, it dissipated and vanished.

“F**k, whats happening?”

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