Chapter 92: Demonic Mode

“Was the attack ineffective?”

Qin Tian was startled and vaguely felt that the black dust fog was not simple. After all, the attributes the system provided were all unknown.

What Qin Tian truly could not understand was that even though the black dust fog is filled with baleful aura, the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture which suppresses all evil could not hit it. It was hard to believe. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture is a god grade scripture!

Qin Tian had never met one like this before.

The thousands of bladed beasts disappeared into the forest, causing the black forest to become even more messy.

In less than half a breath, the black dust fog gathered back together. It did not chase after the beasts but stared at Qin Tian, lights flashed from within it like they were the eyes. It released a dense amount of baleful aura continuously, many times stronger than from under the waterfall.

“What the hell is this?”

Qin Tian was shocked and activated the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture again. He rushed towards it and the ancient fierce god raised its scythe before striking down.

Qin Tian already knew about the strength of the ancient fierce god he condensed out. The scythe harvests all life. Under it, there would be deaths and injuries.


His speed doubled, and the formless energy produced by the Virtuous Draconic Force surged out. The ancient fierce god released an unparalleled fearsome might as it struck.

“F**k!” Qin Tian cursed. The black dust fog dissipated again. Its speed was unimaginable, and the ancient fierce god’s scythe could only strike the air.

Pressure. An extremely strong pressure was attacking him.

An unknown thing which cannot be damaged. Is it a cloud of fog, or something condensed by a devil? It was hard to imagine that he could not even cause it any harm when he is at spirit refining realm.

After striking the air twice continuously, cold sweat emerged.

Although the black dust fog had not attacked, the atmosphere around had already changed. A baleful force rose up like a hurricane. The azure dragon and the colossal elephant cried out, trying their best to prevent the baleful aura from entering his body. If not for having the Virtuous Draconic Force, Qin Tian would have already been killed by it.

The black dust fog had yet to attack, but it did not mean that it won’t attack.

After the second strike landed on air, the black dust fog gathered not far away from Qin Tian’s back. Its aura rose suddenly and a black lance appeared. It was 3 metres long and exude a powerful aura.

Qin Tian was completely unable to react to it.

In a moment’s time, the lance disappeared in a flash. A monstrous force descended down the red sky, which seemed to be slashed apart by it.

“Rank one berserk!”

“Virtuous Draconic Force!”

The two abilities integrated, fully complementing each other. The Qigong inside of him rose explosively, and the ancient fierce god released an even more powerful aura.

Facing the lance, Qin Tian let out a deep roar and engaged it. “Laozi w to see what you are!”

Seemingly shocked by Qin Tian’s aura, the black dust fog’s baleful force rose again. Like a living being, the lance excitedly fed on the baleful force, becoming a lance unlike its previous self with the power of lightning……

As the lance thrust out, countless black holes appeared.

“A space-time piercing force?” Qin Tian’s mind received a great shock, but he did not retreat. His Qigong rose again and he shouted, “Kill……”


‘Lie, lie, lie……’

“Was the attack ineffective?” Qin Tian glared at it with wide opened eyes.

The attack was ineffective again, and what was even more unimaginable to him was that the lance actually had the same type of power as the black dust fog. It disappeared in an instant to escape his attack, and appeared in a blink of an eye, thrusting forward again.

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“Deviate Soul Bell!”

“Blood Demon’s War Armor!”

“Come forth……”

The Deviate Soul Bell appeared, surrounded by a green glow. With Qin Tian’s dense Qigong sustaining it, it was able to display its true power.

For safety purposes, Qin Tian also called out the armor. A peak grade spirit tool might not be able to resist the lance since the strength gathered inside it felt very powerful.


After resisting for half a second, it vanished back into his body.

“What d*gs**t peak grade spirit tool is this?” Qin Tian cursed as the Virtuous Draconic Force guarded his mind. The Blood Demon’s War Armor which was emitting blood-red light took on the black lance.

At the same time, Qin Tian was constantly retreating.

Unable to attack, yet it could easily attack him. He contemplated, trying to find the black dust fog’s weakness. He believed that no matter how strong a creature was, it would have a weakness.


Sparks flew out from the contact of the lance and the armor. Shocked, his heart tightened, “How could the defense of the Blood Demon’s War Armor be so powerful? For it to be able to withstand the black lance.”

He opened the system, wanting to see if the armor had any changes.

Before he could see, the system suddenly prompted him, “Attack ineffective, attack ineffective……”

These prompts were normal, but what’s inconceivable was another sentence, “Do you want to enter the demonic mode?”
“Do you want to enter the demonic mode?” Qin Tian revealed an expression of alarm, “When had I been able to enter the demonic mode?”

Opening up his attributes, he found out.

Sin value: 2879

Qin Tian then recalled that with 1000 sin value, he would be able to cultivate demonic abilities using the blood shadow skill and form demonic incarnations. His sin value increased rapidly in Sky Border city. As he was under great pressure at that time, he did not put that in his heart. Now that he thought about it, it should be the case.

“Enter the demonic mode!”

His body experienced an earth-shaking change. Deep inside his Dantian was a huge turmoil, the baleful Qi, blood demon Qi, evil spirit Qi and fierce Qi surged out, overlaying one another.

His skin, tendons, veins and bones became blood-red.

An unbridled killing intent emerged.

Qin Tian could feel his strength, it was beyond his imaginations, “Ah!”

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The blood moon, setting sun, and everything in between the sky and earth was in a turbulence. The devil region trembled like the end of the world had come.

The supreme heavenly demon of the ancient times had appeared!

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