Chapter 43: Aren’t you over skilled?


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Aren’t you over-skilled?

“Prepare yourself!”

Lina, floating in the air, swung her sword as she swooped towards me.

She directed the sword to diagonally cut at my right arm, but I dodged it at the last moment.

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She was indeed stronger than yesterday. Her speed was totally different.

“But you’re still too slow.”

I could dodge her hits easily if I used 【Body enhancement】.

Dodging Lina’s sword which was gradually pressing near, I chose the right time and thrust my fist into her abdomen.

However, Lina simply grinned after hearing my words and spoke composedly, “The same goes for you!!”

The moment she screamed, my fist ended up striking the air.

She had dodged it. Losing sight of her, I suddenly felt her presence behind me.

“Take this!!”

As she started swinging down her sword at me, I swiftly teleported behind Lina.

The same time her sword missed it’s target, I kicked Lina in the head.

She had apparently expected as much and used her sword to block the kick, resulting in a dull sound.

Her attack didn’t stop there and she began to let out a silver haze from her body while remaining in the same posture.

It’s the【Void-magic Master】.

I must not touch it.

The instant I noticed her using that skill, I teleported away.

After I put some distance between us, the silver haze around her disappeared and we started glaring at each other.

“You’re a lot stronger than yesterday.”

“Naturally! 【Anger transformation】is a skill that frees me from the restraints of my human body. This is my true self.”

Finished talking, Lina’s sword started shining.

“My beloved sword, 【Melalel】, now that I obtained my true self, it is time for you to show your real power!”

Lina took her stance.

“I’m coming! Our battle has just started now.”

“I see.”

Hearing my casual reply, Lina’s sword shone even more. It felt like something sharp was going to leap from it.


Her sword flashed for a moment, then a white slash came leaping towards me. It really did come leaping!

I jumped to avoid the slash, but Lina immediately added another one, as if she had read my moves.

“There’s still more!!”

I calmly dodged every one of her attacks.

“This time, it’s coming from her.”

I teleported from the place where the slash was heading and released a sphere of flames towards her.

Brightening the night, the blazing sphere went directly to Lina.

“Not going to work!!”

Lina clashed her void magic sphere with my magic.

A moment after a blend of silver and red from the clash, my flame sphere vanished.

Lina let out a faint giggle after canceling my magic, but for me, everything was going as planned.

“Where are you looking?”

Right after my fire sphere disappeared, I teleported near Lina and clenched my fist. A strong wind was violently blowing, surrounding my hand.

I took her off guard for a moment, and Lina was completely defenseless.


“Hurricane fist!”

With a tremendous speed, my fist, covered with wind, thrust into Lina’s abdomen.


Letting out painful moans, Lina bent her body and got blown off.

After crashing against countless trees in the near forest, she finally stopped moving.

“Guu… Ghhaa!…”

Maybe because she broke her ribs, Lina was having a hard time breathing and fell off the tree.

Falling on the ground, Lina held her stomach and started groaning from the pain.

She was done.

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That’s was what I thought when I saw her in that state.

“There’s… still… more…”

Supporting her legs, Lina slowly stood up.

She was already full of of wounds, barely standing on her feet. It was out of question that she could resume fighting.

C’mon now, you still want to continue?

That was not going to be possible.

“Stop it already. You’ve already lost.”

“Shut up! I can still fight.”

After hearing my words, Lina still refused to give up. I wonder why she was insisting on fighting despite knowing that it was impossible for her.

“Tell me, why are you obsessed by fighting me this much? Is there any reason for you to do this much just because someone ordered you?” I asked Lina, who was desperately trying to fight me.

She glared at me while staggering.

“A reason?… Angels like me exist for the sole purpose of serving Metron-sama. If Metron-sama wishes for something, then it is my duty to accomplish his wish even if I was to die.”

I was faintly surprised by Lina’s loud speech.

She would go all the way to risking her life, huh…

“And are you okay with that? Like risking your life for the sake of someone else? Even if that someone doesn’t care about what could happen to you?”

“Ha?! Are you implying that Metron-sama would be thinking that way?”

Lina raged furthermore and approached me after letting away from the tree she used to support her feet.

Her face was clearly brimming with wrath.

Leaving a distance between us, she halted her unsteady steps.

“I can’t keep you alive anymore! My next attack will settle this fight!”

Screaming about finishing me, Lina’s wings suddenly expanded. When I thought that only her feathers scattered around, I noticed more of them beginning to fall from the sky and cover the entire place.

“【Wing Judgement】. If anything I recognize as an enemy touches these feathers, they will cease to exist.”

Hearing her explanation, I realized how dangerous these feather could be. Seriously? I’d disappear if I touched these?

It’s was similar to that void magic. More like an ultimate upgrade of the skill.

With caution, I used the erasure skill and started erasing the feathers, but Lina was grinning as she watched me.

“Fufufu. Just try to erase them all if you can. I doubt your magic can last that long.”

Remaining quiet, I gazed at the sneering Lina. Exactly as she said, every time I erase something, the skill consumed a small portion of my magic points.

If I was to use it to erase all these feathers, it would surely wear me out.

Let’s see, what should I do in this case…

As I was pondering about a countermeasure for the situation, Lina, with her hands trembling, said, “Metron-sama is… He is one of the most noble gods in heavens… Not someone you could talk about so carelessly!! You shall atone for speaking ill of Metron-sama with your life!!”

Seeing Lina scream at me, full of wrath, I let out sigh.

“Listen here, Can you stop talking about this Metron-sama all the time, and have your own free will?”

“Shut up!! A human like you must not get so full of himself!!”

Not seeming to listen to me, Lina became even more wrathful. That’s no good. Looks like convincing her was out of question.

Giving up on trying to convince her, she looked at me and started laughing all of a sudden.

“You’re fated to disappear anyway. Trying to convince me this late in the game won’t change your fate. If you don’t want to die then show me that you’re regretting speaking ill of Metron-sama.”

I kept silent for a short while, while Lina was certain about her victory. All I heard until now was this “Metron-sama”.

Noticing that she went quiet for a moment, I decided to ask her.

“Who is Metron to you?”



Way of learning

“Lina-san is pretty amazing. It’s been only once day since you transferred and everyone in the class is already depending on you.”

“That’s right. I’m always top of the class, but no one comes to ask me anything.”

“Isn’t that because you sleep through the entire day, Kamiya-kun?”

“There are some times that I’m awake.”

“That’s true. Ah, Kamiya-kun, how should I answer this?”


“I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to answer.”


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