Chapter 44: One needs to have their own will.

One needs to have their own will.


Lina’s stats after transforming into an angel:


Lina   age: 16    female    angel    Lvl 108


Physical point: 8080/8080

Magic points:   8180/8180




Appraisal – light magic – Void magic master – Box – Sacred Sword – Body enhancement (medium) – angel transformation – wing judgment – Cooking – Cleaning.




Perplexed by my sudden question, Lina couldn’t answer immediately.


“Metron-sama is a god whom we are to serve. A noble existence far away from anything else.”


An absolute fanatic of faith.

Those were the kind of eyes Lina had at this moment.

I faintly nodded at her words, then closed my eyes and said in a composed voice.


“How pitiful.”



“Yeah, all I can see is you clinging to some god.”

“Hu- S-Shut up! Clinging to Metron-sama?! There’s no way I’d do that!!” Lina tried to deny my words. I continued speaking with confidence.


“If that’s the case, then tell me, did you say anything about your own will in this long conversation?”



Lina went silent after my question. She couldn’t answer.

That was to be expected. I mean, everything she had said was about that Metron.

Her feelings didn’t have a shape in the conversation.

Remaining quiet for a while, Lina finally opened her mouth.


“Shut… up… Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!!”


All she could do was refuse my argument.


“I am not clinging to someone!! Metron-sama just happened to be the appropriate god for me to serve!! Don’t speak as if you know everything!!”


I kept silent while Lina screamed, then she turned to look at me and grinned.


“You’re already out of magic anyway. I don’t want to hear the complaints of someone who will be disappearing from this world!!”


Letting her finish what she was saying, I began to slowly raise my right hand.


“Sorry, but I’m not disappearing.”


I quickly snapped my fingers after replying.

Instantly, the white feathers stopped falling.


“W-What?! What’s going on?!”


Astonished by the feathers ceasing to fall, Lina tried activating the skill again, but without any use.


“Why?! Why isn’t it working?!”


Seeing Lina flustered after she tried activating the skill a few times, I gave her an honest answer.


“That’s because I erased your skill.”


Realizing what I meant, Lina stiffened from bafflement and surprise.


“Erased my skill? The skill? T-That’s not possible…”

“Then try checking your stats.”


Following my suggestion, Lina stopped moving for a while to check her stats then her face gradually turned pale until she crumbled on her knees.


“That’s impossible… No way…”


Lina muttered as she shivered while sitting on her knees.

What I did was erasing her skill using 【Erasure】.

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I thought that I could delete anything that I can see, and it turned out to be the case.

As I approached the trembling Lina, she said in a quavering voice, “Why, Why!… I am a superior servant, recognized by Metron-sama. Then why…”

“Try looking at my stats for an answer.”


Lina raised her head and looked at me.

When she probably used her appraisal skill, she stiffened for few moments as she gazed at me.

Finally confirming what she saw, Lina’s eyes widened and she looked astonished.


“What… What’s wrong with these stats! Regardless of the level, you’re ascending rate and the variety of your skills… you can ascend to godhood in no time like this.”


I was interested in Lina’s impressed thoughts on my stats.

Are my stats that great?

I’ve never had someone to compare them with, so I didn’t know.

Shocked after seeing my stats, Lina took back her composure and cast down her eyes as if she had given up.


“Kill me, I lost. Just kill me.”



Hearing her abrupt request, I let out a confused voice. What was this girl saying?

I was not intending to kill anyone here.


“What are you saying?”

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“I lost to you, which means that I failed to carry out Metron-sama’s order. I don’t deserve to live anymore. So kill me!”


Listening to her words full of despair, I let out a sigh, amazed by her extreme reaction.

She was still going on this nonsense.


“Are you still insisting on that?”

“… What?”


Lina immediately reacted to my question.


“I’ve told you this before, you need to possess your own will and feelings.”

“My own will?”

“Yes, a will that doesn’t have anything to do with Metron. Do you really want to die now, in this place?”

“I… I…”


At loss for words, Lina couldn’t answer right away.

That was normal. She was starting to doubt the way she had acted until now. It should take her a while to bring out an answer.


“I don’t know… until now, I have acted only out of loyalty and faith on Metron-sama… I don’t know what to do…” Almost as if she was forcing her mouth to open, Lina finally replied.

She doesn’t know, huh…


“Well, I guess that’s fine for now…”



As if my words were unpredicted, Lina raised her head that was hanging in shame and looked at me.


“There’s no need for you to change right now. You’ve already made a progress by starting to doubt your conduct.”


I offered my hand to Lina.


“Personally, I’d like it if you attended school again. Your classmates seem to be interested in you, after all. Ah, but just don’t you dare wake me up.”


Lina seemed to be dumbfounded by what I had just told her, but she eventually started laughing.


“Sorry, but that last part is impossible. You need to stay awake in class.”

“That’s a shame.”


Gazing at each other while smiling, Lina reached her hand to mine.

When our hands overlapped, at that moment…





A dazzling light appeared between us.

Not being able to react in time, both of us were covered by that light. The light gradually brightened then disappeared with me and Lina, leaving only silence at the place we had been.





The evil practice of popular people.


“Lina-san is pretty amazing. She became friends with all the class in a single day.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Hm, I will try calling her too.”


“Lina-sa- ‘Hey, Lina-san! About this part…’”

“Lina-sa- “Lina-san! I need your advice on something.’”

“L-Lina-sa- ‘Lina-chan! Do you have some time after this?’”


“Kamiya-kun, it looks like me and Lina are living in different worlds.”

“Kamaishi-san, you did your best…”


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