Chapter 45: Your repertory is too small.

Your repertory is too small


Opening my eyes after we were covered by that bright light, I found myself in the middle of… nowhere.


“What’s this place?”


Feeling confused, I looked around the area. Next to me was Lina, who was widening her eyes and looking surprised by the sudden change of scenery.


“W-What this…?”

“I don’t know.”


I answered the baffled Lina.

Our surroundings were really empty. There was nothing around.

No water, thus no earth.

No winds, thus no sky.

Though there was air, or else we would be dead by now.

The dark ceiling above our heads was made from something similar to while concrete and continued past the horizon.

What was this place, seriously?

While I couldn’t grasp our current situation, Lina remained silently gazing around as if she knew something.


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“C-Could it be…”

“What is it? Did you realize something?”


I asked Lina who had started to tremble in fear. Seeing her that way, I understood that this wasn’t just a random place.


“This is probably 【the empty world】.”

【the empty world】?”

“Yes. It’s an empty world that was said to be used by the the gods before they created other worlds.”


Listening to Lina’s explanation, I finally had an idea about this place.

In other words, this was the place that had been used to create the universe.

Even though I had learned where we were, I still didn’t know the most important part.


“Then what are we doing in the empty world?”

“Only a god is able to create the empty world. Though as our universe exists currently, it is not used anymore. As you can tell, this place doesn’t have anything; a perfect place for locking up someone.”

“You mean someone locked us up in here? Who could it be?”

“That’s obvious…” Lina stopped speaking and made a bitter expression.

Though, knowing that she had to say it, Lina spoke again. “It’s… only Metron-sama could do that.”


Making a sorrowful and pained expression, Lina slowly brought up a dry smile when I remained quiet.


“I see. I was really thrown aside by Metron-sama… That’s only natural. Who would need a servant who can’t carry out a single order…”


Casting her sight down, Lina gradually lowered her voice as she talked. Seeing her acting that way, I couldn’t help but to comfort her.


“Lina, didn’t I tell you this already? Metron doesn’t matter.”

“But… I swore loyalty to Metron-sama and now that I’ve been cast away by him, there’s nothing more to live for…”


Lina lowered her voice furthermore, leaving me with no choice but to lean down on my knees and face her directly.


“You don’t need to die just because you got abandoned. There are plenty of other things to live for. Don’t make that gloomy face. You’re not dying yet. You need to look ahead.”

“… ahead?”



Repeating my word, Lina raised her head.

Her eyes looked almost as if they faintly shone, taking back their original color. But she quickly looked downward again.


“But how am I supposed to live now that I was cast aside… It was thanks to Metron-sama’s power that I was able to come to your world. I can’t go back to the heavens now.”

“Then just live on earth.”


Hearing my suggestion, Lina let out a bewildered voice and raised her head to look at me.


“How about you try continuing your life there if you can’t go back? I think you would have a fulfilling time there too.”

“No… But, that’s…”

“And I told you this before, your classmates are interested in you. They want you back as well. I think you can consider this idea, no?”


I also added that the teachers needed her as well.

Imagining the life that I suggested to her, Lina calmed down a little, though this time she changed her face to carry a gloomy expression.


“All of that would happen only if we could make it out of here.”


With Lina talking as if she had given up, I replied casually. “Ah, that wouldn’t be a prob-”


However, before I finished talking, a giant light appeared before us.

Both of us stopped to look at it.

It looked like something was coming.

Leaning on my knees, I remained vigilantly watching the light.

Lina also kept on staring at it with precaution.

When it finally disappeared, I found myself at loss for words in front of what it left behind.




I didn’t know how to reacted to the dragon in front of us.

A dragon again. Even if his repertoire was small, this was kinda boring.

With random thoughts crossing my mind, I observed the dragon’s body.

Black scales and sharp claws. I reflexively raised my head to look at his giant size, which was nearly two times bigger than the red dragon I had fought before.


“Lina, it looks like that god of yours is insisting on killing me.”


Isolating me with a dragon in another world. He seemed to be serious with what he was doing.

As I was guessing the intention of the summoner, Lina was shivering from shock.


“No- No way… A black dragon!!”


I asked Lina who trembled in fear.


“What’s this black dragon?”

“A dragon’s rank is settled by its color. The red dragon you defeated that time was was barely in a medium rank, while the black dragon is…”


As I listened to Lina’s explanation about dragons, the black dragon was not so nice as to wait for us to finish talking.




The black dragon opened his mouth and started inhaling air.

Ah, this was bad!




I swiftly carried Lina in my arms and teleported behind the black dragon.

At that same moment, he let out a giant black flames from his mouth.

With a horrifying sound, the entire white place we were standing some moments ago turned into a black scorched ground.

Uwaa- what was up with that…

He’s was a completely different level from the red dragon.

Impressed by the tremendous strength of the black dragon, Lina complained to me.


“H-Hey, how long are you intending on carrying me like this?”


Her cheeks were dyed a faint red.

I was carrying Lina in the princess style and forgot to let her down.

Letting her stand by herself, I walked towards the black dragon.


“H-Hey wait!! Where are you going?”


Pulling me from my sleeve, Lina asked me with a frightened face.

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“That’s obvious. I’m going to defeat that dragon.”

“Ha?! Don’t be dumb! That’s reckless.”


Seeing my unwavering expression, Lina raised her voice, astonished by my acts.


“Listen well!! The black dragon is the top rank among all the colors!! There’s no chance for you to win after consuming most of you magic and health fighting me earlier.”


I went quiet, listening to Lina.

Fortunately, the black dragon seemed to have lost sight of us, since he was looking around.

Lina was right, my magic points were down by almost half.

Even I couldn’t tell whether I could defeat a dragon far stronger than the red one.


“Then what do you suggest? Waiting for my magic to recover in this place?”



This time, it was Lina who went quiet.

Trying to run away from a dragon in this plain place with no mountains or valleys is a waste of magic as well.

Then I had no other choice.

I shook off Lina’s hand that was pulling my sleeve and turned my back managing to keep my eyes on her.


“Well, just watch. I’ll defeat him quickly.”


Leaving behind those words, I dashed toward the black dragon.

Lina most likely didn’t have any more strength to fight again. I’m the only one here who can deal with him.

Approaching the dragon, I teleported above his head and with all my might, I struck him with my heel.


“Hey, you lizard.”


The dragon started swaying from the strike I gave him on the head. Looks like I could cause him some damage. The dragon glared at me while howling.


“I will knock you down soon enough. Bring it!”



Almost as if he was triggered by my provocation, the dragon let out a frightening howl.

Alright, let’s do this…

With the black dragon before me, I quietly took a battle posture.




The dragons rank based on their colors:


black> white> purple> green> red> blue> yellow.




God’s hand.


【the empty world】is more like a world that is empty, right?”

“Well, yeah. Why are you asking?”

“So If I slept there, no one will come complaining at me!”

“You’re not wrong, yes.”

“I see, Very well, I shall build a house there and spend my holidays there… Alright, let’s make an empty world first!”

“Don’t be irrational. What kinda god would create an empty world for such a stupid reason?!”

“Don’t worry, we can simply just use god’s hand( author )”

“Just what do you think of god…”

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