Chapter 61 – An Old Robe

This was the effect that Huan Qing Yan wanted.

Huan Qing Yan and her mother sat side by side on chairs, her brother was still young and recovering from the shock earlier today, so they got a serving girl to bring him away to rest.

Huan Meng Yue stood weakly beside Madam Huan while the strong and tall Huan Jiu Li stood beside Huan Qing Yan… It could be considered that two masters and two half-masters were currently present.

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There were over a hundred servants working in the estate, even though they were standing, their numbers easily filled up the ceremonial hall to the brim.

“Everyone must be tired from working all day!” Huan Qing Yan sternly said to the group.

Lou Qiao represented the group and gave a reply, “It is not tiring, to lessen our master’s burden is something servants like us should be doing…”

“Yes, yes…”

Madam Huan did not speak, she had given the right to control the situation to her daughter after Huan Qing Yan explained what she would be doing.

Huan Qing Yan was now a Three-Star Spirit Master while her character was also stronger then Madam Huan. This led Madam Huan to feel gratified, in the past, she relied on her husband, now she could rely on her daughter; in addition, Madam Huan did not feel that it was inappropriate to do so.

“The current Huan Estate no longer has a male master to manage the household, in addition, we also lack a head housekeeper, this makes it difficult for us to manage so many servants. Therefore, the Huan Estate thinks that there is no need to keep so many servants. I believe everyone should have heard of the declaration I made during the day, I initially wanted to do this tomorrow but after some thinking, I find that it is better to settle the things said today on the day itself. That is also the reason why I gathered everyone here, it is regarding where you will be heading in the future…” Huan Qing Yan gave a short summary to everyone gathered.

The servants all went into a state of fright, a commotion began to stir.

“Young Mistress, I have elderly and young ones that I need to take care of, please do not kick us out…” a servant not bound by a slave contract said.

“Exactly. We have been serving the Huan Estate loyally for half of our lives, if you do this, we will lose a final resting place!” this was said by a person who was bound by a slave contract.

Huan Qing Yan ignored them and took out an old robe, she instructed her mute brother to hang the white-colored robe in front of her father’s portrait that was displayed within the ceremonial hall.

Everyone looked at her actions in confusion.

“I believe everyone should recognize this robe, it was the one most often worn by my Papa when he was at home. Now, I want everyone one of you to come forward and go behind the robe to touch it. My Papa was a Spirit Master when he was alive, the residual energy he left behind on the robe was enough to cast the heaven’s eye; if you have done something that harmed the Huan Estate, your fingers will be stained black by it; if you have not done anything wrong, then it would stay clean. Those who are confirmed to be loyal can either choose to remain here and continue working for the Huan Estate or you could choose to free yourself from the slave contract and withdraw two hundred silvers from us to start a new life. As for those disloyal black-hearted individuals, do not blame me, Huan Qing Yan, for being vicious; you will immediately be sold while all your private belongings would be confiscated by the Huan Estate. Old Woman Ya is already waiting outside…”

A shock of silence covered the whole hall after the words were spoken!

The commotion stopped while all sorts of colorful expressions could be found on the faces of everyone; some were relieved, some were afraid, while some attempted to leave using the chaos.

However, the doors of the ceremonial hall were already locked.

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For unknown reasons, a strange wind began to blow within the ceremonial hall, causing the lamps holding seven white candles to flicker due to the wind.

Those who had a guilty conscience got even more flustered.

Lou Qiao was the first to walk forward, “Young Mistress, please allow this servant to start first.”

Huan Qing Yan accepted her request.

Lou Qiao walked behind the old white robe, the gentle and elegant picture of the old Huan Master flickered due to the candlelight, emitting an eerie and terrifying aura. Lou Qiao quickly touched the robe.

And displayed her clean hands for everyone to see.

Everyone released a breath of relief.

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