Chapter 60 – Young Beauty…

The Ninth Prince sent away the messenger and began to join his advisors to analyze and make plans based on the current situation.

“No matter which member of the Ji Mo Clan came, for the sake of our future plans, we must be proactive in earning his goodwill…”

“Indeed. This old subject is willing to oversee the task of finding out the person’s identity!”

“This subordinate will use the connections of my trusted aides within the palace to…”


When the Silver Mask Guard exited the Huan Estate, countless black shadows began to fly out from the dense forest located nearby.

“Young Master!”

The Silver Mask Guard slowly removed his mask, revealing a perfect and elegant face, it was none other than Ji Mo Ya.

The status of a Silver Mask Guard was a gift from the thoughtful Hanging Cloud Emperor when they met a few days ago, after Ji Mo Ya mentioned that his intention was to keep a low profile and to keep his identity a secret. This status became the perfect tool for him to freely investigate the Heart Digging Murders.

“Discovered anything in the surroundings?”

“There is no trace of demonic aura nor any suspicious individuals.” One of the black shadows respectfully replied.

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Ji Mo Ya acknowledged the report and said, “Mo Wu, go to the local law enforcers. Tell them that there was a case of corpse swapping within the Huan Estate as well as slaves deceiving their masters. Mo Si will stay around the perimeters of the Huan Estate and monitor the movement of the ants…”

Two of the black shadows immediately replied, “Yes!”

As Ji Mo Ya and the remaining two followers were about to leave, Ji Mo Ya suddenly turned his head and added, “Mo Si, if anyone dares to harm the master of the Huan Estate, you are given permission to stop the person whenever you find an appropriate opportunity.”

Mo Si and the rest had observed the interactions between Lady Huan and their Young Master from the start, even the most emotionless among them, Mo Wu, had also commented that their Young Master would be getting another admirer soon.

Yet their Young Master’s unexpected instruction caused Mo Si to pause for a moment before he replied, “Ye… Yes!

A casual glare came from his Young Master, made Mo Si feel as though his thoughts were caught by the Young Master.

Cold sweat instantly covered his body. He silently cursed at Mo Wu, blaming him for his loss of composure in front of their Young Master. It would be virtually impossible for an esteemed person like their Young Master to be interested in this young girl from the Hanging Cloud Empire, even though she transformed from a fat chick into a young beauty…

The Young Master’s instruction must have a deeper meaning that he was unable to fathom, if he over thinks about it, his Young Master might punish him to face the wall of the dark room and repent for a hundred years…

Mo Si felt a shiver down his back for an instant before quickly entering the dense forest.

At the same time, Ji Mo Ya and the remaining two shadows disappeared from the plains.


When the appointed time arrived, the Huan Estate immediately began to perform the funeral proceedings.

Due to what had happened earlier on, Huan Qing Yan played it safe and stuffed the ashes of burnt vegetation within the urn before placing the urn within the coffin to be buried. Those ashes would be used to substitute the real ashes of her Papa. When the burial ceremony finally ended, night was approaching.

As for the real ashes, she had decided to keep them within the ancestral hall within the estate. Other than Huan Qing Yan, Madam Huan and a handful of their trusted people, no one else knew about this arrangement.

The constables arrived shortly after the burial ceremony and brought Huan Dong Hai as well as the people involved in transporting the body away for investigation.

Even when it was late into the night, there were still things to be done.

Several matters must be handled as soon as possible, the current Huan Estate was infested with untrustworthy individuals and surrounded by vicious relatives; even the head housekeeper had betrayed them, therefore the Huan Estate must be properly cleansed of spies.

If not, having a peaceful sleep would be impossible.

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Everyone was called to gather within the ceremonial hall, the place was still the same as it was in the morning; it was still decorated with the items of mourning. The only difference was that the coffin was no longer there, however, some servants with a guilty conscience could not help but to have a cowering feeling just by being in this place.

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