Chapter 59 – A Direct Line Descendant?

While the funeral procession was still underway.

Within the secret chamber inside the Ninth Prince Estate.

A group of people were seated within, in the center was a person wearing a yellow robe embroidered with a five-clawed dragon. This person was slender and straight, his fair skin and faint red lips gave off a trace of evil charm, his features were handsome and pronounced, with sharp eyes and sword-like brows, he exuded an intimidating aura.

This person was the Ninth Prince, Bai Cheng Feng!

“Lord Ninth Prince, the Ji Mo Clan had sent someone to our Hanging Cloud Empire to assist us with the investigation of the Heart Digging Murder Cases?” an elderly subject inquired uneasily.

“That is correct, Lord Ninth Prince had confirmed the information. That person was personally received by Lord Emperor and was very mysterious. Word has it that the person was not here specifically due to the case but was actually travelling the continent and noticed the demonic aura within the capital when passing by…” another advisor replied.

The Ninth Prince was sitting at the center of the table, his finger was slowing tapping the table’s surface and seemed to be pondering about something.

Only the advisors were involved in the discussion.

“Any idea who is that person? Why no arrangements were made to meet Lord Ninth Prince?”

“We are talking about the Ji Mo Clan, they are not people you could meet that easily.”

Everyone went silent at that truth!

Within the Spirit Treasure Continent, the powers of the Human Race could be split into the Five Great Empires and the Eight Great Clans.

The Great Clans have been around for over ten thousand years, their history and foundations were much deeper than the empires.

Some Great Clans were weakened due to the sands of time and thus lacked the influence that the empires possessed. While some Great Clans flourished and thrived, becoming something of an existence that even empires could not hope to contend with.

The Ji Mo Clan belonged to the latter.

Therefore, members of the Ji Mo Clan were not individuals that members of the Hanging Cloud Empire could meet if they want to. Unless the person wished to meet you, you would never get to see him nor would you recognize the person.

The Ninth Prince suddenly said, “It was said that Lord Father spent a lot of effort to receive that person…”

The advisors were all stunned, “Spent a lot of effort? Could that person be a direct line descendant of the Ji Mo Clan?”

“Rumor has it that all direct line members of the Ji Mo Clan were blessed with great talents, especially the Young Master of the Ji Mo Clan. Rumor has it that he was only eighteen years of age, yet he had already become a True Spirit Master! This old man admires his talents greatly, I wonder if I could ever have the chance in this life to…” a look of longing was displayed on his face.

Only when his colleague beside him gave him a warning gaze did he see the unhappy expression of his master and immediately shut his mouth.

As the atmosphere turned awkward, a messenger quickly entered the room and whispered into the ears of the Ninth Prince. When the Ninth Prince heard his report, he asked in a questioning tone, “She came out of closed-door training? Burnt her father’s body? Expelled her clan relatives?”

The messenger nodded his head at each query.

Today was the burial day for Huan Bei Ming. Under normal circumstances, the Royal Family would have sent a representative to be there but no one went.

Firstly, it was because the arrival of a person from the Ji Mo Clan had caused the Royal Family to be focused on that. Secondly, it was because Huan Bei Ming had died and Huan Qing Yan was cursed, there was no need for them to continue putting up an act; when the time came, they could just bring that mute disciple of Huan Bei Ming into the palace and make him produce food for the Royal Family.

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The Ninth Prince squinted his eyes and was silent for a moment. Huan Qing Yan had unexpectedly come out of closed-door training? Did the divination of the Great Augur meet with some problems?

What’s more, she became a Three-Star Spirit Master?

Such a quick ability to rank up was truly something to regard highly!

It looks like he must make a journey down to the Huan Estate and properly assess the situation. It would be great if he could control such a woman, even if he was forced to use some methods, it would be worth it if he could achieve that.

However, it would be only after he was done handling the important matter regarding that Ji Mo Clan member.

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