Chapter 58 – Brother Jiu Li

When Huan Bei Ming was alive, the two of them rarely had any interactions; but after Huan Bei Ming passed away, this person took great care of the reincarnated girl and could be said to be her most loyal ally within the whole estate.

The only unfortunate thing was that he was a mute, an honest and trustworthy mute.

When Huan Jiu Li heard Huan Qing Yan’s request, although unaware of the situation, he immediately subdued Huan Dong Hai without any hesitation.

Although Huan Jiu Li was only a Three-Star Spirit Master, Huan Dong Hai was unable to escape at all; if Huan Dong Hai was in his peak condition, then he might have had a chance to fight back but now, he was thoroughly suppressed and caught.

Huan Qing Yan was very satisfied and said, “The rest of you, assist your Young Mistress to kick these foul guests out of the estate! In the future, without my orders, none of these people can ever step into the Huan Estate!”

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“Yes! Young Mistress!” Lou Qiao lead the group to acknowledge her order.

These clan relatives had long been in a state of shock due to Huan Qing Yan’s actions and had been yearning to leave. Without needing the servants to do anything, they helped themselves out of the estate as they were afraid that they would receive the same outcome as Huan Dong Hai, get injured and caught by Huan Qing Yan before being sent off to the constables.

When Huan Dong Hai saw the situation, he frantically called out, “First uncle, second uncle, please help me…”

None of them bothered about him, rather all of them scattered due to his words.

Huan Dong Hai suddenly lost his spirit at their reactions, coupled with his current heavy injuries, he immediately vomited a mouth of blood in exasperation before he fell unconscious.

After the unwanted people left, Jiu Li looked at the pile of flames that was burning his master before he made various hand gestures at Huan Qing Yan, asking what had happened.

Jiu Li was sent away to dig a grave for Huan Bei Ming and had been away from the Huan Estate since early morning.

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Huan Qing Yan used a gentle voice and told Huan Jiu Li everything that happened in detail.

It was this trustworthy youth that had loyally protected the reincarnated girl in her previous life, saving her from an untold amount of dangers. However, the reincarnated girl never looked at him straight in the eye and ignored him. Only that trash man called Bai Cheng Feng was all she saw, for that trash, she even caused this youth to enter the Ninth Prince Estate… that eventually costed him his life.

Moments before the reincarnated girl’s death, she constantly mumbled the name of this mute elder brother of hers, calling for the only person who would use his life in exchange to protect her!

She had also often woken up in the middle of her sleep due to the sense of guilt she had for him.

In this life, Huan Jiu Li, Cannon Fodder Bro! This elder sister will protect you! And let you enjoy an awesome, extraordinary life!

“Ah Ah Ah…” when Huan Jiu Li finished listening to Huan Qing Yan, he angrily raised the iron shovel in his hands and wanted to chase after those people.

Huan Qing Yan gently pulled at his sleeves and shook her head at him, she also helped him dust off some of the mud on his body and said, “Brother Jiu Li, revenge is best served cold, there is no need for us to overexert ourselves for now.”

Huan Jiu Li was stunned for a moment, he had never seen this Young Mistress speaking to him with such a gentle and kind tone.

The next moment, a gentle voice of a woman came from a corner, “Little Yan, you have grown up. Mama could not help but feel gratified.”

The person was Madam Huan who rushed over frantically after she managed to wake up from her state of unconsciousness. She looked at her husband who was within the burning flames before pulling Huan Qing Yan to once again kneel in front, “Little Yan, you have done very well. Only by doing this could you ensure that your Papa would rest in peace, your Papa was a person who does not care much about traditions, I believe he would not blame you for your decision. Mama supports you, let us send off your Papa so that he can move on…”

“Okay, Mama.”

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