Chapter 57 – You… Better Watch Out!

Huan Dong Hai said in rage, “Golden Rat, kill that d*mn pig!”

Humph, let’s see how she could continue to be arrogant once I badly injure her Spirit Treasure, would she still dare to look down on elders by then?

The plans he had prepared for the Huan Estate over this period of time must not be thwarted by this d*mn lass.

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On the other side, the Pig Spirit Treasure was taunting the Rat Spirit with an expression of contempt, it was as though the Pig Spirit was asking the Rat Spirit: Do you dare?

It was unknown if the Rat Spirit Treasure was spurred by its master’s orders or from the Pig Spirit Treasure’s taunt, it squeaked loudly and rushed forward.

The Pig Spirit Treasure casually evaded its tackle attack before it opened its mouth and bit down. A crunching sound was heard as one side of the Rat Spirit Treasure’s body was devoured.

The Rat Spirit Treasure used all its strength while squeaking frantically before it finally managed to struggle free and return into Huan Dong Hai’s body in fright.

Huan Dong Hai took three steps back as it happened before he finally managed to stabilize himself and it was followed by fresh blood spurting out of his mouth.

Spirit Treasures and their users were connected as one. When a Spirit Treasure was powerful, it would also enhance the abilities of their user; similarly, when a Spirit Treasure weakens, it would also weaken its user.

When a Spirit Treasure receives an injury, so would its master.

The scene that occurred greatly shocked everyone!

“A Four-Star Spirit Treasure was heavily injured by a Three-Star Spirit Treasure, even having half of its body chewed off!”

“Oh god, the strength of an Egg Star Spirit Treasure is truly terrifying. People have been saying that Pig Spirit Treasures possessed no attacking power but this particular one does not match those rumors?!”

“To be able to tear and eat the Spirit Treasures of others, how vicious is this Spirit Treasure?”

“Cough. This old man suddenly remembered that I have something important to do at home. Dear Niece Qing Yan, this old man shall take his leave now.”

“Me too. Niece Qing Yan, your aunt is waiting for me to buy some sauce home, I will take my leave.”


Huan Qing Yan slowly opened her eyes and asked with a clear and loud voice, “So, does anyone have any designs for my Huan Estate now?”

“Oh, you misunderstood us Qing Yan. We were truly here to pay our respects to Brother Bei Ming. Brother Bei Ming had no siblings and few children, plus you were in closed-door training before. Since we are relatives, we got worried that your mother could not handle everything and came over to help her.”

“Cough. Now that things have settled, we would also not stay for dinner. Goodbye.”

Huan Dong Hai cleared the blood trail flowing from the corners of his mouth and glared coldly at Huan Qing Yan, “Such vicious methods, Huan Qing Yan. To actually damage and cause me to become a Two-Star Spirit Master, you… better watch out!”

Huan Qing Yan smiled, “I am just acting out of self-defense, everyone had seen you making the first attack. Everyone can leave but not you, Huan Dong Hai. This lady suspects that you are the mastermind behind my Papa’s body swapping incident.”

Huan Dong Hai glared in rage, “You dare! All you have are your words, what gave you the right to accuse me of being the mastermind? If I want to leave, I will.”

Huan Qing Yan looked at the servants around her, they were all basically ordinary people.

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Since they were not useful, if Huan Dong Hai used his numbers to leave, it would be difficult to hold him just with her abilities alone. The Pig Spirit had just eaten a portion of the Rat Spirit and had happily returned to her body to digest it.

Even if she were to call it out, she was afraid that it might not answer her calls.

At that moment, she saw her Brother Jiu Li coming in from the back door while carrying a large metal shovel and covered in mud. Huan Qing Yan’s eyes immediately flashed, “Brother Jiu Li, stop that Huan Dong Hai.”

Huan Jiu Li was in his late teens, his body was over two meters tall; his face was honest looking with wheat-colored tanned skin while his hands and feet were covered in calluses, his body was filled with strength.

This person was her Papa’s disciple, a person his Papa trusted deeply. He had been in the Huan Estate for a decade and had always listened to Huan Qing Yan’s demands.

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