Chapter 56 – Golden Rat

Huan Qing Yan squinted her eyes, the chill in her gaze felt like ice as she glared at Huan Meng Yue, preventing Huan Meng Yue from finishing her sentence.

Huan Qing Yan had originally planned to deal with this b*tch after coming out of training, now that she had offered herself, Huan Qing Yan might as well deal with her now.

Huan Qing Yan coldly said, “At this time and moment, do you have the right and status to speak? Lou Qiao, drag all unrelated individuals out of here, anyone who dares to speak out of turn would be sold immediately!”

These words indicated that Huan Meng Yue’s status was equivalent to that of a slave within the Huan Estate, her words were equivalent to farts.

Huan Meng Yue was brought up like a pseudo Young Mistress within the Huan Estate, now that Huan Qing Yan had literally gave her a slap on the face, her eyes began to tear. Before Lou Qiao could drag her away, she covered her mouth with her hand and quickly walked away from the crowd.

The clan relatives used this opportunity created by Huan Meng Yue to increase the intensity of their scolding at Huan Qing Yan!

However, all they saw was Huan Qing Yan sitting in front of the fire that was still burning.

The illusion of a pig-shaped spirit treasure was released, the two egg-sized stars hanging above it were exceptionally eye catching.

“She really possessed Egg-Star Talent!”

“So what? She is still only a Two-Star Spirit Master. … What achievements can she make?”

“Their family is cursed, even Huan Bei Ming died suddenly without any signs. I heard rumors that the Royal Family viewed this as an ill omen and does not wish to be involved with people who were cursed. We should just bear with it for a few days, they might remove her title of princess. When that happens, it will be easier for us to handle things.”

“Something is wrong. Dong Hai look at her, what do you think she is doing? Don’t you think it looks similar to ranking up?”

If it was not ranking up, then what else would it be?

The surrounding Spirit Energy began to flow into Huan Qing Yan, this was an obvious sign of ranking up, in a short while, a shining bright star was flying and approaching from the horizon!

Even though it was a clear bright day, the radiance emitted from the star was still bright and obvious, everyone could see it clearly.

The star immediately landed on top of the Pig Spirit, turning the number of Egg Stars on its head from two to three.

Everyone, from the clan relatives to the servants, watched wide-eyed and dumbstruck.

“How is that possible?”

“Dong Hai, I remember you took ten years to become a Three-Star Spirit Master and it was already considered a pretty good accomplishment, but this lass only took about two months to become a Three-Star Spirit Master, is this old man having a dream?”

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“At the rate she is going, her future is…” some of the clan relatives were beginning to think of retreating.

They originally thought that the Huan Estate was a piece of fat, juicy meat but now they noticed that there was poison within this piece of meat and would be difficult to swallow; if they were to proceed, it might shatter their teeth. Therefore, some of them were already thinking of disappearing from here.

Huan Dong Hai snorted and said, “What’s there to be afraid about? So what if she is a Three-Star Spirit Master? She is still a low rank Spirit Master with a Pig Spirit Treasure, what offensive capabilities will she possess? Let me punish this unfilial person on behalf of her father… Ah!”

Before he knew it, the Pig Spirit Treasure that was beside Huan Qing Yan earlier was now biting the arm of Huan Dong Hai.

Although the Spirit Treasure was still in a state of illusion, the bite managed to pierce through the cloth and skin, causing Huan Dong Hai’s arm to bleed.

Huan Dong Hai shouted a scream as he also summoned his Spirit Treasure.

It was a Golden Rat Spirit Treasure with four stars hanging above it that was also in an illusion. Its Star Talent could not be compared to the Pig Spirit, being only at the size of a soybean. When it appeared, it released a squeaky roar at the Pig Spirit to demonstrate its might.

However, it dared not approach, it was as though it was experiencing an instinctive fear when facing this Spirit Treasure with a higher Star Talent. If it was not higher by a rank, it was likely that it would not even dare to release that squeak at it.

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