Chapter 20 – The Duke With a Weird Temper

The first battle on the desert field has begun. Wei Qiqi led her small team on an expedition. She chased down her enemies relentlessly when the enemy hear news of her they will lose their wit and cower in fear. They haven’t seen before such a fearless soldier.

Actually, Wei Qiqi has no other motive. She wants to plow through the front lines and make use of the opportunity to travel through time and return to modern society. However, she is disappointed. After the first battle has concluded, she hasn’t lost a single soldier and returned victorious. She is still stuck at the Great Han camp.

Wei Qiqi stood at the parade square and looked at the soldiers who were cheering because of the win. She doesn’t feel good in her heart. Why? Are the heavens making fun of her? Why is there no signs from above? The sky is still bright and sunny and there is no lightning at all.

General Chi cannot wait any longer. He wants to personally see this ugly and simple fella. Not only is his martial arts good, he is witty as well. If he doesn’t use him well it will really be a waste.


Wei Qiqi got called into the General’s tent. She sized up this old general in front of her who is in his fifties. Thinking back to modern culture, he will at least be a marshal. However, the way that he is looking at Qiqi made her feel uncomfortable as if she is dropping into his eyes.


“You are Wei Qiqi, why are you so skinny!”

“Reporting General, I eat little and am young, hence I am small! However, I have strength!”

“Haha!” General Chi felt that though Wei Qiqi is young, her courage is commendable.

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“Liu Yun is the left deputy, I will promote you to be the right deputy!”

“Right deputy?” Qiqi excitedly looked at General Chi, “You are for real? Promoting me to be right deputy, that means I will be as awe-inspiring as Deputy Liu!”

“There is no small talk in the military! However you are young and have extreme brilliance. The spoils of this fight are not small. Later when meeting the Duke, we must discuss the next step to deal with the Xiongnu.”


This time around, Wei Qiqi is not entering Liu Zhong Tian’s tent as a foot soldier. Liu Zhong Tian merely used his side glance to look at Wei Qiqi. He felt that after the wind blowing and under the sun, she became a lot tanner, and much uglier. Only her pair of eyes still retains that temptation and allure.

General Chi rose up and respectfully said “Duke, now that we are in the desert, it means that we are at a disadvantage. The Xiongnu are adept at fighting in the desert. According to our intel, the Xiongnu are intending to attack us in one big wave. If our troops were to engage, we might suffer losses!”

“If we come down the horses and fight with swords, the barbaric Xiongnu will definitely not be a fight against the Han. What General Chi said makes a lot of sense, the desert is our fatal spot!” Liu Zhong Tian’s expression is extremely serious. “We are facing the Youxian King and Da Chanyu of the Xiongnu, so we should be even more careful!”

“Then the Duke’s meaning is…”

“To enable our soldiers to be acclimated to battling in the desert, we must defend our stronghold without losing a single soldier!” Liu Zhong Tian firmly said.

“This is a bit difficult! The desert has no obstacles, it is not easy to defend!”

“I have an idea!” Qiqi suddenly said.

“Oh?” General Chi looked at Qiqi. Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian also looked at Wei Qiqi suspiciously. What good idea will she have? She is only a 17-year-old right deputy.

“We should set up screen covers!”

“Screen covers?”

“Facing a screen cover bomb, once they lose, I estimate that even if you beat them to death they also wouldn’t dare to come again!”

Liu Zhong Tian stood up, “This is a matter concerning life and death, there is no room for you to make a joke!”

“How is this joking, you don’t believe me? Third Duke, don’t you look down on people!” Qiqi looked at him, not revealing any weakness.

General Chi pulled Wei Qiqi immediately, indicating that she cannot go overboard. Qiqi wouldn’t listen, “Tomorrow I will do a test to show you all! Then you all will know how powerful my method is!”


“Alright, I will see tomorrow how you can convince me!” Liu Zhong Tian looked at her coldly.

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