Chapter 19 – I want to go to war

Right, she cannot stay here anymore to serve that unlucky Duke. Tomorrow, she will apply to be under Deputy Liu and go to war. Maybe due to the chaos created by the horses and banners will possibly send her back? This idea is not bad! Qiqi’s mood got better.

After two hours, Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian returned to the big tent. He was just about to undress and rest when Qiqi came running over and cheekily looked at Liu Zhong Tian, “Duke, that, there’s a matter which I wish to discuss with you!”

“What matter? Speak!” Liu Zhong Tian sat down and looked at Qiqi. That expression meant that the thing which she wants to talk about is possibly not what he likes.

“Tomorrow I want to go under Deputy Liu, I want to go to war!”

“You?!” Liu Zhong Tian sized her up and down. “You should eat more rice, go when you are fitter. For now, you should just stay here and serve me. Killing enemies is not a matter for you to ask!”

“Hey! Liu Zhong Tian, don’t go overboard, who likes to serve you!”

“You still dare to directly call my name!” Liu Zhong Tian held her up, yet he smelled the faint fragrance on her body and instantly became dazed. He immediately released his hands and the words of reprimand stopped at his lips. “Go sleep, as for matters of the war don’t think about it anymore!”

Liu Zhong Tian took off his outer clothes and laid down. His heart suddenly became doubtful. Why is it that when he heard that she wanted to go to war, he became so unwilling? Liu Zhong Tian absurdly wanted to protect her, and is scared of him being hurt. He actually took her for his woman?

Liu Zhong Tian suddenly sat up. Don’t tell me that he actually developed interest for a 17-year-old foot soldier?

He went down the bed, and walked to the middle of the big tent. His gaze inadvertently shifted onto Wei Qiqi. She is lying on her side, looking petite and frail. Even her sleeping posture has attracted him. Liu Zhong Tian slapped his own head. Where is the cold-hearted Third Duke? He has to make a decision. Tomorrow, he shall fulfill her wish to be under Deputy Liu. Maybe not seeing her will be a better thing.

Wei Qiqi finally left the big tent. She wants to participate in the battle with the Xiongnu. At the same time, she discovered a certain thing. Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian seemed to become more cold, as if she cannot look straight into his eyes. Who cares about him, going back to the modern era is more important than anything.

Wei Qiqi wore the soldier armor for the first time and she is extremely excited. Although this armor is not as awe-inspiring as Third Duke’s, however it is not bad.

“You are too skinny, even the smallest armor doesn’t fit you!”

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“Slowly I will become more muscular!” Qiqi happily raised the spear and danced.

Deputy Liu admiringly looked at Wei Qiqi, “Your martial arts are really special. I wonder if it is a skill set for females?”

Qiqi listened to Deputy Liu’s words and unhappily frowned, “Why? Do you want to spar with me?”

“I am afraid I will break your hands and legs!” Deputy Liu looked at Qiqi’s skinny arms. Why does a man appear to be so skinny?

“Are you looking down on me?” Wei Qiqi threw down her spear, and waved her fists and attacked Deputy Liu.

“You are for real, then don’t blame me for getting serious!”

The two of them started exchanging fists.

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Liu Zhong Tian and General Chi stood not far from the parade square and looked at the soldiers training in the square. General Chi pointed at the square and suddenly laughed.

“That petite soldier is quite courageous, to actually exchange blows with Deputy Liu!”

Liu Zhong Tian followed General Chi’s finger and looked, and involuntarily frowned. Isn’t that Wei Qiqi? Wearing that armor that doesn’t fit, she became much more skinny and looks like she can’t even take a hit from the wind. Why is it that the moment she entered the parade square, she has started making trouble again?

When they realized that Deputy Liu is slowly entering into a disadvantage, they are alarmed.

“What kung-fu is this brat using? Why are his movements so agile?” General Chi said with some suspicion.

Liu Zhong Tian silently looked at Wei Qiqi. The doubts in his heart proliferated until Wei Qiqi managed to beat down Deputy Liu at the parade square. Thereafter she happily jumped, just like a sparrow, full of joy.

Wei Qiqi pulled Deputy Liu up. “How is it? Don’t belittle skinny people in the future, I have a lot of ability!”

“I couldn’t tell at all!” Deputy Liu patted the dust on his sleeves and attempted to put his arms over Wei Qiqi’s shoulders. Wei Qiqi is more agile than a monkey. She evaded his arms and jumped to the front of Deputy Liu.

“Don’t try to get close to me. Hugging here and there, I am not used to it! I hate it!”

“We are all men. Look at yourself. Alright! How about this, the next time we go on an expedition I will let you lead a team and see your ability!”

“Ok, I will definitely not let you down!”

“Ok? What is the meaning of that?” Deputy Liu scratched his head. [T/N: Original language states ok in English. Kind of like a joke here.]

“It means good, alright, it is done!”

“Oh! You really speak a lot of nonsense!” Deputy Liu laughed.

Wei Qiqi happily did a backflip with a beautiful arc, giving Deputy Liu a scare. This brat’s movements are too agile.

General Chi, who was looking from afar couldn’t take it anymore. “I want to take a look, this brat’s ability is not small. In the future, he will be a talent that can be greatly used!”

“Do not hurry, just wait and see!” Liu Zhong Tian stopped him. Actually, Liu Zhong Tian is even more in shock than him. Maybe in the future when eradicating the Xiongnu in the battlefield, Wei Qiqi definitely cannot be missed out.

Wei Qiqi happily did many backflips. The soldiers clapped and encouraged her. She became really excited and felt that being a soldier is so much more meaningful than being the Duke’s servant. She unconsciously laughed.

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